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Dragonball V Saga 2: The Buu Ordeal

I strongly suggest you read my first saga, all the information about the character Verto is there, plus this is starting right where I left off.

A/U, this is basically a re-written Buu saga, a lot is the same, but I'll twist it a bit here and there. Some events will still happen but may happen differently and there will be a few added characters. After this series everything is A/U and you will see hints of future events throughout, otherwise how would I draw any more interest?

Most of it is once again written in 1st person view, though I will jump to 3rd person sometimes.

Again I will list any relevant power levels in bold at the end of each chapter.

"blah blah blah"- standard communication

"blah blah blah"- telepathic communication, or from an outside source (ie: TV)

blah blah blah- thinking

And since we have the new formatting Oh joy: x-x-x-x-xis a minor scene change and the ugly gray line is a more significant one.

Rated PG-13 or T for Violence and Language

Chapter 1: The Junior Tournament

"Hey I think we should get moving before the registration desk closes up!" Piccolo suggested. Everyone seemed to agree with that and we moved right along shortly after Goku had arrived.

"So Krillin, what's with the hair?" Goku asked his long time best friend.

"Hey now! It's stylish!" Krillin said, waving a hand through it.

"But I thought you were naturally bald?" Goku asked.

"Guess love changes things huh?" Krillin blushed slightly as his wife, Eighteen, passed by.

Goku gasped, "Watch out everyone, android Eighteen is here!"

"Really Goku, what took you so long to notice?" Eighteen asked.

"Please tell me she's not still terrorizing the planet!" Goku panicked.

"Um Goku, me and Eighteen got married and had a kid together!" Krillin explained for him.

"You mean you live in the same house?" he asked. I glanced up at Goku's panicked surprise and shook my head slightly. I guess some legends have their faults.

"Hey Goten, your dead father looks a lot like you. I bet my Dad could beat him no sweat!" Trunks declared from behind us.

"I don't know Trunks, Gohan said Daddy was the strongest in the whole universe," Goten said.

"So Verto, is it? How did you end up here? Did Vegeta have another child?" Goku looked down at me.

"No, its a long story," I said.

"Well I can fix that, stand still for a minute," Goku said, putting his palm to my head and concentrating. Instantly I felt very strange as he peered through my thoughts. Everything faded out for a moment as I watched my own memories fly by, kind of like he was going through them while I watched. He finished quickly, I noticed he only looked through memories regarding Future Trunks and on from there, or at least I think he did.

"Thanks I understand. Good to have you here, looks like Vegeta and Piccolo trained you very well!" he said, starting to walk forward again. Whoa, now that was weird, I thought as I shook the new cobwebs off and followed him onward. A few minutes later we reached the registration desk and lined up to sign in. Goku wasn't sure what to make of Gohan's whole super hero thing, but just shrugged it off.

"Sorry sonny, we can't put you in the adult section, there's rules about age! You must be at least fifteen years old to enter it!" the old guy at the desk shook his finger slightly as Trunks whined.

"Man, this is gonna be boring!" I could definitely agree with Trunks there, I was gonna get stuck in that situation as well as him and Goten.

"Your name sonny?" the old guy asked me.

"Verto, Briefs," I said, nodding to him and walking out of the way for the rest of our party to sign in. We continued on after that towards the entrance for the athletes. Bulma, or Mom as I had been referring to her, gave Trunks and I the nod to get going and follow Vegeta and Piccolo towards the gates. It was still a little odd to call her Mom, but since my world had been destroyed she had cared for me the way any mother would. I didn't dare make her mad either; her temper could make Vegeta cower given the right condition. Obviously the Son family took a bit longer to say a temporary goodbye before the competition began.

"Now good luck Gohan and Goku, and Goten, do your best!" Chichi said, slamming her fist to her palm with a bright and confident smile.

"Don't worry Chichi, I'm sure one of us is gonna win!" Goku said, stretching his arm a bit. Well if it was a contest between families, the Son's had the advantage in the adult section, but we had the junior division easy. Unless of course Goten lucked out and only had to face the winner Trunks and I. I gave a slight wave to the gang before turning and following Vegeta and Piccolo, who were taking lead, obviously wanting to get started. I stayed back by Goku and Krillin though, as Goku started into a story about the afterlife tournament he had entered and fought Pikkon from West galaxy.

"And then he said we both lost because we both touched the ceiling, but we can both take his private lessons in a few hundred years," Goku said happily.

"Well at least you have something to look forward to by then since you're already dead," I said, grinning slightly.

"So, does your tail, do what it's supposed to do?" Goku asked.

"I thought you peeked through there to find out such information?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Uh, Heh, I must have missed that. I was mostly looking at where you came from, and who trained you. I could look at all of it if you want though?" Goku said, reaching a hand out.

"No no, that's ok," I said, pushing his hand away, "I don't transform like a Saiyan does anyway, no need to worry."

"Oh okay, doesn't matter to me either way! I can tell you wouldn't purposely hurt people anyway," Goku smiled and continued forward. I had barely known the guy for five minutes and I could see why everyone liked him so much, and how clueless he could be. Vegeta however was giving me a scowl. Apparently I hadn't covered it up that well, or he was the only one to notice.


I continued on as Krillin and Goku were discussing Master Roshi's continued habit of porno magazines when a microphone appeared right in my face.

"Hello there son, how are you today?" the reporter asked.

"Fine, thanks!" I frowned and pushed the mic away, that was the last thing I wanted to see today was another damn news reporter. Thanks to Vegeta, a lot of them had been appearing around the Briefs family. Vegeta had been deemed the most dangerous man in the world after he blew up a press conference for bad questioning. Though it was really both me and Trunks' fault that he blew them up, we didn't know he was going to go as overboard as he did. That was one prank I knew I wasn't going to repeat, though it was funny to see Vegeta's expression when the wrong question came flying his way. I chuckled at the memory and walked on. Goku however stopped, trying to explain that his head accessory was really a halo and that he was dead and just returned for the day. Before the reporter could really ask him about what he meant, the camera blew up. I turned back to see Piccolo, eyes glowing, but fading to black, and his head turned back forward. The reporter was then yelling at the cameraman for ruining a while day of ass kissing.

"Nice one Piccolo, could you teach me that someday? It could come in handy, especially lately," I said, frowning at the press I saw ahead.

"It's ridiculous how they swarm over you sometimes. I almost can't blame Vegeta for blowing up that one such group. Given the right situation I would have too," Piccolo growled and continued forward. Finally we reached the main gate and the locker room area, where we split up so some of us could change clothes. I wore my fighting gi all morning though, I didn't figure I would need or want to change today. Recently I had begun wearing a smaller version of Vegeta's blue spandex instead the traditional martial arts outfit. Training with Vegeta, I had picked up some of his habits and began to mimic him a little, but not nearly in attitude outside of training. Goku and Goten played and laughed together in the hallways, while Gohan and Piccolo stood in the courtyard area, waiting. That left Eighteen and I standing outside the locker rooms.

"So what's the deal with you today kid?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked, looking up at her.

"Well most everybody is excited about the tournament. The only ones that don't show it is Vegeta and Piccolo of course, but you look like you almost dread it," Eighteen said. Well that was true, the general fear of today was beginning to get to me, and she was the first to really notice as I worked off that fear in the gravity room any other time.

"Call it a hunch," I said, staring at the wall with a grim expression.

"What do you mean?" Eighteen snapped up, looking serious.

"No, I'm letting it get to me, forget it," I said, turning my back to her and waiting for the rest of the gang to show up so we could go in and start the tournament. The last thing I wanted to do was screw up the timeline or something, but then again maybe Buu would not appear today. After all, the timeline was already different just by me being there.


The others arrived, dressed to fight, and the terrible twosome was extra excited, running to the entrance. Once we entered the warm-up arena, a blond guy in a suit was stumbling towards us. He had a microphone, which told me I probably wouldn't like him much. He saw Goku and Krillin though and went bananas in joy.

"Oh its you guys! You're here!"" That's when I recognized him as the ring MC, same shades and all.

"Oh its great to see you! Please tell me your competing! It's been nothing but boring the past few tournaments without you guys here! And quick question, it wasn't really Mr. Satan that beat Cell right? Come on I know it was you!" Goku and Krillin just grinned. "Are they all with you too?" the MC asked, taking a look at myself and the rest of the gang.

"Yeah you could say that," Goku said.

"Great! Even better, say you haven't always had that gold ring above your head have you?"

"Actually I've been dead ever since my fight with Cell, but they let me come back for this one day to compete!" Goku said, giving off a Son grin that was unequaled.

"Well that's weird, but with all the stuff I've seen you do it would be crazy to start doubting you now, right Goku baby!" the MC said with a sly smile, "Hey think we can get though the fights without blowing up the ring this time guys?" he said, directly staring at Piccolo in the process.

"We'll try, no guarantees," Piccolo said, smirking.

"That's the kind of attitude this tournament has been lacking, well I hope to see you guys at the big show!" the MC waved to all of us and walked off, doing a slight skip of happiness. There's someone with a violence fetish, guess we'll have to quench it.

"Well, here we go!" Krillin said, as the boys ran forward toward the growing crowd of fighters. I heard a thud behind me, and saw Gohan's classmate Sharpner lying on the ground, a dent in the rock tile. Gohan had been back there, but dressed in his great Saiyaman out fit, which meant Sharpner must have been trying to unmask him. I shrugged it off, knowing everyone was going to find out just who Saiyaman was anyway, Gohan wasn't clever enough to keep it hidden forever. I also noticed Videl in a far corner in front of a mirror, wearing a white top and a pink undershirt. Her hair was shorter, and her energy level was a little higher. So Gohan taught her how to fly after all.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will start the elimination round in five short minutes. Now let me explain the rules of elimination, there are sixteen slots in the tournament, but there are one hundred and ninety two entrees. You must all grab a number and wait in line to take a swipe at the punching machine, the top fifteen scores will be given the fifteen spots. Mister Satan, being the current champion, automatically qualifies, thank you for waiting!" a man in a tie announced over the intercom system.

"It isn't just strength that determines a fighter," Vegeta muttered.

"Look at it this way, at least we know were going to get in for sure!" Goku declared, happy as could be.

Another old guy put his hand up and shouted into the crowd, "Anyone participating in the junior tournament please come with me!"

"Good luck kids!" Krillin said, giving me a slight pat on the back.

"Sure," Trunks said, still disappointed that he couldn't be in the adult league. I can't say I blamed him, unless we fought one another, there was no way this was going to be any type of entertainment, for us anyway. I followed the boys towards where all the juniors were, and the old guy was explaining where the waiting area was and where to go to get out for those who didn't qualify for the next round. Behind me I heard a loud cheering go up, it just happened to be Mr. Satan giving the punching machine a tryout.

"Incredible folks, Mr. Satan has just scored one hundred and thirty seven points!" Please tell me he's capable of more than that. Then all of the cameras around the stadium exploded, giving a nice firework type noise to it. The sounds of pissed off reporters yelling at camera crews made me laugh a little, though several others were whining about not getting a picture of Mr. Satan. Oh boo hoo, honestly I think that's a good thing, I thought as I imagined picture frames cracking under the stress of his afroThe line of juniors stopped and proceeded one at a time as they were checking everyone's name on their lists. I heard random sounds behind me where the adults were, then a few gasps. Then a very loud crash right when I was going through. The crash was Vegeta destroying the machine when he hit it into a far wall. I smirked slightly and walked through the gates toward the ring area with Goten and Trunks. They were just starting the so-called reenactment footage of the Cell games when we got to the waiting area. I wasn't too thrilled to watch it to say the least.

"Ladies and Gentleman, glad you could make it to the World Martial Arts Tournament!" A loud roar from the crowd, the officials signaled us all to go out to the ring.

"Now let's begin with the junior competition! Thirty-six juniors entered this year, however there is no elimination round. All thirty-six qualify and will compete one by one until we have a winner. We have ten million zeni for the winner and five million for the runner up!" the MC was saying as we all stepped up the ring and divided into two separate lines for the crowd. Up on top of one of the stands, I saw Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo and Eighteen, having just finished the qualifying round and were watching us. In the same stand, but down a little ways were the rest of the gang, Mom and Chichi sitting with them as well. I lined up next to Goten and stood solid staring at the crowd.

"Now let's get started! Match one we have..." I missed the last part, knowing it wasn't going to be me, and led the way for the rest of the juniors to go back to the waiting area. The only information we received was what match number our first round was, the brackets were not displayed so I pretty much had to wait for my name to be called. Sitting on the ground next to Goten and Trunks, I sat back and relaxed a little, something I hadn't been doing much of.

"So whatcha gonna do with the money?" Trunks asked Goten.

"I dunno, toys I guess!" Goten said happily.

"You're such a toddler. I'm not sure what I'm going to buy, maybe I'll get you a better looking haircut," Trunks said.

"Nothing wrong with the style of his father's," I commented.

"Yeah I suppose it could be worse, he could look like you!" Trunks laughed. I allowed an eyebrow to go up in response, but declined to answer. Behind him came a taller boy with blond hair, and a few shorter ones with him, just like a pack of goons.

"Check this out guys, this is the kid I get to beat up first!" he said loudly.

"Wow Idasa, he's like, puny!" another one said.

Trunks spun around and looked Idasa down, "What's your problem?"

"Oh I have no problem, with beating you so bad you'll have a concussion!" Idasa said, throwing a punch, but stopping inches in front of Trunks' lavender hair.

"Sounds fun, where do we start?" Trunks grinned as his hair barely budged from the fake punch.

"Don't you flinch?" Idasa shouted at him.

"Not from weaklings, best walk away unless you would like to meet the ground early," Trunks mocked him very Vegeta like.

"Just you wait small fry!" Idasa yelled over shoulder, walking off.


Trunks was lucky and got to be in the eighth match vs. Idasa. Goten and I floated up slightly to watch out the window.

"Come on shrimp, you sure you don't wanna quit?" Idasa was saying. Trunks was rapidly getting annoyed with the kid's antics and I sensed he would end it quickly just to shut him up.

Goten looked unsure of what may happen, "You sure Trunks can beat that tall guy?"

I smirked at Goten's naive mind, "Goten, besides Trunks and myself, there is no child on this world even close to your level of power and strength. Don't worry about it, that tall kid will be out cold in a few seconds. Remember what it was like to fight those bad guys in the other realities? It's going to be even easier, not including that really strong one of course!"

"Okay, if you say so," Goten said.

"Now, FIGHT!" the ring MC said. Idasa ran at Trunks, who swept his leg and kicked him way up into the air. Trunks was just coming back down the steps when he hit the ring and was out cold.

"Trunks is the winner!"

"That was great how you knocked that big kid out Trunks!" Goten smiled widely.

"You see now why I wanted to fight in the big tournament?" Trunks asked.

"Uh huh!"

Goten was in the twelfth match against Idasa's brother Ikosa. Goten was sweating pure nervousness, a little scared since he had never done this in front of so many people before.

"Relax Goten, this guy is nothing. You'll be just fine once you get this first match out of the way, get that pressure off," I said, giving him a little shove towards the ring.

Ikosa was already waiting for him, "You look scared, I promise I won't hurt that bad!" Goten gulped and followed him out to the ring.

I sat down next to Trunks, "So, how do you think it's going to be for the final round? Me and you, Goten and me, you and Goten?" I asked.

"No offence man, but I'd rather fight Goten. You train so much with my Dad, I know you'll beat me. You and Dad are always in there, even after I'm exhausted. But then I'd have to count on Goten beating you if that's the way we get placed, and I'm not so sure about that happening. So it'll be either me and you or you and Goten in the final round," Trunks said, head down.

"Whether you could beat me in a true match or not, well that remains to be seen. I know you would do your best to win it, don't look down on yourself, Vegeta sure wouldn't like that," I said, putting an arm around his shoulder.

"Okay man, Thanks!" Trunks said, feeling a little better, but that grin on his face was a little different then normal. I didn't really get a chance to look again when some teenage with black hair came up and asked why we weren't watching Goten's match.

"Already know the result," Trunks said, bored again.

"Hey guys, he said the little guy is gonna win!"

"No way I gotta see this!" A bunch of teen fighters called back and rushed to the nearest window to watch. Next I heard some commotion in the ring, followed by the sound of Goten's fist meeting with Ikosa's jaw, followed by a loud gasp from the crowd.

"We have a winner over here, Goten!"

Goten came back with a classic Son grin, scratching his head, "You were right Trunks, this is too easy!"

"Told ya!"


My match was the last one for the first round. My opponent was the teenager that approached us about Goten's match.

"Good luck dude!" he said, warming up his arms and putting on some boxing gloves.

"Sorry man, won't need it," I said, frowning slightly and walking forward. The MC took one look at me, or more so my wrapped up tail and gasped.

"Um excuse me, is that what I think it is?" he leaned down and whispered in my ear.

I smiled slightly, "Yeah its a tail, why?"

"Oh gosh I hope there's not a full moon today!" he said, shaking his head and grabbing the mic again.

"Next up, young Verto Briefs against Brenten White! Oh my Brenten is a full foot and a half taller then Verto, I hope this boy has a game plan, otherwise it may already be over!" I snorted at his last comment, Yeah, it is already over, for Brenten. He took his fighting stance and prepared for the start. I stood across from him, arms folded.

"Fight!" Brent ran forward and attempted to kick me in the back of the head with his longer legs, I say attempted because I blocked it, grabbed his leg, and swung him around in the air a few times before stopping myself from letting go and just holding him up in the air by the leg. Many gasps came from the crowd. I grinned up at him, he looked down at me in fear.

"Don't worry, your ass might hurt a little, but this won't damage you permanently!" I said, walking over to the side of the ring, and tossing him ten or fifteen feet from the edge, to the dirt. There, nice and easy, little to no injury.

"Verto is the winner!" After the general audience shock was over, quite a few cheers sounded, mostly from a certain section. I basked in the sun for a few seconds before stepping down and going back to the waiting area.

Goten greeted me, "How was your match, mine was boring!"

"It was about as thrilling as a steamroller versus a flower, Goten," I said, sitting back down on the floor.

"What's a steamroller?"

The rest of the fights went the same way, one of us would go out, another junior competitor made a visit to the medical ward. We didn't purposely hurt anyone, unless they really asked for it, but we couldn't help it either way. The semi finals came quickly once we started sending kids back to their mommies. But the matches were not announced until it was time, I guess they were mixing them up.

"Next up, Trunks vs. James!" Trunks was back in about a minute and a half, after all he was taking his time getting to and from the ring.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the winner of the following match will face Trunks in the final match, it's Verto Vs Goten! Battle of the incredible seven year olds!" Damnit I'm 8 now, not seven! Then again, neither of those numbers are even close to accurate. Loud eruption of cheers went up, some began chanting Goten's name, some mine.

"Well Goten, let's do this!" I said, getting up and smiling that I finally got a decent match up. I noticed Trunks hold Goten by the arm and whisper something in his ear, but he said it way to quiet for me to hear. That little sneak, probably telling him what to try to do to beat me so he wouldn't have to face me, I grinned at Trunks' strategy. I walked out to the ring ahead of Goten, who was still laughing from what Trunks must have told him to do.

"Both of these young men have done amazingly well in the competition so far, now they face each other! Who will win? Its time to find out!" the MC shouted, his clipboard held high in the air. I stepped into the ring and took my place as Goten stepped in and stood across from me. I assumed one of many fighting stances I knew and refocused my mind into sort of a battle mode. I allowed myself to smirk slightly, seeing as this might actually be a challenge. Goten returned the smile, getting into his own stance.

"Remember not to transform Goten," I said loud enough for him to hear.


Goten charged me, obviously he knew that he was going to have to be the aggressor here, I could outlast him in a head on battle. His right fist came first, which I blocked easily, then his right foot, blocked. He lunged forward enough to where I would have to move for his body not to knock me off balance, moving quickly backwards, I blocked his blows with ease, not throwing any myself just yet. After a flurry of twenty to thirty of them he made his first mistake, trying to sweep my foot, but he acted too slow and I used the chance to jump towards him and catch him in the back with my left foot. Slightly surprised, he leaped into the air after me and made it an aerial assault. This time though I began to return the blows, letting a little more power slip into me, I blocked most of his while giving him all he could handle with my punches. I got ten or twenty of them in before he stopped trying to hit me and just trying to defend himself as I was quite a bit faster and could keep up with him very easily. He dropped out of the air and back down to the ring, I followed. When he reached the ring he darted off to the left and waited for me to land, before sending a weak ki blast my direction that reached me just as I landed. I knocked it aside, leaving a small dent in the ring. Goten looked a little more frustrated, I gave him a smirk to get under his skin a little more.

"Sorry Goten, you'll have to think of better," I said, dropping back into stance. I'll give the kid credit, he did think of more.

"Ka, Meh, HA, MEH….HA!!" he shouted, sending the deadly blue beam directly at me from way across the ring. Behind me were the grandstands, so I was going to have to either deflect it or overpower it. Gathering as much ki as I needed, I knocked the huge beam into the sky and watched it disappear into space. My hand and forearm were a little numb, Goten had pumped enough power into it to blow up the stadium.

"Watch it Goten, You don't want to hurt anybody," I warned.

"Sorry, I'll just have to try my secret weapon!" Goten said with a smirk to me.

"Bring it on," I said, back into stance, focusing on every bit of Goten's ki, watching for fluctuation. It came once, when he lifted off to charge me again. But he approached me slower than he could have, meaning he was up to something. I held my ground, trying to search him out and see what exactly he was going to do. When he got within ten feet of me, his energy level suddenly spiked very high and he flashed into Super Saiyan, catching me completely off guard. Ah, shit. Once he did that he caught me in the gut and kicked me into the air above the ground. Then he hit a double arm smash to knock me into the dirt, all in about the time I could register he even transformed. He flipped back in the ring and stared me down as I got back to my feet and glared at him. Well that was pathetically short, stupid ring out rule.

Then I smiled sharply, "That was cheap you dirty little dog. Well I know Trunks had something to do with this, I'll get him another day. Thanks for the compliment Goten," I said, dusting myself off a bit.

Goten was instantly confused, "Compliment, I beat you, didn't I?"

I was a little taken back that he new what a compliment was, "Yes, but you had to transform to do it, that means you didn't believe you could beat me in your normal form. That is a compliment to me as a fighter, what a shame that you had to break our rules by transforming to beat me!" I laughed and headed back towards the waiting room. Goten was furious in the ring even as he powered down. He came back slowly, growling all the way.

"Goten is the winner, It's Trunks vs. Goten in the final match to be held in about five minutes," came the announcement.

Trunks held his breath as I went by him, probably hoping I wouldn't blow up on him. He had more then likely heard my after match words, thus was nervous as to how I might react. He breathed normally once I passed him.

"Enjoy your match, since you were too afraid to face me!" I growled into the air before shooting him a mocking grin that set off a very Vegeta like glare. It was true, my Saiyan pride was hurt a little bit, but seeing Trunks or Goten pissed off due to their own actions was better than revenge. Slowly I circled around the stadium in the air, until I found Goku and Vegeta's ki signal at the top of the center stands. I crept over and touched down next to Piccolo. Goku was bragging about how his son was already a Super Saiyan and Vegeta was fuming because Goten broke the agreement. I was actually a little surprised that he wasn't mocking me at all for losing that way.

"Damnit Kakarot, that wasn't fair! Your spawn has no sense of honor!" Vegeta roared.

"Actually, I think Trunks suggested the idea to him. I don't think he wanted to face me in the final round," I said as I landed.

"What? Are you saying that my son, my heir, disregarded his honor and pride and told him what to do so he didn't have to face you? I don't believe it! You lie brat!" Vegeta turned his wrath to me.

"You taught me better than that, I'm just telling it how I saw it. Do you think Goten would have thought to break the agreement if he had not told him to?"

Vegeta's anger face turned to that of deep thought, "Hmmm, good point, I'll have to revisit codes of honor with Trunks."

"I'm not that concerned anyway Vegeta, it was barely a real fight anyway. I consider that a compliment that he had to transform to beat me. That and Trunks had a good strategy to avoid facing me," I said, smirking again.

Vegeta smiled with pride, "I knew it, Kakarot's entire cast is full of Cowards!" I just shook my head and leaned against the railing, knowing Vegeta wouldn't give up that mental victory over Goku.

"So kid, was this your first tournament? You did well," Krillin said from my right.

"First one, and last one I ever want to do in the junior department, rather fight someone that has at least some ability. That and I hate the ring out rule, it should be whoever is standing at the end," I said, frowning at the whole idea.

"It is when you can avoid the edge," Krillin said, laughing a little.

"Oh shut up," I growled, staring back towards the ring.

"Ladies and gentleman! May I present the final round of the junior division!" the MC said. Trunks and Goten lined up at the door, each cast a glare in my general direction before smiling again, ready for the match.

"This will be a good one, they're so evenly matched!" Goku declared.

Vegeta snorted, "Maybe in power, but my son is better! Wanna bet on it Kakarot?"

Goku looked concerned, "I don't have anything to bet!"

"Oh that's fine, we can make an arrangement! If your brat wins, then I have to kiss the android bitch over there. If my son wins, you have to kiss the Namek!" Vegeta placed his bet. Goku wasn't sure how to answer, Krillin didn't like the idea, Eighteen looked ready to pound Vegeta into the ground, and Piccolo looked sick.

"Oh come on Kakarot, you a coward?" Vegeta smirked as he pressed the issue.

"Um, well no, but I don't know," Goku twiddled his thumbs.

"Tell you what, accept the deal and if your son wins then I'll throw in a free meal!" Vegeta said, knowing exactly what button would work.

"You're on!" Goku said as they shook hands. I slapped my head at Goku's cluelessness, Note to self, have a camera ready later. The boys made their way to the ring side by side and took their places.

"Get ready to pucker up Kakarot!" Vegeta laughed.

I looked over to see Gohan and Videl run up, "Have they started the match yet?!" Gohan asked, panicked.

"No, it's about to begin though, Piccolo said.

"Verto, I thought for sure you would win this thing! What happened?" Gohan asked.

"Remember our promise not to transform into Super Saiyans, well Goten did during our match to beat me," I replied with a bit of an edge, but not terribly upset.

"He did huh? Guess that explains why I felt his power level shoot up while we were waiting for that stupid punching machine to work again," Gohan said, scratching his head through his turban.

"Oh really Gohan, I thought you were hanging out with your girlfriend there!" Krillin joked.

"Krillin! It's not like that!" Gohan shouted.

"Yeah right, whatever, we'll keep your secret!" Krillin laughed. I had to chuckle a bit too, seeing Gohan get worked up for this was just too funny.

"Gohan is that sunburn or are you blushing?" Goku joked. I let my tail unravel due to stiffness and stretched it out in the air, letting it roam free for awhile, it tended to get stiff when it stayed around my waist all the time. Instantly a hand grabbed it and examined it, the hand belonged to Videl.

"So it is a tail, I was always wondering if those rumors about Son Goku having a tail were true. I guess you aren't human after all, are you, Verto?" she asked. Gee was this something that was tough to figure out? I could have said that, but she was rubbing my tail gently, rendering whatever was coming out of my mouth to a stutter as I fazed into a daze.

Gohan saved me the trouble, "Yes it's a tail, but you shouldn't touch them, they're really sensitive, and he doesn't get too thrilled about it when someone touches it. Remember what happened to your dad last month? I'll tell you about it later Videl," Gohan said sharply, grabbing my tail from her hand and letting it loose again.

"Why don't you tell me these things sooner?!" Videl yelled at him, hurting my ears.

"Girl, do you think it's a good idea to tell people that there are aliens living on Earth with super strong powers and look just like humans?" Piccolo asked.

"Well no, they would all panic," Videl turned, a little intimidated by Piccolo's presence.

"Exactly, that's why we keep our powers a secret. Please do the same since you can do the same kinds of things now," Piccolo said, turning back to the ring.


Power levels

Verto: 40,000,000

Trunks: 35,000,000

Goten: 30,000,000; Super Saiyan: 90,000,000

Junior fighters in the tournament: 5-35, extremely varied