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Chapter 1-Two Tickets to Hawaii

Echizen Ryoma, Seigaku's freshman regular, was sent out to run some errands.

His thoughts were focused only on the tennis magazine he had bought while shopping for his father.

Meanwhile nearby a lottery game was being played.

First prize was a boat trip to Hawaii – a GOLD ball.

"Oy you there!"

"Eh?" Ryoma looked up to find the owner of the voice.

"Yeah you there with the green hair!!"

Ryoma turned to the right and noticed right away he was an advertiser.

He ignored him and turned to walk away.

"Oy! Why don't you try your luck at the lottery game?"

"Yada," Ryoma stated simply.

"Aw, come on!" the man said as he dragged Ryoma towards the stand.

(Mumble Mumble) (spins the wheel and waits for a ball)

"Hey! What do you know! It's a gold ball you lucky little kid so...here are two tickets to Hawaii for one week! It begins on Saturday at 9AM.


the next day

Maybe I can ask one of the Seigaku team members

Ryoma walked to school and caught up to Eiji and Oishi.


"Eh! O-chibi chan! Ohayoo!'

"Ohayoo Echizen."

"I want to ask you two a question."

"Nani, nani!!?"

"I won two tickets to Hawaii yesterday...it begins this Saturday and wondered if..." Ryoma's sentence was cut short when Eiji burst out loud.

"Waii!! This Saturday?? Why this weekend?!? Oishi and I have to help out at the pet store!! Waiii!!"

"Gomen Echizen. We promised so we can't go."

"Oishi-mama!! Why didn't you tell them next week!?!? Waiii!!"

"Oishi-mama? I don't want that nickname!"

"Nya! Oishi-mama! Oishi-mama!" (Eiji sticks out his tongue)

"Hmmm...maybe I should tell them to make you work harder than me."

"Waii!! Noo!! I promise to be good Oishi-mama!!"

Ryoma sighed as he watched them continue fighting.

Hmmm...there's still Taka, Fuji, Inui, Momo, Kaidoh, and Captain

Tennis Courts

"Eh...Taka-senpai and Fuji-senpai are training during lunch." Ryoma said as he passed by the tennis courts to buy a Ponta.

"GREAT!!! BABY!!! COME ON!!" Taka yelled as he used his ferocious power against the delicate Fuji.

"Taka you know that I don't have the same power as you...but I can counter attacks you." Fuji said as he gave him an evil smile.


"You asked for it." Fuji opens his eyes and starts playing seriously.

20 minutes later after watching Taka and Fuji play


Fuji walked up to Taka and takes away his racket.

"I think that's enough for today Taka."

"Huh? Uh yeah."

Ryoma walked up to them and started his topic by saying:

"Great game...I definitely want to play you again."

"Echizen...you don't usually hang around here during lunch."

"True true" Taka added.

"I was just wondering if you guys want 2 tickets to Hawaii."

"When does it start?"

"This Saturday"

"This Saturday I can't since I promised to go skiing with my siblings."

"I have to work with my dad."

"Gomen Echizen." Taka and Fuji said together.

"Its okay..."

Inui, Kaidoh, Momo, and Captain left

School Lab

"My formula...its finally ready...Hehehe...now all I need right now is a person to test this out on."

(Ryoma walks in)


"Eh? Nani?"

"Nothing...Hehe...good timing though..." (makes an evil face) "Anyways senpai...I have 2 tickets to Hawaii starting Saturday. Want them?"

"So you want me to take those tickets away from you right?"


"Heheh...I will...IF YOU..."

"If I?"

"If you...drink this new Inui juice that I just made."

(Shows Ryoma a black bubbling juice)

(Ryoma face turns blue)

"I...I...need to go!!"

(runs quickly)

"Echizen!! Come back and test this out!! It doesn't hurt!!!"


That was so freaking scary!!

(Ryoma breath gets heavy)

"Man...I should never talk to Inui-senpai ever again..."

"Echizen!!!" Momo shouted with a piece of bread in his mouth.


"Join me for lunch!"

"I already ate...Thanks anyways."

"You were running so fast! What happened?" Momo asked as he ate a big slice of pie.

"Inui-senpai was making his juices again."

"Seriously!?!? God! He's really creepy!!"

"I was just asking him to take some tickets away from me."


"Yeah, I won two tickets to Hawaii and the trip begins on Saturday. Wanna go? You can give one to Ann-chan so you guys can go."

"Ahh Echizen!! You always tell us at the last minute!!! I promised her that I would help her clean her house including her brother. Then we're gonna visit Tachibana."

"I just won them yesterday. What do you mean I always tell you everything at the last minute??"

(makes an angry face)

"Ahh! You could have called me yesterday then!!"

"I don't want to call you...I might interrupt your PRECIOUS meal!"

"Nani!?! Yesterday I was umm...."

Momo's flashback of yesterday

"Hmm...What should I do today? I went to that restaurant yesterday...ah huh! This all you can eat buffet is perfect!!"

(goes in the restaurant)

"Here's your money! Just a seat for one!"

(Starts eating ALL day long)

End of Flashback

"Umm...I was practicing tennis Echizen!!"


"You don't believe me huh!?"

"You're not a good liar. Anyways class is almost starting. Ja ne."

After school in the Library


"Echizen...What do you want?"

"I want to know if you want these tickets to Hawaii for one week beginning this Saturday."

(Tezuka looks at the tickets)

"I don't want them."

Its hard convincing the captain...there's only Kaidoh left now...probably near the river...

Kaidoh's training grounds

(hiss hiss hiss)

"Kaidoh-senpai...You're training even when there's no practice today."

"So what Echizen... I need to keep up..." (hiss hiss hiss)

"You want two tickets to Hawaii?"

"Go away... I don't want anything that will distract or postpone my training." (hiss hiss hiss)

"Eh?? What am I going to do now?"

"A-S-K someone else! Is that so hard?" (Hiss hiss hiss)


at home

there's Horio...who wants him to come...I really don't want to go with his friends either...there's two girls that always come to our games....

(moment of silence)

who are those two girls anyways? I'll keep thinking about it later I guess...


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