Title- Surviving Together

Author- I Heart DM 11

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Chapter 1- The Truth

Draco Malfoy sat on the train alone...just like every other time in his sad life. He had liked it most of the time and one of those times was now. He'd called off his goons and managed to shake off that bitch Pansy...somehow...and found an empty compartment on the train. His mind exploded with thoughts...he felt sick. He was about to start his sixth year at Hogwarts and his hated father's words echoed in his ears. Draco, my beloved son. You now have come to the right age; the time is soon for your birth into manhood. Draco, this summer will be the summer of your life! Don't be afraid my son, the Dark Lord wants no emotion, make the Malfoy name proud or else...

The truth was, Draco didn't want the mark. No matter what everyone else thought, he didn't want to be a Malfoy or his father. The only problem was that he hadn't thought up a good plan, and he had a feeling that this year would fly by. Over the past summer, a lot had changed for Draco. He found out he was, well to put it frankly, gay. Another thing that had happened over the summer was that he had grown closer to his mother. The truth was that he now loved her more than anyone. She knew everything about her only son and this stroked a new fear in Draco, another weakness his father would use against him. Who knew what his father might do to her...kill her to get the truth out of her.

Slowly, Draco drifted into an uneasy sleep with restless nightmares, not realizing that he had company...

Ron Weasley had had a pretty good summer, he had found summer love and discovered out something very important. His family had taken the news surprisingly well and he had been shocked that they all supported him. Now he was really nervous about telling his friends, but he knew that if they didn't take it well, then they were not really his true friends. That scared him even more; he couldn't imagine a life without them. Ron saw them in a compartment, alone. He stopped short to overhear their conversation, making sure he was hidden.

"Harry, I am really nervous...are you sure we aren't going to get caught?" said a female voice.

"Relax Hermione, I am sure Ron is still on his prefect patrol." said a male voice

"Yeah...are you sure we shouldn't tell him?" she laughed nervously.

"Yes, now come here..." he said.

The scene shocked Ron, there were his two best friends in the world, Harry and Hermione, making out. Sure, he was disgusted but he was mostly hurt. They were going to keep this secret from him, for who knows how long? Ron ran, not caring where he went or who saw him. His eyes stung with tears as he fled into an empty compartment...or so he thought, trying to forget it all. They just would do this to him...would they? He thought, desperately trying not to panic. After what he was about to tell them, they were going to keep lying to his face. Ron was crushed. His sobs awoke the other person in the compartment, only for it to be Draco Malfoy. Ron blinked dumbly at him...why is he here alone? he wondered.

"Sorry to wake you...I didn't realize you were in here", Ron croaked out, getting up to leave.

"NO, don't go! I mean, you can stay if you want", Draco whimpered.

He didn't want to be alone anymore...but he didn't want to face his Slytherin "friends". Ron's jaw dropped slightly, Malfoy wants me to stay. Why? Ron had to admit that Malfoy was looking pretty cute sitting there from just waking up, his blonde hair mussed up, wearing a tight black silk button shirt, and baggy faded jeans. Ron slowly looked Malfoy up and down, and then sat back down. He admired the way that Malfoy's slick body filled out the tight shirt well, the fact that he seemed to have grown a bit taller over the summer, and had obviously taken great care to work out his small body. His skin still a fair complexion, his hair just as platinum blonde, which had the most sexiest shine in the pale light of the train's interior. Ron blushed, he was totally checking out Malfoy and he liked what he saw.

Draco liked that Weasley had just checked him out, so he smirked. Now it was Draco's turn to take a good look at Weasley. He looked in awe at Weasley's great body; he had gorgeous muscles that were clearly visible under his tight sleeveless metallic red shirt. He wore tight black pants that fit properly in all the right places. Weasley's red hair actually looked well groomed; it was straightened and had grown over the summer. He had gotten blonde highlights, which made his hair seem to have a glow. He also had a chain belt and his freckles seemed more tamed, all of which made him look, well, hot. Draco quickly turned so that Weasley couldn't seem him from the front, glad that his pants weren't tight.

"Why are you alone, Malfoy?", Ron spoke the first words after the whole checking each other out spell.

"Well, it's not really any of your concern", Draco muttered, "I just didn't feel like being surrounded be those pigs, okay? What about you, Weasley, what happened to the Golden Trio?"

"It's just..." Ron sniffled. "Why bother to tell you? You don't care; you just want to make fun of me. Why am I even still here?" He said, again getting up to leave.

"For real, don't leave me alone, please. I don't want to be alone anymore", pleaded Draco. "I really don't care about your life to much but I will listen if you stay."

"Okay, Malfoy, I will stay as long as you don't badmouth me" Ron stated.

"I will be good, I promise...or at least I will try" Draco said, trying to look innocent.

So, Ron poured his heart out to a fascinated Draco all the way to Hogwarts, glad to be in each other's company.

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