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The rain was beginning to subside as the carriages stopped in front of the castle. Seamus, Neville, Harry, and Jade carefully stepped out and joined the mob of students heading into the castle through the double oak doors and into Entrance Hall. Harry and Jade were separated from Seamus and Neville as they made their way toward the Great Hall.
"What's going on now?" Jade whispered to Harry once they stopped in front of another large set of doors.
"We're waiting to go into the Great Hall," he said. "Dumbledore will give us a speech, he'll sort the First Years, and then we'll eat dinner. Then we'll be dismissed and go up to our dormitories and get ready for bed."
"Oh," Jade said slowly. A slight nervous feeling appeared in her stomach as some students were already giving her strange looks. She calmed herself remembering the bag of tricks in her trunk from Fred and George's shop.
The doors were suddenly opened and students began to file into the grand chamber. Jade was astonished at the ceiling, which didn't seem to be a ceiling at all, but the night sky. Harry led her over to the Gryffindor table to find Ron and Hermione already there.
"Hullo," Ron said smiling. "Have fun in the carriage?"

"Loads," Jade said smiling. "I met Seamus and Neville. They're really nice."
"I know," Hermione said smiling. "Except the fact that last year Seamus wasn't aloud to talk to Harry because of his supposed lies about the return of. . . .you know."
"Interesting," Jade said, as the noise level began to decrease due to Professor Dumbledore making his way to the end of the High Table.
"Excuse me students," he said, his voice booming. The students quieted down quickly and all eyes turned to him. "I'd like to welcome everyone to another year at Hogwarts .I would like to welcome a new addition to our Gryffindor Sixth Years, Jade Black. Jade please stand."
Whispers of the last name were heard as Jade stood up and smiled slightly. She had expected them though.
She sat back down in her seat and Dumbledore continued again, "Now without any further ado, the Sorting Ceremony shall begin!"
The doors suddenly and opened and the First Years walked in. Professor McGonagall placed a large hat on a three legged stole. Jade recognized the hat as the same one that had sorted her. The Sorting Hat song was sung and sorting began.
Jade thought the whole process was boring and rested her head in her upturned palm. After about fifteen kids had been sorted in Gryffindor, she slowly felt her eyes start to close again. She felt a kick from under the table and immediately jolted up. She looked across the table to Hermione who was giving her a 'what are you doing?' look. She just smiled slightly and placed her hand on her head again.
After about fifteen more minutes of the Sorting Ceremony, Dumbledore walked up to the podium again. He smiled slightly, "Let the feast begin."
Much to Jade's surprise, immense portions of food and drink appeared on the table. A smile escaped her lips as she watched the students around her grab as much as they could. She reached over and added some roast beef, roast potatoes, and some Yorkshire Pudding to her plate and some Pumpkin Juice into her goblet.
"Quite an eater!" Ron exclaimed from across the table, food falling out of his mouth.

Jade smiled. "What can I say? Big appetite!"
She dug into her food which turned out to be absolutely delicious. Jade, like most other people, had seconds and thirds.
After all had finished eating and the food had disappeared, Dumbledore again rose to the podium.
"Now that you are all full and wishing to go to your nice warm dormitories and get ready for a full day of classes tomorrow, I'd like to finish with the Start of Term Announcements. I'd like to start with the bad news, due to the fact that we couldn't find a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, the class has been canceled until further notice."
Many students booed and moans were heard from all over. "Yes, yes," Dumbledore continued. "I know it is a tragedy. But I am doing my best to find a suitable teacher. Now on a happier note, the first Hogsmede Trip is planned for the first weekend in October. See Mr. Filch for the sign-up sheet and more details. I'd also like th announce that there is Halloween Ball planned for the Sixth and Seventh Years."
Applause sounded from the Sixth and Seventh Years of all four tables. Everyone started talking at once while Dumbledore stood trying to calm them down.
"Quiet down," his voice boomed, sending a shiver up Jade's spine. "Now I do believe everyone knows that the Forbidden Forest is off limits to students." He shot a look toward Harry, Hermione, and Ron and special look towards Jade that meant 'don't try anything'. "With those announcements said, the Prefects will escort each house up to their dormitories. Good night!"
With that the Prefects stood up and lead their houses out of the Great Hall. Jade could hear Hermione's voice from the back of the group of Gryffindors. She was telling them which ways to go.
"Are you Jade?" asked a voice to her left. Jade turned at face a tall black boy. He had dark curly hair and a friendly smile.

"Yeah," she said slowly.
"Well hello," the boy said. "I'm Dean Thomas." He extended his hand which Jade graciously excepted.
"I'm Jade, as you know," she said smiling slightly.

"Sorry I couldn't meet you in the carriage. Seamus told me he met you there."
"Yes he did," she replied. She looked ahead to see Harry waiting for her. "Well we should be going, don't wanna get left behind."
Dean shook his head and the two ran ahead to catch up with the group.

Once the group reached the entrance to the Gryffindor Tower on the Seventh Floor, they waited while Hermione said the password to the Portrait of the Fat Lady, which was Cauldron Cakes. Jade followed Dean and Harry into the Common Room. Jade was astonished on how big the Common Room alone was. There was about a dozen squashy arm chairs surrounding a large fire place. Some tables were placed here and there. There was also an empty bulletin board that she guessed would be filled by the next weekend.
"So what's your first impression of Hogwarts?" Hermione asked, practically appearing out of nowhere.
"Brilliant," Jade said smiling. "Purely brilliant."