Don't They?

By StarWolf


Title: Don't They?
Author: StarWolf (elendraug at
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied het and slash, kinda A/U
Pairing(s): implied Ford x Arthur, Zaphod/Trillian, and Arthur/Trillian; slight Ford x Zaphod
Disclaimer: Adams', not mine.
Distribution: No archiving. I don't care what your excuse is.
Summary: It's only a simple question. (Drabble-esque.)
Authoress' Notes: I completely forget where and when this was supposed to take place. Somewhere in Life, the Universe, and Everything, maybe?

"Don't they?"

Question: the ultimate one, no; a question nonetheless.

Zaphod's left head turns to look at Ford, asking for input, and lifts an eyebrow above the lenses; sunglasses can't protect his vision from this sort of danger. His right head is sure he just has dust in his eyes. Neither of his brains can figure out a solution to this situation.

"'Don't they' what?" Ford asks, fleetingly meeting Zaphod's distracted gaze. A moment ago he had to choke back something that wasn't bad alcohol -- Ford doesn't know what to call it, but thinks it might be pride or prejudice.

An attempt to chuckle. "Don't they look cute together?"

The two of them watch their significant others walk off to talk to each other. No hotel is needed for their hearts to break, and they're thinking the same things. Earthlings...they can't live without them. Knotting his arms around himself, Ford bites his lip, closes his eyes, and damns his tear ducts.

Statement: deadpan, monotone; it hurts too much to sort through emotions.

"They don't."