Chapter 8 - I'll see you again someday

Through the darkness outside of a large Eggman base came a bright green light. Metal Sonic has arrived back to when Metal Sonic's saga began. It was cold and he felt lonely but the thought of what would happen in the future kept him warm. He entered the massive building and the loud wailing of the alarm siren went.

"Intruder alert, Intruder alert. Intruder identified as Sonic the Hedgehog", said a robotic voice over the tannoy. It wasn't long before Eggman appeared.

"How did you… Hey wait you're not sonic, this is impossible", Said Eggman. Metal Sonic flew towards the nearest machine and interfaced with it.

"My name is Metal Sonic. I was sent here from the future by yourself to help you stop Sonic and take over Earth", Said Metal.

"Well the design is brilliant, must be my work. Ok Metal Sonic what's the plan", said Eggman.

"Ever hear of the little Planet…" Said Metal Sonic. He began to recount the events that happened there. He told him about the time stones and that Sonic and Amy Rose would be there. Eggman began to grin.

"I'm liking this idea a lot, I'll start work on some new base and badnik plans. Sonic will rue the day he ever faced Dr. Ivo Robotnik", Said Eggman. Eggman left and Metal Sonic followed. Well one chapter of my life ended another begins. Manipulating Eggman though is going to be fun. Tails, Amy, Knuckles, I'll see you again sometime soon.

Meanwhile, in the Station Square hospital, Amy Rose wandered the corridors carrying a big bouquet of flowers. She entered a recovery room where Tails, Knuckles and the rest of the gang were waiting next to Sonic.

"Whoa Amy! Don't you think that's a little over the top?" asked Knuckles.

"What would you know about loving someone? Besides Nothing is too good or too much for my Sonic", Said Amy.

"Why I ought'a rip you a new hole!" shouted Knuckles in a rage, preparing his fists for a fight.

"Knuckles calm down. This is not the time or place for that kind of behavior", Said Tails.

"You're right. I'm just a little edgy. It's been two months now, It's only a matter of time before Eggman tries something again and we're stuck here waiting for Sonic to come out of a coma", said Knuckles.

"Oh of course, that reminds me. Any word on his status?" asked Amy.

"Well he's completely recovered from the mass serge of power generated by Ultimate Sonic, there is no reason he should still be comatois but he is. The Doctor said he should wake up any time now", Said Tails.

"So essentially nothing to worry about just him to wake up", Said Amy. Suddenly there was movement in Sonic's bed. He sat up and saw his friends around him. He smiled.

"Ah man how long was I out for?" asked Sonic.

"Two months" said Tails

"Two months?!? Then why the hell am I still here?" asked Sonic.

"Relax, take it easy. When you turned into your Ultimate form you used so much power you were lucky you didn't die. In fact Illumina thinks and I agree that if you had the seventh time stone too it would've killed you", Said Tails

"What about Eggman?" asked Sonic

"He's been quiet ever since. Although I reckon it won't be long before he tries something again", Said Knuckles. Amy jumped for Joy and hugged Sonic.

"I'm so glad you're OK. When you get through this though we're getting married, I'm not taking no for an answer" said Amy.

"I thinking maybe now I should've stayed in the coma", Said Sonic, "But I'm glad to see you all here"

"I think it's time to let Sonic get some rest. The quicker he's out of bed and ready for action the better", Said Knuckles

"But I want to stay with Sonic a little longer", Said Amy. Knuckles grabbed her and took her out kicking and screaming. The others left soon after with Tails at the end.

"Get well soon Sonic, It's just not the same without you", said Tails, "Only next time, try not to overdo it". Sonic just smiled and Tails left.

Sonic lay back down, turned and stared out of the nearby window. It was a beautiful day. He wanted nothing more that to run off into the mountains and feel the ground beneath his feet, it being such a long time since his feet weren't cold metal. He wondered if there would ever be a Metal Sonic again, ff his robotic nemesis would come back, bigger and badder than before. He smiled because for the first time he didn't know what would happen next. He didn't know what new schemes Eggman would be creating and whether or not he would need to use Ultimate Sonic again.

I spend a long time knowing what was going to happen. From now on everything is going to be a surprise again, I've waited so long for this. But I know whatever happens, providing my friends are by my side I'll never lose.

A new day brings new adventure, but for now, rest easy heroes