I wish I owned DBZ, but I don't. I own DVD's and tapes, but it just isn't the same. I also don't own the right to any of the music pieces you may see selected, just copies of merchandise, such a shame. The artists that created them are geniuses and we all must bow to them.


Two weeks have passed since Kid Buu was destroyed. Life slowly returned to normal for the entire earth. Gohan and Videl had gone back to school, something that Gohan discovered nerve wrecking since he had accidentally revealed himself at the world tournament. Broly had taken his space pod and returned to space, off on his own. Goku spent his first few days back with his family before starting up training again. Goten and Trunks were even more inseparable, not that Goku or Vegeta minded, it gave them an excuse to spar with each other. Piccolo stayed up at the lookout with Dende, no surprise there. Mom returned to work as well, never wanting to fall behind on science and inventions along with her father. I myself relaxed mostly, listening to my music player that future Trunks had brought me, revitalizing pleasant memories and mixing them with new ones. Just two days ago I had finally told Vegeta about the Zerg threat, if there was one. He shook it off and said to let them come, we were stronger anyway. He might be right about that, but I knew we would train anyway, Zerg or no Zerg.

I had noticed a considerable change in Vegeta's personality, it hadn't just appeared either. Ever since the fight with Buu, or more to the point, with Babidi, I had seen more emotion spill out of him. This led me to believe that had to be why he reached Super Saiyan three so quickly. A few times I actually saw a smile on his face at odd times, not a smirk either, but he remained the same old Vegeta, just a little softer. Just now I was gazing up at the stars from my window, admiring how beautiful they were sometimes.

"Boy!" a gruff voice said behind me. I didn't answer, but I did give him a nod of acknowledgement.

"I fully expect you to be ready to train again in the morning, we've taken a long enough break from it!" I nodded again, and sensed Vegeta leave as I gazed back out, wondering what the horizon would bring.

Preview of Saga 3:

Saga three is the filler up to the Zerg invasion: Preparations. Vegeta wants a hobby, Goten and Trunks cause all kinds of trouble, Videl and Gohan get closer, and what's this, Verto is older again, and a trip to the past on planet Vegita, what is going on here? Must read it to find out, peace out everyone! Read and Review what you just read!

From here on in it's going to be very A/U, the only thing that will probably be similar is the birth of Uub, Pan and Bulla.