Disclaimer: Neither of us own anything about Harry, but we DO own the cat that inspired this fic. Although we wish we could own Draco.


Harry Potter was excited about his final year at Hogwarts. He knew that after this, he would never have to be in the care of his horrible Aunt and Uncle again. Not to mention, he got Head Boy.

He was about to get on the train, when he walked into his greatest, most evil foe, Draco Malfoy. Malfoy sought revenge.

"Greetings, Potter," he sneered.

Harry was ill at ease. Draco pushed him to a remote corner that, for no apparent reason, no one was occupying.

Before Harry could do anything (not that he would know what to do) Draco pulled out his wand and, with a multicolored flash, Harry was transformed into a cat.

Harry tried to ask Draco why, but all Draco and the random passing people heard was a squeaky meow.

Draco laughed evilly. "Remember that time I got turned into a ferret? Well this is my revenge! Ha ha ha!" he cackled.

"Draco!" yelled his father, "come here! Now, boy!"

Draco went obediently to his father and was immediately beaten over the head with his father's ugly, heavy walking stick.

Harry left his robes and his glasses in the alleyway because he had no way of carrying them. He was glad that he did not need glasses as a cat. He was a nice looking thin cat, with sleek black fur and bright green eyes.

"What am I to do now?" Harry mewed to himself.

Suddenly, he heard the train whistle sound, so he jumped on the train at the last minute, hoping he'd find a way to turn back.