La la he he la la haha hee hee ho ho huu huu le la lu...............erm don't mind me ....''''''scratches head'''''''....I was kinda having a'''''hears complete silence''' happy?



A week after Rogue and Remy's Christmas encounter, the X-men, including their newest member, were off on a Cruise to the Bahamas. Everybody had packed and were loading their suitcases into the x-vehicles. Remy picked up a huge sphere/ ball suitcase with a tag that read, kitty.

"Hey petite, how did y' manage ta get a suitcase shaped lahke dis!" Remy hollered as he tried putting the sphere shaped luggage in the trunk, but it didn't even fit in entry, it was to oddly shaped and big, it even wouldn't fit if it was the only suitcase in the trunk. "Hey Kit it a'int getin in dis trunk."

Pyro walked up to Remy with a look on his face saying ' I know what to do and you don't, isn't that a bugger'. "See Gambit ole boy ya just need to turn it on it's side, see like this mate." Pyro said as he turned the round figure and tried putting it in the trunk, but it wouldn't fit.

Remy cocked up his right eyebrow, "Pyro........................................IT'S A CIRCLE, IT DON' HAVE NO SIDES!" yelled Remy, he looked at Kitty. "Petite dere a'int no way we gettin dis in de trunk."

Rogue flew over Remy and grabbed Kitty's ball shaped suitcase out of the swamprat's hand,"Shut up Cajun."She pulled out a really really long ribbon out of Jeans hair, that was placed there to hold a braid, and the southern belle used it to tie Kittys suitcase on top of the X-van.

"See as simple as that."

"Why are you so happy Rogue?" Scott asked.

"Well foh ur information, ah thought it ova n ah think ah may enjoy It." Rogue lied quickly.

"That's good."

"Oh joy," Rogue muttered under her breath sarcastically, while Remy laughed at the girl's remark.

"Did you say something Rogue?" Scott asked

"Nope nope nothin at all."

Remy and Rogue had grown to be good friends, and everybody at the institute noticed. They weren't romantically involved but they were close enough to have personal buddy to buddy conversations.

Rogue leaned her head on Remy's shoulder and whispered into his ear "Ah don't wanta go swamp rat." He smiled and put his arm around her.

"Too bad cherie, off we go!"



While the others rode in the X-van, Rogue, Remy, Kitty and Pyro went in the X-jeep. Remy driving, Rogue in the passenger seat next to him, while Kitty and Pyro sat in the back. The drive to the cruise boats was silent, no one had talked since they left the mansion, but Remy LeBeau could not take much more of the silence he stepped on the brakes really hard to get there attention, and then continued driving.

"Rem what the hell was that?" Rogue asked

Remy thought up of a lie. "Dere was a damn deer on de road." Rogue raised her right eyebrow, "Raggghht."

"Remy can' take it anymore femmes, he turnin on de radio." Remy switched the radio to the first channel..........a sales man voice came on.

"Have you been chased around by evil flying sharks?............."

Everyone in the jeep shook their heads and listened more

"............well if you have, might think this might happen to you, or is happening right now, join S.D.F.N.M, Sharks Don't Fly No More, when you call, a team of highly authorized agents will take down that shark and it won't 'fly' no more...................."

Everyone just stared at the radio and continued listening

"...............Remember if you are being attacked by on of these flying sharks call...........


1-800-I-JUST-HEARD-THIS-COMMERCAIL-SO-I-DECIDED-TO-CALL-AND-AM-BEING-ATTACKED-BY-FLYING-SHARKS-HELP-HELP-HELP-OH-AND-BY-THE-WAY-YOUR-GREAT...........remember just CALL and we'll take down that nasty flying shark and it won't 'fly' no more!!!"

Everyone looked at the radio in amazement and Remy switched the channel.

"It's burning me to tell you this, but it's somethin' i gotta do don' mean i want to what i'm trying to say is that i love.............."

Remy switched it again...

"Take my brea............"

and again.....

"Hey mama get on the floor and shake that....."

and again.....

"Hey dad look at me...."

and again......

"don't know what your expectin from me, put under the pressure....."

and again...

"I walked up to these hot chicks and i'm all like, what's up la............."

and again

"I'm so tired of being here supressed by all my childi....."

and again

"Everytime I see you in my dreams, I see your face........"

and again

"I'm sorry that I hurt you, It's somethin I must live with everyday, and all the pain I put you through, I just wish I could take it all away and be the one who catches all your tears, thats why i need you to hearrrrrrrrrrrrr..!

Rogue slapped Remy's hands away from the radio and they listen to that song through the rest of the drive, and in a couple of minutes arrived to their location.

"WOOO HOO were finally here!"


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