She sat in the dining room of the Leaky Cauldron, waiting for him. She pushed her shoulder length dark hair behind her. Her hair was a mix between dark brown and black, no one could really tell for sure so they just called it dark. Her uniquely colored eyes scanned the area. They were a mix of light blue and green. She had only been here once and that was when she was one or two. The door slowly opened and in walked the man she was looking for, Remus Lupin.
"What are you doing here, Jade?" he asked as he walked to her table and sat down. She shrugged her shoulders. "I couldn't take it anymore, seeing my mom like that, and when I heard he was, you know, I came here. After I was settled in, I sent you a letter. You're the only person that I know in London."
Remus shook his head. "How did you end up in London anyway?" "Mom heard that dad had hit some bad times recently, so she decided to come here and see of he was okay." She took a deep breath. "Umm, I guess we were to late, huh?"
He nodded and put his head in his hands. "What are we gonna do with you Jade?" he asked slightly laughing.
"Believe me, my mom has been trying to figure that out for almost sixteen years," Jade laughed.
"I wrote Professor Dumbledore," Remus said quickly. "Remus!" she exclaimed slapping him lightly on the shoulder. "I said not to tell anyone, especially Professor Dumbledore."
"I had to, Jade," he said. "What was I supposed to do? An owl comes to me at midnight, waking me up, giving me a letter from you, telling me that your in London, something happened to your mom and you found out that your dad was dead. Jade, I had to write Albus, what else was I going to do?"
"Let me stay with you?" she asked smiling. "No," Remus said quickly. "Not with me. You're going to Hogwarts, were you can be safe."
She frowned. "Can't I be safe at your house?" Remus laughed. "I live at Number 12 Grimmauld Place."
Jade looked at him with a puzzled expression. "Number what?" "Number 12 Grimmauld Place, Jade. Where your father grew up."