Age of Egg

By Master hunter

This story continues on from "A Rose by any other name", "Neo Sonic" and "An unforgettable Tail"

Chapter 1 - The aftermath of bad dreams - the Age of Egg.

Knuckles rests quietly as always beside the Master Emerald. Cool and calm, resting with his senses every prepared to sense intruders. Every prepared to protect the Magnificent Jewel he is destined to protect for a lifetime. His eyelids fall more and more until they are eventually closed. Knuckles fell asleep.

Suddenly he was tied up with machinery. The metal ropes round his arms and legs prevented his movements, but only for a short while. He looked around the massive room. 3 pods lay filled with water. Inside was his friends Sonic, Tails and Amy. It was painfully obvious as Knuckles noticed the peacefulness of their sleep. They were being put into blissful Coma's unaware of what was going on in the real world.

He had to escape and so charged his body up. One of his special techniques is the Maximum heat attack in which his body charges up using nearby energy. This energy is then used to attack, but makes Knuckles very hot. The water that surrounded him boiled, the glass began to smash and the metal restraints broke. Knuckles was free.

He immediately went over to Sonic.

"Don't worry Sonic I'll get you out of there", Said Knuckles.

"Hold it right there, Knucklehead", Said a familiar voice.

"Dr. Eggman! I should've known. What are you doing to my friends?" Shouted Knuckles in a blind rage.

"But my dear fellow what about your island? What about your Emerald? Have you forgot already?" Asked Eggman Smiling.

"Oh no! You're right. Where have you hidden it? It must be near here", Said Knuckles Closing his eyes, "What? No reading! This is impossible"

"I don't have it Knuckles. If I did how can Angel Island still be afloat?" asked Eggman showing Knuckles a TV screen. The TV showed Angel Island was indeed still floating in the air. Since the Master Emerald keeps it afloat it must still be there.

"I don't understand. When you kidnapped me you had the best chance to take the Emerald. Why didn't you?" asked Knuckles.

"Well I could only carry one of you. I saw my chance to take you and get the emerald later. That's why I sent Metal Sonic to go collect it", Said Eggman, "You'd better hurry"

Knuckles looked over at Sonic, then at the screen, then at Sonic again.

"This isn't over", Shouted Knuckles. He then proceeded to exit and headed towards the Master Emerald shrine.

"Do you really think allowing him to escape was a good idea?" asked a mysterious voice.

"We didn't have time to connect him to our Matrix. Unlike the other three. Also we knew where the Emerald was hidden. Our matrix is designed to find out certain information. Sonic and possibly Amy knows where the Time stones are. Whereas Tails has the last chaos emerald in his safe. I'm using Tails' dream to find the combination. Knuckles is no use to me. And by the time he realises the Master Emerald is indeed gone we'll know what we want to know", Said Eggman.

"I must say doctor this is probably your most evil plan yet", Said the voice.

"I just hope this matrix works. The last thing I was is them escaping without finding out what I need to know", Said Eggman.

Later Knuckles had reached the shrine. To his horror the Emerald was gone. For as long as he's been alive he's known the Master Emerald holds up that Angel Island.

"This is not right. Without the Emerald Angel Island should be in the ocean. But it's not there and the island is still afloat", Said Knuckles, "But what even more bizarre is that I can't get a signal here, or at Eggman's base. Not even a spark down there, nothing". Knuckles spent the rest of the night searching the island. The Emerald had to be there somewhere and with his sixth sense not working for some reason he would have to look for it the old fashioned way.

As Day broke a blue blur could be seen heading towards Never Lake. It was Sonic, determined to get there before Eggman did. Aw man how could I let that egghead find out the location of the time stones? And me of all people couldn't see through his trickery. Well he won't beat me there, that's a promise.

Sonic arrived horrified at the flying machine in front of him. Eggman laughed as the last time stone entered his ship.

"EGGMAN! I'm not going to let you get away with this", Said Sonic Jumping towards his ship. Sonic began attacking Eggman. His ship began sparking.

"Come on! Come on!" Said Eggman in a panic.

"You may have the stones but I'm not letting you get away with this", Said Sonic as Eggman's ship began smoking. Then suddenly in a flash of light Eggman disappeared.

"Huh? Chaos Control? Oh no he must have used the time stones to escape by going back in time", Said Sonic, "Damn it. Now what am I going to do?"

Meanwhile outside of Tails' Workshop Amy Rose circled the structure calling for Sonic and Tails.

"Sonic? Tails? Are you here? I know where Eggman's hiding. Come on guys this isn't funny. Something big is about to happen. Where are you?" asked Amy. Just then there was a loud bang inside Tails' workshop. Amy proceeded to investigate. As she crept to the door she felt a chill run down her spine. The door flew open and out came a Sonic like figure.

"There you are Sonic. Why were you ignoring me, that's just plain rude", Said Amy.

"Shut it", Said the figure, "I have no time for the likes of you, yet". Amy studied closer and noticed not only his spikes were black but also they had silver stripes.

"It's can't be… Black wind?" asked Amy

"Ha ha ha, Yes I'm Black wind. The very same one from your dream Amy", Said The figure. Amy grabbed her hammer.

"You're real? I don't understand any of this. But I bet whatever's going on leads to Eggman", Said Amy, "I'm not going to let you get away".

"Well done, yes I am one of the doctors creations. But I've wasted enough time, CHAOS CONTROL!!!" shouted Black wind as he grabbed hold of a chaos emerald. A green aura surrounded Black wind and soon he disappeared.

"That was a chaos emerald in his hand. And I thought only Sonic and Shadow could do the chaos control? Oh no, that must be the emerald from Tails' safe", Said Amy. Amy ran inside Tails' workshop still confused about a lot of things. She ran to the safe that had remained opened. Weirdly though the Safe had no signs of forced entry, it was as if he had broken Tails' code. But then what was that loud bang?

Suddenly the door leading to the Tornado's chamber blew off. He didn't…. Oh no he blew up the Tornado. Amy got the fire extinguisher and used it on the spreading fires. After a hefty battle with the flames she managed to put out the fire.

Tails then entered.

"What happened? Ah my machines. Who did this? Was it you Amy?" asked Tails in anger.

"Of course not. But it gets worse. A Sonic impostor called Black wind did this. He took the Chaos emerald", Said Amy.

"Oh no, it's just as I feared. Eggman managed to get the code for the safe after manipulating my dreams", Said Tails, "This Black wind can you describe him, how was he any different from Shadow?"

"Well he's black but his spikes are shaped more like Sonic. And instead of red stripes they're silver. He was from my dream, but I didn't think for one second he was actually real", Said Amy.

"This is huge. Where's Sonic?" asked Tails.

"Right here, I take it Eggman's managed to get the Chaos emerald?" Said Sonic standing in the doorway

"Yep, got the code by manipulating my dreams and sending a henchman from Amy's", Said Tails, "Not to mention the damage to the tornado"

"Well it gets even worse, he managed to get the time stones location from me", Said Sonic.

"No way, he got you to talk?" asked Amy in amazement.

"Unfortunately yes. Aw man we screwed up bad", Said Sonic.

"Speak for yourself, I never told them where anything was", Said Amy.

"Oh shut up that isn't helping", Said Sonic angrily, "Hey what the…?"

Suddenly Sonic was pushed away from the door and Knuckles took his place.

"Tails I badly need your help. I can't find the Master Emerald. Not even the slightest bit of a signal", Said Knuckles.

"Don't tell me Angel Island is down too", Said Amy.

"Strangely no. I can't explain it. The Master Emerald isn't in it's shrine but angel island is still afloat", Said Knuckles, "I spent all last night looking for it but no luck"

"So far Eggman probably has the Master Emerald, all seven chaos emeralds and the time stones", Said Sonic.

"And the Chaos rings", Said a voice. It was Vector the Crocodile. The rest of the Chaotix gang was there too, Espio the chameleon, Mighty the armadillo and Charmy bee.

"Metal Sonic came and over powered us", Said Charmy

"He seemed more powerful than when we faced him last time", Said Mighty

"He was abnormally strong and fast, it was like facing Sonic", Said Espio, "Before it felt like fighting a machine"

"But at least the bigger nastier version didn't appear again", Said Vector.

"Wait, Knuckles this is the almighty Chaotix crew that you told us about? They couldn't even handle Metal Sonic on his own. How pathetic", Said Sonic.

"Don't underestimate them. Besides I was there that time, the finished Metal Sonic of quite easily. Something must be wrong", Said Knuckles.

"An upgrade perhaps" Said Tails.

"Well that just leaves one power gem left, The preciousstone", Said Amy.

Just as Amy finished that comment Illumina's voice was heard.

"Sonic help! Someone is trying to steal the preciousstone", Said Illumina, "There's a vortex to maginaryworld on the side of the lake"

Sonic and the gang wasted no time in getting to the vortex and entering maginaryworld. As the appeared in the shrine, Eggman could be seen stealing the preciousstone. With him was Metal Sonic and Black Wind.

"This is it, with this I can put my ultimate plan into effect", Said Eggman.

"Not if we have anything to say about it", Said Sonic.

"Well well if it isn't Sonic. You remember what happened at Never Lake don't you", Said Eggman.

"No, this ends now. I wont let you escape again", Said Sonic. He jumped towards Eggman's ship but as he reached it, it disappeared, "Not again".

"So this is the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. Perhaps this trip wasn't a total waste after all", Said Black Wind.

"Oh and who are you?" Asked Sonic.

"My name is Black wind. I was cloned from your DNA. I don't know how the doc did it but he managed to turn your useless good heart into a cold, ruthless one. In other words he made me stronger, since I don't have to worry about trivia emotions", Said black wind.

"You know you can't beat all of us", Said Amy, "In my dream I managed to beat you"

"That was nothing more than a Simulation girl. The real thing is far more deadly", Said Black wind. He unfolded his arms and in a quick black flash he attacked Amy. She fell to the floor unconscious

"Hey, leave her alone", Said Tails.

"Well you're certainly fast, but not nearly as good as me", Said Sonic.

"Do you even know what a clone is. I am you", Said Black wind.

Just then a vortex appeared behind Eggman's Henchmen.

"We don't have time for childish games", Said Illumina. "You evil creatures go back to where you came from"

The vortex swallowed both Metal Sonic and Black Wind up. The vortex soon closed behind them.

"Hey what did you do that for?" asked Knuckles, "We had them"

"Knuckles we have more important things to worry about that your feud with them. With the preciousstone not only will Maginaryworld will disappear but as Tails' will have experienced the dreams, and therefore the mind of any individual will be under his control", Said Illumina "But that's not all, if Maginaryworld ceases to exist, dreams as we know it wont either. Without Dreams people can't live and so everyone on the planet will die"

"No way!" said Sonic.

"Everyone? This is getting more and more threatening. Who knows what Eggman is planning", Said Tails.

"I will join you, my abilities as a goddess will come in handy. Eggman is unaware of the real danger of maginaryworld disappearing. Time is a factor so we should get back to your world immediately", Said Illumina. A vortex opened behind the gang, "Lets go".

Everyone went through the vortex and arrived outside of Tails' workshop. Sonic placed Amy down beside the wall of the workshop. As her head touched the ground there was a sudden flash. Tails' Workshop lay in ruins.

"What the? My Workshop, what happened?" asked Tails confused and angry.

"It's not just the workshop look", Said Knuckles pointing out to the sea. In the distance a huge tower could be seen with Eggman's face carved into the wall of a stone castle that lay on top of the tower. The sky had also changed. Clouds were red and there seemed to be a storm brewing. The sea itself was a dark purple, probably due to the pollution from the tower. The plants that were once lush green creating the nearby jungle were now a decaying brown.

This is what sonic feared the most, Eggman winning.

"It can't be. How could he have changed the world so quickly?" asked Mighty

"He's got the time stones. They have the ability to move people backward or forwards in time. He obviously went back in time and changed our present to suit his needs", Said Sonic, "He's gained full control of the planet and it's all my fault". Sonic banged on the ground angrily.

Just the Sonic began to disappear.

"Huh what's happening?" Asked Sonic.

"Oh no. Please no", Said Tails.

"What?" Asked Sonic.

"Eggman went back in time, probably to warn himself about you and make plans accordingly. Sonic, Eggman must've killed you!" said Tails.

"You guys follow me", Said a mysterious voice. A Figure appeared from the shadows, it was Big the cat, fully armoured.

"Big? What's going on?" asked Sonic, who began fading.

"Who are you? And what's happening to you?" asked Big.

"Big tell me, what happened to project scrap brain? What happened to Sonic the Hedgehog", Said Tails. Sonic fell to the floor, he began panting heavily.

"Sonic hang in there!" Said Tails.

"It feels like someone is choking me. I can't hold on", Said Sonic. After that line he disappeared for good.

"Sonic!" Shouted Tails.

"I take it that was Sonic the Hedgehog. I don't understand anything but well, Sonic died fighting Eggman. Sonic made it to scrap brain but Eggman knew what he was going to do, almost like he knew the future. Sonic died and Eggman succeeded. The Scrap Brain factory exists today", Said Big.

"It all makes perfect sense. Where we come from Sonic took care of the Scrap Brain program a long time ago. Eggman then went back in time and made sure Sonic failed. Sonic disappeared because Eggman killed him in the past. The world has been turned into a dark world all because of that one event", Said Tails.

"So Sonic is gone?" asked Knuckles.

"Yes, for now. We have to get the time stones from Eggman and rescue Sonic from his new fate", Said Tails.

"What are you crazy?" asked Big, "Eggman is far too powerful".

"Big where is Eggman most likely to be?" asked Tails.

"Like it's that simple! Look Eggman has several bases. The tower over there producing fuel. Scrap brain used to produce an army of robots. The Death Egg designed to destroy any country that stands in his way from space. Angel Island has been converted into his own private fortress. The little planet is used as a huge back-up base in case the others get destroyed. And finally the Crystal Palace Buried deep beneath the earth's core it's invulnerable to outside attacks, you can only destroy it from inside. But to get inside you have to either have Eggman's key card, be a badnik or as a fail-safe turn off the shield generators located in each base", Said Big.

"So we have to destroy five of Eggman's old projects without Sonic", Said Tails, "ok plan B. Any idea where the time stones are?"

"It'll be little planet, their home. The seven chaos can be found in Death Egg, the Chaos rings Scrap brain, the Master Emerald Angel Island, the preciousstone can be found it the tower", Said Big.

"First things first. The preciousstone, we need that to prevent all life being destroyed", Said Tails. With that the gang headed toward the Toxic tower.