"Kagome come on. Stop day dreaming and let's keep moving." Inuyasha snapped.

Kagome sighed and turned away from where he'd stopped at the edge of the mountain they'd been traveling up to gaze down at the scene bellow. Why did Inuyasha have to be so insensitive? She hadn't complained at the way he'd pushed them all without rest. Hadn't 'sat' him for...a week! At least! But he'd just been so irritable as of late. Was it Kikyou? Was he thinking about her? Or worried about Naraku? He was driving himself crazy and she could see it and couldn't help but have it tear at her heart a little. She firmed her resolve letting her lips tighten then sent a gently warning look to Inuyasha before she stated firmly,

"Inuyasha. Sit." Walking over when he struck the ground. Miroku, Sango, and Shippou stopped their walking to look over as she crouched down infront of Inuyasha as he struggled to pry himself from the ground as the spell's effects faded. He growled.

"Arrrr- what the hell was that for!?"

"You were past due." She said simply, letting that sink a moment before questioning him "Inuyasha I....I'm worried. About you."

"Yea? Well maybe if you'd stop merging my body with the surroundings I'd be alright!" He snapped angrily, his ears twitching with annoyance.

"Not that. We need to rest Inuyasha. I thin we should find an inn." She knew better to say that he needed to rest. He'd never agree then and would just become all the more irritated that she'd sensed his exhaustion.

"Fine." He looked away, off past the mountain. "We'll stop and rest at the next village. Can we go now?"

She smiles at him warmly and gave a nod "Yep." Shouldering her pack and rose then fell into step as the group started walking again the smile remaining though underneath it she worried. 'Please keep strong Inuyasha.'
"The half breed, the priestess, the monk, and the exterminator are headed west. Towards the mountains heart." A giggle followed this statement and the demon girl's soft strawberry eyes filled with humor.

"Very good Akuai." Naraku's deep voice sounded even darker preceding the demon girl's angelic tone.

"My lord. Do not send Kagura." She let her eyelashes lower to shade her eyes demurely. "Let me go."

"You Akuai?" Naraku's voice thick with indulgent amusement. "What can you do?"

If the girl felt offense at that she showed none of it. "I can not fail."

"Go then. Your death is your own." Watching as the girl smiled then faded from the room slowly. "Akuai."
Gold eyes glared down at the villagers before him with disgust. He moved his hand slightly and light flashed over the pale ivory of his claws. Silent and still he let the ice settle in the veins of these mortals for a moment before his eyes flashed and he moved, quick enough that the first villager he struck, a young man who clutched a rake with white knuckles, seemed to suddenly just sprout the hole in his neck then gushed blood as he crumpled to the ground.

Sesshomaru was not amused. Not at all. Even at the distance he could hear Rin trying to open the door of the shed they'd locked her in. It wasn't a matter of his attachment to the child. It didn't even mean he favored her that much though she did amuse him. But even if she didn't she was still his property. And these villagers had stolen her. And they'd be taught a lesson. The second man died slower, with a slash across his stomach, Sesshomaru whirling after the death strike to slice through a small shower of rocks that were flung at them, slipping instantly to the side of the first thrower and after a small hesitation while he allowed understanding to register the villager's head rolled across the ground.

The rank smell of terror grew now. Coating the air with it and Sesshomaru's eye went up elegantly. And he took a few steps forward watching the villagers cringe back. No more play. Sesshomaru flexed his claws lightly. They'd all die and he'd wash the village with blood then take Rin back and leave. He was poised to move when a voice spoke. An irritating voice that made his blood heat and him almost loose the control he never lost.

"Sesshomaru. I should have known it would be you filling the air with human blood."

Sesshomaru turned to face his little brother slowly, gold eyes falling on him icily. Inuyasha held the Tetsusaiga poised and reading. Behind him stood the monk, glowering angrily, flanked by the demon exterminator and just behind his little brother stood the reincarnation of the Kikyou woman, his brother's wench.

"Heh. Nothing to say Sesshomaru." Inuyasha taunted then growled when Sesshomaru said nothing. "Very well. Then I'll just kill you!!"

Sesshomaru dodged the attack neatly. His brother was still just swinging the Tetsusaiga blindly. He had yet to learned the intricate dance a real fighter would do when wielding the sword. Normally playing with his brother would be a pleasure, an amusement even but he was in no mood for games. He wanted his property back and Inuyasha was in his way. He dodged the second blow then jumped backwards to land infront of the mass of fleeing villagers and watched the coldly as they jumped back in fear.

"Bring her." Was all he said, his voice and icy warning.

"Bastard! Your fight is with me!" Sesshomaru braced himself at his brother's exclamation ready to dodge the Tetsusaiga again but froze in surprise at the sound of a voice contradicting him.

"Inuyasha wait. He told them to bring someone. I think they took something from him." From Inuyasha's wench, the girl Kagome.

Unfortunately he was the only one who heard her above the din of Inuyasha's battle cry and shrieks of fear. Shock at the girl's words had brought him up short and he managed to move in time to avoid a deathblow but the Tetsusaiga raked across his chest cutting a deep slash in his flesh. He felt his eyes burn red for a split second. No. He couldn't take Rin now. Not now. If he managed to get to her she'd be in danger between him fighting with Inuyasha. He'd have to come back and get her in secret then deal with his brother once she was safe. Sesshomaru cast a scathing look at Inuyasha then a thoughtful look at the girl before he turned to fade into the forest.