Author's Note: No references to the story. Just the use of the characters. I am not that familiar with the story so...yea. One shot story.

Notes: Major OOC (Out Of Character). Chii refers to herself in first person (Is that what it's called?) instead of third person. This was rated PG for some thought-provoking issues. Nothing too bad...just a bit depressing if you will.

'CHII' is Chii

"HIDEKI" is Hideki.

Disclaimer: I do not own Chobits nor the characters involved in it.

Setting: This is a story late at night when Chii found herself thinking about some things. There is dialogue between Chii and Hideki, however everything happens to be in her POV...well, you'll understand when you read it.


The sky is fading to black.

Why is it so quiet here?

"Chii? What...what are you doing so late up?"

'It's lonely here, Hideki.'

Saying things make them true. I am lonely.

It is so dark here.


Broken dreams were haunting me. Are these what nightmares are supposed to be? Twisted and mutilated unhappiness lurking amongst the corner of blissful ignorance.

I am so scared to close my eyes again.

'It is so quiet...'

Do you really care or is that just pity on your face?

" is."

What is that in your voice? Pity? Worry? Disgust?

I am not truly human. I would not know.



"Are you really alright? You're acting...a bit strange right now..."

Should I tell you the truth? You look as if you truly care.

But I must not burden you with my silly worries and troubles.

'I am fine. You must not worry about me, Hideki.'


'I am fine.'

Is it bad to feel so sad that you care? Somehow it makes me wish to cry even more.

But I cannot. I have no ability to. I only know from books what crying means.



How can I tell you? How do I explain? This feeling of utter hopelessness...fear of non-existence before realizing this way of so-called living is non-existence but in a different form...

I am frightened by nothingness.


You are staring.

'It is nothing.'

Why do you look so disappointed?


'I am sorry for disturbing you Hideki...'

"It's okay, Chii...I care about you."

Did you just say what I thought you said?

I must be wrong.


I am an artificial human. I am not real. A cold robot. Why would you care about me?

"I'll see you tomorrow, Chii. Good night."

'...Good night.'


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