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Summary: Sam, Brian and JD had been running from the freezing cold of the eye of the super cell. But, instead of them all making it back just fine, Sam breathes in the incredibly cold air, and gets very sick. Laura wakes up to see him dying, but awake, and they share their feelings while the others rest. Will Jack make it to them in time to save his son? PG-13 for mild language and tense scenes

CHAPTER 1: The Cold Takes Him


"Go, Brian, go! Shut the door as soon as we get in!" I ordered, dragging JD with me towards the room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the ice covering the floor right behind me, and I knew that if we didn't get in the room right then we never would. I shoved JD ahead, took a deep breath to lunge, and stumbled. Ice-cold air made my body lock up for a moment.

"Sam!" Brian cried, yanking me in the room as Claire started to shut the door. "Hey Sam, are you okay?" he questioned after watching me for a minute. I struggled to breathe, coldness filling my lungs, not allowing them to expand. I had taken a breath of the –150 degree air, and I knew that it would kill me sooner or later. Every beat of my heart sent knives to my chest.

"What's wrong? What happened, Sam?" The pain-filled voice belonged to JD, who was filling the syringe with the medication that would save Laura. Laura, I thought. I never told her how I felt. I should have listened to JD when he first told me that I should tell her.

"Cold…air…in my…lungs," I choked out, gasping between each word. The freezing pain became steady, and my breaths slowed slightly. I clenched my jaw and fought the bout of nausea that had overcome me.

"Oh no…uhhh…uhhh…c'mon, lets get you by the-" Brian's voice faded quickly as weakness took over and I passed out.


I faintly heard panicked voices, and felt a prick on my arm. Soon, my head started to clear, though my leg was throbbing.

"C'mon, Laura, please be okay. I don't wanna lose either of you," I heard Brian plead. My eyes fluttered open slowly, adjusting to the dark light. "Hey, welcome back. We bandaged up your leg, and you had blood poisoning. How are you feeling?"

"I feel dizzy, but better," I groaned. My voice was still a little hoarse. Looking around, I saw JD, Claire, and Sylvia standing around me with Brian, and the homeless man standing next to his dog. The brown-and-white mutt was laying close to something, though the man was standing in front of him and blocking my view. What was the thing on the ground? Glancing around again, I noticed that there was someone missing, and my heart skipped a beat. "Sam!"

I jumped to my feet, but regretted it an instant later, when my knees gave out. JD and Brian caught me, though Brian's grip was more firm, and normal, than JD's. I looked over to him, and saw the bandages wrapped around his ankle. Our eyes met, and he gave me a look that told me not to ask, just to relax.

"Laura, stay sitting, you're still trying to get over the blood poisoning. Take it easy please. There isn't anything you can do for him anyways," Brian insisted, pushing me back down. The homeless man stepped aside, and I saw Sam lying there, breathing lightly, and very pale. He looked like he was almost dead.

"What happened?!" I questioned sharply, my breaths shortening with shock and fear. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to him. He told me that I was the reason that he joined the team, but I never told him how much I care about him too, I thought. I never even realized it until we were up in that plane and the storm was getting really bad…

"Well…we had to run to the ship out there to get medicine for you, because if we didn't, you would die. And I don't think Sam would have let that happen…I think he would have gone out and frozen to death rather than watch you suffer…so we went out there. The eye of the storm came over us just as we got the medicine, so we had to race back here, but were delayed by a pack of wolves. Once we got back into the building, we had to make it back into the room and shut the door before we were safe. Sam was helping JD, who had been bitten by a wolf. He pushed JD in the room, and just barely made it in alive. But he took a breath of the super cold air, and now he's really sick. We don't know what else to do but have the dog and the fire keep him warm but it doesn't seem to be helping. I think that if his father doesn't make it here soon, Sam will…Sam'll…" Brian stopped, unable to say the one word that we all feared for each other.

"Oh, God…what are we going to do? We have to do something to help him!" I insisted. Brian sighed.

"What do you propose we do? The eye is still over us for the next few minutes, and everything that is outside is frozen solid. We only have what is in this room, Laura. We can't do anything for Sam anymore. Only a hospital can."

"No…there has to be another way to help him. There just has to be!" Tears came to my eyes quickly. There had to be some way to help him…there just had to be. If he wakes up…I have to tell him that I love him. He has to know.

"I'm so sorry, Laura. There is no other way. Look, we're all tired and need some sleep. Why don't we take turns watching over him, let someone know if something changes?" JD suggested. I nodded.

"I'll go first." The tone of my voice left no room for argument, and the others nodded, wrapping their coats around themselves and drifting into sleep. I stood slowly and moved towards Sam's still figure, and started to pet the dog subconsciously. Please, Sam, I can't lose you now. Fight it, stay with me, please.