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By the time that the day came to get their schoolbooks Ron's knee and arm were better and the limp was barely noticeable. Hermione hadn't stop apologizing every chance that she got when Ron's injuries had hindered him in a noticeable way. When a pitcher of pumpkin juice had slipped out of his hand and crashed to the floor, shattering pieces everywhere, Hermione hadn't scolded him. Instead she had simply repaired the pitcher with her wand and then sat back down as if nothing had happened. Ron and Hermione had only a few more nights together since that first day, and so far they had been able to keep their affairs secret. Harry had almost stumbled across them a few times but surprisingly Ginny had helped them out there. Of course she hadn't helped them out with the knowledge of what she was doing, merely that the times that she needed him just happened to fit in with Ron and Hermione's rendezvous'. There was several times that Mrs. Weasley or Ginny almost walked in on them but each time they had managed to spring apart and assume a studying appearance just in the nick of time. Keeping it a secret from Hermione Ron had written a few letters to Fleur but had gotten no response. Before she had left they had talked about their relationship and agreed that it was over once she left the Burrow. Though in truth Fleur had hoped that the break between them would only turn out to be a temporary one.

"Do you think that we'll be prefects again," Ron asked softly with a nervous half smile on his face as he sat down next to Hermione under one of the large trees next to the Burrow.

"I don't see why not, we did well enough last year that I don't know why Dumbledore would appoint anyone else," Hermione replied with a thoughtful pout on her face as she tried to both reassure Ron and herself that they would be prefects again.

"Well this years going to be different right," Ron asked with a still nervous frown on his face as he began to look like he was very worried about something, and it bothered Hermione to see him like this already.

"Meaning," Hermione asked with a worried look on her face and tone to her voice as she sat up a bit more and turned her head to look him straight in the face.

"Meaning that ole you know who isn't going to wait around forever, certainly not till Harry's finished his schooling and is ready for him, he's to smart for that, he'll attack when we least expect it," Ron answered with a very serious and almost impatient frown on his face as he nervously wrung his hands and stared out across the meadow.

"What does that have to do with us being prefects Ron," Hermione asked with a confused look on her face as she scooted a bit closer to him and laid her hand on his arm.

"If you and I are going with Harry…Merlin knows where…we can't exactly be effective prefects right," Ron stated back with a serious look on his face as he slid his fingers underneath the bottom edge of Hermione's shirt and lightly tickled her stomach, getting a soft chuckle out of her for his efforts.

"Which is more important Ron, we help Harry prepare for his battle with Voldemort or we're prefects again," Hermione asked softly with a quick tone to her voice as she was desperately trying not to think about Ron's hands going any further down her body than they actually were. While it was true that a large part of her wanted Ron's hands to move lower her rational mind knew that it couldn't happen, at least not until Harry and the others went to Diagon Alley to pick up their things for school. With the recent rash of attacks on muggles and other witches and wizards by death eaters Dumbledore had obliged them to only go out in pairs, and only when it was absolutely necessary. So Ginny and Harry had agreed to go first, though Hermione had guessed that Ginny had an ulterior motive with how quickly and eagerly she had agreed to go with Harry.

"Of course…helping Harry, I thought that you'd be the one that would need to be a prefect," Ron shot back with a slightly surprised expression on his face as he pulled his hands back out from under the edge of her shirt. She couldn't help but let out an unhappy groan before answering.

"I'm not saying that I don't want to be a prefect Ron, it's just that I'm not sure if we're going to be able to do both, we don't always get what we want," Hermione sadly answered as she shifted a bit in Ron's arms, further resting her head back on his shoulder.

"It's worked so far Mione," Ron softly cooed back into Hermione's ear with a playful snicker before he began to ever so gently trail a line of kisses from her exposed collarbone, due to the fact that she was wearing one of Ron's shirts where he had stretched out the neck, up towards her ear. Hermione bit down hard on her lip and hoped that it wouldn't start to bleed. It was all that Hermione could do to remain quiet and not make a noise that would either alert anyone else or give Ron the impression that she liked it and wanted him to continue. Her dirty little secret was that she did indeed want him to continue but the last time that she had gone to the top of the hill to look back towards the burrow everyone was still there.

"We…can't Ron…not until after Harry and Ginny leave for Diagon Alley," Hermione forced herself to say with an impatient and somber pout on her face as she finally got the strength to get her lips to work right.

"But," Ron began to protest with a hurt edge to his face as she stopped kissing her before she turned in his arms and placed a finger over his lips.

"We have to both be on the same page if we're going to help Harry fight Voldemort right, good, now whether or not we're prefects again is out of our control but I'm guessing that we both will be, so stop worrying about it so much, now don't give me that look Ronald Weasley, I know what you're thinking about, I want it just as badly as you do, but we can't do anything until," Hermione said back softly with a very honest and calm look on her face before Ron started to droop his head and give her a hurt look. She was just about to finish up her speech to him when he brushed her finger aside and pulled her into a kiss that drained all of her resolve. Neither noticed when Tonks came to tell them that Harry and Ginny were leaving. Smiling softly to herself after getting just enough of an eyeful of the two lovers to know that they weren't in the mood for talking Tonks turned on her heel and started back towards the burrow, humming a chipper tune to herself and smiling ear to ear.


"Do you think anyone saw us," Ron asked with a nervous look on his face, with the sun setting in the distance, as he and Hermione hurriedly pulled their clothes back on and tried to make themselves look presentable.

"We'd better hope not, if your mother saw us we wouldn't live long enough to graduate from Hogwarts," Hermione replied with a cold shudder as she passively thought of Mrs. Weasley's reaction had she caught them.

"It's not her that I'm worried about…it's Fred and George, if they saw us we'd never hear the bloody end of it, they'd torture us with it, making sure to keep her out of the loop," Ron sadly pouted back as he quickly picked his shirt up off of the ground and pulled it back on, at first getting it backwards causing Hermione to laugh a little at him, before he realized it and turned it around. Hermione couldn't help but groan openly a small bit as she realized that Ron was right about his twin brothers. Once they got stuck on something to use to ride someone about it was nearly impossible to get them to stop it. Hermione had learned quickly to not give them anything with which to use.

"Don't worry, after tomorrow we'll be back at Hogwarts and Fred and George will be far away and out of our hair," Hermione said with a somewhat relieved half smile on her face as she straightened out her skirt and tried to make it look as if Ron hadn't nearly ripped it off of her.

"Let's hope so, if they catch wind of this it'll be all over the school faster than a snitch, and if that happens then I can kiss being head girl goodbye," Hermione pouted back with a nervous sigh as she tucked her shirt in as the two started to make their way up the hill towards the burrow.

"You'll always be my head girl," Ron said back with a sly and slightly dopey grin on his face before Hermione rolled her eyes and slugged him on the shoulder, but couldn't help but smile sweetly when he whirled back around to face her, a curious look on his face.

"Come off it Ron, I'm being serious here," Hermione finally added with a worried and nervous look on her face as she sped up a bit, grabbed him by the arm and started to pull if not drag him towards the burrow.

"So was I, there'll never be anyone else for me but you," Ron countered with a sincere look of honesty on his face as he stopped her from walking and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

"But what about Fleur, what if she comes back and wants you back," Hermione asked with a visibly scared look on her face as she spoke the name of the one woman, the only woman, that she thought had a chance of stealing Ron away from her. Since Fleur's departure from the burrow her name had rarely come up, mostly only to answer Harry's questions about what had happened between her and Bill. Ron always denied that he had any idea why the two had so suddenly split up after everything had appeared to be going to so well. In truth she had finally told him that last morning that they lay together in bed, but he had sworn to her that he would never reveal it, and Ron was adamant about keeping his promises.

"I'll tell her that I'm sorry but I already have the one for me and that I hope that she is lucky enough to find someone like that for her," Ron whispered back softly to Hermione as he leaned down towards her before he captured her lips with his.



She couldn't believe it, the test had to be wrong. She had been of more than a few minds of whether or not to even use the muggle way. But using any means of magic would be alerting her mother and others to the fact that things between her and Ron had gone much further than anyone could have guessed. She had sneaked out early that morning and apparated to the nearest muggle drug store. Being patient she had picked up the product and remembered to keep her gold in her pockets and pay with the muggle money that she had picked up along the way, hoping that it was still good. She had been forced to wait until after dinner that night before she had been able to take the test. A tear escaped her eye as more than what the test said she knew it in her heart. She was pregnant.


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