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I'm dreaming my favorite dream, well my second favorite dream, of becoming a world champion motocross champion. Everyone screams at me in adoration but the adoration of one woman means the world to me.

Her name is Tori Hanson.

She was a Power Ranger like me and I've loved her the moment I met her, and the fact I used her to achieve Lothor's goals still lays heavy on my soul.

Slowly my dream dissolves and I become aware of the storm raging outside and I see Tori asleep next to me. Even after four years of marriage, I still can't believe this gorgeous, breathtaking goddess is my wife.

Everyday I expect to wake up to find out all of this is a dream. Just then more evidence that my life is no dream, the cries of our daughter reach us and Tori begins to stir.

"I'll get her sweetie." I walk across the hall and smile at my six month old daughter Rose, a beautiful little version of her mom, but with my hair color.

I pick her up, "don't worry sunshine, daddy is here and that nasty storm won't get you."

She coos happily and everyone, my brother Hunter especially always says I'm her devoted slave. Ok I am her slave, but she and Tori are worth it.

Soon she's asleep and I return to Tori who is now awake, "hello handsome."

"Hello sweetie." I kiss her, "Sunshine is now asleep."

She puts her head on my chest and I smile, I'm now a teacher at the Wind Academy. I didn't want a career that would take me away from my family. I think back to those times, long ago it seems like where I was afraid to tell Tori my feelings.

My last thought before falling back to sleep.

What took so long? Life right now is beyond wonderful.


AN: Short but hopefully good.