Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters form Case Closed/Detective Conan and I am borrowing them without permission.

Shinhichi pulled off his glasses with a sigh. It hurt to watch another life destroyed by the Black Organization, no matter that the small boy just beginning to wake was a wanted criminal. No matter that observing the transformation had brought Ai much closer to a cure for all of them. It still hurt to be reminded of all that had been taken from him when he became Conan, perhaps the worst part was being reminded that until the Black Organization was stopped more lives would be destroyed, innocent and not so innocent alike.
The child began to stir, finally awake. Shinichi watched as he struggled free of the folds of the white cape and suit puddled around him. He smirked as he realized how ironic the situation really was, to protect himself and everyone he cared about he would help a thief hide. Putting his glasses back on he leaned forward offering his hand to the confused and frightened boy.
"Welcome to my world Kid"

If you aren't familiar with the Japanese names Shinichi is Jimmy Kudo, Ran Mouri is Rachel Moore, Kogoro is Richard, and Heiji is Harley. I used the Japanese names because it's the first way I heard most of them and because I have no idea what the English names for Kaito, Aoko, Ai, and other characters will be.