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Blessed Curse
By: Youkai Yume

Act 1: The Curse

His kingdom was laid out before him. Lush green forests stretching as far as the horizon, where the setting sun kissed the mountain terrain. Humans and demon alike trembled at his feet. He, Sesshomaru was the ruler here, the Lord of the Western Lands, and anyone who valued their lives knew that respect was demanded of the demon lord. It was either that, or their lives.

Sesshomaru held his chin up proudly as he surveyed his lands. He had everything that he wanted, with the exception of his father's fang, the Tetsusaiga. But that, he knew sooner or later, would also become his as well. So why wasn't he happier? Why is there a part of him that told him he was missing something? That he felt empty, and alone?

He scoffed at his sudden thought. He was always alone to begin with, and it was because of it that he was where he was today. He had never accepted help from anyone, and as for the feeling of emptiness. . .well, that was just a figment of his imagination. For he, Sesshomaru, felt nothing.

The taiyoukai was brought out of his thoughts when the scent of earth, bones and death was caught in his nose. He let out a low growl when he recognized the scent. 'Inuyasha's undead bitch.'

Kikyo's midnight tresses blew in the wind, as her faithful soul stealing demons whistled around her form. Her chocolate brown eyes cold and unfeeling as she stared straight ahead, not sure where she was headed. A sickening smile tugged at her lips when she thought of Inuyasha. Perhaps it will be today that she would finally be able to drag him to hell with her. Kikyo's feet brought her to the entrance of a seemingly large castle.

Her smirk was wiped from her face when she sensed a powerful demon aura surrounding the castle, and was further displeased when she spotted the demon whose aura belonged to. Kikyo's eyes were reduced to tiny slits when she realized that it was Inuyasha's half-brother.

"What are you doing in my lands, wench?" He asked her coolly, although she heard a slight snarl at the end of his question. She stared at him coldly.

"What I do here is none of your business, now leave me be before I stick a purified arrow through your nonexistent heart." Sesshomaru growled at her response.

"Bitch, show some respect!" He spat before lunging his poison claws at her. His claws met serpent skin, as Kikyo's soul stealers blocked her from his attack. She jumped a few yards back, readying her arrows, eyes full of contempt. She could tell that he showed just as much hatred towards her, even though they had barely met.

"Tell me, whelp, why do you hate me so?" She asked him in an almost mocking voice.

"Because you're Inuyasha's bitch of a dead miko!" he stated simply, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Kikyo's eyes twinkled in malice.

"I feel nothing but hatred for that traitor! And I know you hate him as well," he eased his attack stance on her, golden eyes staring at her, waiting for her to get to her point. "We should not be fighting each other, but instead fighting HIM. It will benefit both of us, I will finally be set free from this world with Inuyasha, and you will be rid of your half- brother."

Sesshomaru's eyes turned blood red when he heard this. How dare she try to use him?! The selfish bitch, a human no less! His claws ached to spill her blood.

"Wench! I will not lower myself to work with a lowly human, not to mention one that no longer has the right to walk this earth!" He went to take another swipe at her, but she had put up a barrier around herself. She smirked maliciously at the demon lord.

"Hmmm. . .I thought you would've jumped for the opportunity to kill Inuyasha."

"He will fall at my hands, and mine alone!" He was even further enraged when he saw Kikyo's face light up with amusement.

"You spoiled brat of a demon prince! You think so highly of yourself, not lowering yourself to working with humans! Do you really hate them so? Does the thought of socializing with one disgust you THAT much?" She began to laugh now.

Sesshomaru snarled. She, was laughing at him! 'She will be dead by tonight, I swear it!' Kikyo ignored him and continued.

"Your heart is frozen in ice, incapable of love. You think you're better than humans, but the truth of the matter is you envy us. Because we are able to feel, something that you will never be able to do, and that is why you hate us so. Because we have the one thing that keeps you from being complete."

Each word she said sent a blow to him, and hit home. He tried to block it out. She was wrong. He would never envy humans! They were beneath him! Yet, why was it that he felt the emptiness rise again? Enough. He had heard enough.

"Die!" He said coolly before striking her with his whip of light. It broke through her barrier, and lashed at her, sending her plummeting to the ground. He looked down at her as she lifted her head to meet his gaze. Hatred exchanged between dead miko and taiyoukai.

"Any last words?" He said triumphantly, resisting the urge to smirk at her. Kikyo's eyes became clouded with shadow, a malevolent grin gracing her cold lips.

"Curse you, Sesshomaru." She breathed. "I curse you! To become that what you hate! No! To become what Inuyasha is, a hanyou, so that you will feel the pain of belonging nowhere! The spell can only be broken by a human mate, who is able to melt your heart of ice. Until then, you are to stay a hanyou!"

Sesshomaru gave out a feral growl, ready to kill her right then and there. His hand instantly flew to Tokijin, but before he could unsheathe it, a sharp pain flowed through his body, paralyzing him. He was surprised to find himself glowing purple.

"Bitch, what did you do to me?!" He gasped, as he felt his (although still sharp) senses become duller. His fangs and nails became less sharp also, and his tail disappeared altogether. A stinging sensation graced his cheeks, as his stripes were no longer visible, and he only had his crescent moon as a demon marking. Kikyo looked pleased.

"I have already told you, you're a hanyou." Sesshomaru howled in rage, lunging out to attack her, but her soul stealers had already carried her away. He watched in fury as she flew off into the distant midnight sky.

"You have until the next new moon to lift the curse, if you fail, then you will turn into a full human. I hope you suffer, you insolent puppy!" With that she let out a maniacal laugh before fading into the night.

"Ohayo Kagome-sama!" The villagers greeted Kagome as she walked through the bustling village. Everyone was in a cheerful mood today, and she was glad to say that she was too. Today, she was able to fully relax and not have to worry about jewel shards or Naraku.

Her ebony locks swayed in the wind, and she sighed in contentment. 'Everything's just so peaceful, if only it was like this everyday.' Kagome continued down the road, heading for Kaede's hut. It was unusual for her to be here and not looking out for jewel shards, but Inuyasha, surprisingly, thought they needed a break after a brutal encounter with Koga and the wolf tribe just the other day.

"Inuyasha," she whispered his name under her breath. He was acting. . .strange since yesterday. He was definitely more protective, more like possessive! She figured it was because of what happened with Koga.

He had, again, tried to take her as his mate, except yesterday, he was VERY close to achieving his goal. Kagome was so scared that she honestly thought she was going to be raped! But she knew Koga wouldn't do that, despite how much he claimed to be devoted to her.

She was shocked when Inuyasha had rescued her, that he had not gone into a line of accusations and insults. Instead, he showed to be quite understanding about it, and had been really nice about the whole thing! It was all she could do to not try to say, "Okay, who are you and what have you done to the REAL Inuyasha?" But she figured, hey, this was probably the only time he'll be nice so why spoil it?

But then again, he had been really mean also. Not to her, just everyone else that came close to her. Everyone meaning all males. Kagome was slightly freaked out when Inuyasha looked like he was going to murder Miroku for hitting on her. 'But it's Miroku! He knows it's just the way that he is!'

Kagome let out a sigh, why was he such a mystery? Honestly, she could never figure him out.

"Well, I can't say that I don't enjoy getting all the attention from him, but lately it's kinda been annoying!" She thought aloud to herself. She pondered over this thought for a while. Shouldn't she be happy that Inuyasha is finally showing some sign of affection? But then, why does she feel like it's so wrong? Not to mention, his possessiveness was way over the top!

He even considered going to her time to kill Hojo when he overheard Kagome talking with Sango that she was asked on a date by him. And he was serious too!

Just when she was about to reach Kaede's hut, she was swept off of her feet and found herself on a nearby tree. She looked up to see who had carried her up there.


"Kagome, I have something I have to tell you."

End Chapter

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