The Youkai and the Exterminator

Chapter One

Sesshomaru stalked through the forest, irritation fairly radiating from his body. He was absolutely furious, but careful not to let a hint of his inner turmoil touch his face. It was insufferable that he, Sesshomaru, should be in the debt of a human.

He had attacked Naraku's stronghold that morning after having tracked the elusive creature to his lair. Sesshomaru refused to call that thing a youkai. To him it was no more than a disgusting abomination, something to eradicate in the name of demonic decency. Normally Sesshomaru would not trouble himself over such a pathetic excuse for a monster, but Naraku had annoyed him with his petty machinations.

Reason enough for the youkai lord to hunt the monster down and slaughter him personally.

His sharp ears detected a hesitant step behind him and a familiar smell wafted towards his nose. Jaken. Fear was all over his toad-like servant and no wonder; it was due to Jaken's continuing ineptitude that he was now in such an unenviable position of owing anything to a lowly human, and a female at that. If the repulsive little imp knew what was good for him, he would avoid his master for a few days.

Sesshomaru had left Jaken to watch over Rin while he moved against Naraku. It was really all the fool was good for as his cowardice in battle was an embarrassment. Jaken often dared to grumble about his position as babysitter, but the truth was that Sesshomaru didn't have a better option. Usually he could count on the child to obey his orders to the letter and she enjoyed amusing herself with Jaken. He had felt secure leaving her in the care of his loyal retainer; as much as he despised his role as caretaker Jaken would never dare allow harm to come to Rin.

Therefore, it was with a misplaced confidence that he had left the two of them that morning. Naraku's current stronghold was located at the base of a rocky cliff; the foul monster's poisonous miasma lingered over desolate valley he had chosen for his hiding place. Sesshomaru had no concern for the corrosive nature of Naraku's poison; it would hardly affect him, a daiyoukai of impeccable bloodline and power. He had left Jaken and Rin safely on the edge of the cliff, instructed to wait there until their lord was finished with his business of destroying his enemy.

Sesshomaru let the ghost of a snarl cross his perfect features. Nothing ever seemed to go as smoothly as he planned. Just as he had been about to take Naraku completely by surprise and put an end to his filthy existence, his despised half-brother had decided to show up and make a nuisance of himself.

That fool, he thought angrily. Once again, Inuyasha and his bumbling companions had ruined the carefully planned execution of his strategy.

Sesshomaru swore to himself, chewing on his anger at his brother's stupidity. The damn idiot charged in, screaming his head off as usual, swinging the Tessaiga around like a club instead of the mystical and powerful weapon it truly was.

Sesshomaru wasn't quite as bitter over the sword anymore; he had to admit that Toukijin suited him well. The sword's intrinsically vicious nature made it an excellent tool for his purposes. He looked forward to the irony of beheading Naraku with the forged remains of his own previous incarnation.

You would think that even Inuyasha would have realized by now that the only way to destroy Naraku was to take him by surprise. Sesshomaru nursed his annoyance at his hanyou brother. Naraku, foul lowlife abomination that he was, was still quite clever.

Clever enough to ensure that he had an escape plan anyway. Almost as soon as Inuyasha had begun his assault on Naraku's keep, the miasma had increased to a stifling intensity and the building itself began to dissolve and float away like corrupt blossoms on the wind.

Cursing his luck, Sesshomaru had chosen to withdraw from the area, his plan in ruins and his desire for blood again thwarted. He had paused to consider the likelihood of engaging Inuyasha in battle to work off some of his frustration, instead choosing to leave as the idea of suffering his half-brother's company even long enough to beat some sense into him truly repelled him.

That was when it had happened. Furious at Naraku's escape, Inuyasha had let loose with one of Tessaiga's more dramatic attacks and tried to stop the fleeing monster. If asked, Sesshomaru would have advised against unleashing a Kaze no Kizu in an enclosed, unstable valley weakened by corrosive vapors. The ground trembled violently under Inuyasha's blow, shaking the rocky precipices surrounding the valley and initiating a truly impressive avalanche of stone and debris to rain down to squash his brother and the weak human bodies of his companions.

Sesshomaru was unconcerned with trivial matters like rockslides and simply held up Toukijin to ward off the annoyance of several tons of rock falling on his head. He was mildly interested in how his brother would manage to preserve the lives of his friends under such an onslaught. Across the valley, he noted that someone, most likely the monk, had thrown up a barrier against the falling stone. Sesshomaru snorted in amusement; once again, a human from the consequences of his own stupidity rescued his brother. He himself might prefer death in such a situation.

A faint, high scream of terror suddenly pierced the air around them even as the dust began to settle. Sesshomaru glanced upward to see a tiny form falling through the sky, tumbling helplessly as the cliff wall slid into nonexistence.


His mouth tightened in anger as he watched the child fall to her death. He was unable to extract himself from the rock in time to prevent it. He would not be able to restore her broken body to life once again, even if this was nothing but a simple fall. Naraku's miasma hung thickly in the air, if that foul substance claimed her, there would not be enough left of Rin to resurrect.

Cursing angrily, the demon lord summoned a surge of power from Toukijin's blade, sending stone flying as he fought to free himself in time to save the girl, knowing already that it was useless. She was gone, her body dissolving in the sickening miasma.

As he pulled free of the rubble, a blur of motion caught his attention. A lithe white form shot through the poisonous aura towards where Rin had fallen and plunged in after the girl. Moments later, the cat-youkai emerged from the miasma, her rider holding tight to Rin's unconscious form as they struggled to gain altitude and escape Naraku's deadly vapors. Sesshomaru flung himself into the air in pursuit as the cat demon headed for the top of the cliff.


Kirara touched down lightly, her graceful paws whispering over the soft grass. Sango dropped her legs over the cat's side, still holding the little girl. She'd made a lucky, damn lucky, catch when she had caught the child just moments before she would have hit the rocky ground.

Sango only hoped she'd been fast enough, she had no idea what the brief exposure to the fumes would have done the little girl. Rin's face was pale, but she seemed to be breathing normally enough. For a moment, she wondered if she and Kagome could possibly concoct an antidote to Naraku's poison. It was worth a try.

"Release her," an icy voice ordered. Sango whirled around, her free hand automatically going for her sword. Inuyasha's brother was approaching her, a menacing expression on his face. This little girl must be the same one that they had seen traveling with the demon. The same one her own little brother had almost murdered on Naraku's orders. Sesshomaru had spared Kohaku's life that day.

Sango's lip curled in contempt as she regarded the youkai lord. According to Inuyasha, Sesshomaru had only spared Kohaku because he'd lost interest in killing someone who couldn't feel pain or fear due to Naraku's manipulation.

"Why would a demon care what happens to a human girl?" Sango demanded, her arms tightening protectively around the child. "What is she to you?"

He regarded the young woman impassively. "I said, release the girl, exterminator. I will not spare you if you do not obey."

Sango stared at him, knowing she was certainly no match for a youkai of Sesshomaru's level. She shook back her hair and glared at him with all the hatred she could muster.

"You don't order me, demon."

He was on her so fast that Sango only saw a blur. Sharp claws suddenly touched her throat. "Do you presume to challenge me, human? This child is under my protection and I will not ask you again. Comply or I shall destroy you."

Sango met his threatening golden eyes and refused to let her face show him any fear. Deliberately, she let the little girl slide to the ground and Sesshomaru allowed her to back away. Kirara growled angrily and Sango quickly put her hand on the cat's head to quiet her. She threw her leg over the Kirara's back and buried her hands in the soft white fur to stop them from trembling.

"Under your protection? Is that what you say about all your slaves? That child belongs with her own kind, humans. She's not a toy for your amusement!"

Sesshomaru made no move to touch Rin. "Ignorant woman, you understand nothing about youkai. By your choice, I should abandon her in some hovel of a village, to live like an animal in squalor and filth. Her fate is no concern of yours. Go, before I change my mind and forget that I'm feeling merciful."

Sango nudged Kirara and the cat sprang into the air, soaring over the side of the cliff. "You could have at least thanked me!" she shouted over her shoulder.

He stared after her and a slight frown crossed his face. A measly human and I, Sesshomaru, should thank her?

It was all Jaken's fault, he decided. If the fool had kept Rin safe, protected her as was his duty, she never would have been close enough to the edge of that cliff to fall. She never should have been in danger at all, let alone rescued by the hands of that exterminator while he himself was helpless to protect his charge. The arrogance the woman appalled him. Thank her!

He stopped suddenly. "Jaken?"

The toad hurried forward, eager to redeem himself. "Yes, my lord?"

Sesshomaru flicked his fingers over his shoulder and sent a sharp strike of youki at Jaken without looking back. He heard a sizzle and a painful yelp from his servant.

"Thank her," he muttered again. It was unacceptable that he should be in the debt of that creature, that human. He must find a way to erase this obligation.


It was early evening and Sango knelt next to a clear running stream. The exterminator washed her hands carefully and then splashed the icy water on her face. As soon as they could find a hot spring, she was going to take a bath. The stench of miasma clung to her hair and the smell made her sick.

Kagome smiled at her, passing her friend a piece of soap and a towel. "You did the right thing, Sango. Even if Sesshomaru didn't appreciate it, you couldn't just let that little girl die."

"I know," Sango murmured. The youkai's cold arrogance still chafed at her, she didn't expect thanks exactly, but he'd treated her as if she was an insect that wasn't worthy of his notice. She wondered again about the little girl, what was she to Sesshomaru? Was she his slave, perhaps? Some kind of servant?

Shuddering, she hoped to hell that it wasn't something more sinister. Some demons were absolute monsters and she didn't want to think of a helpless little girl kept for some dark and twisted amusement of a youkai.

She had been curious about Inuyasha's older brother since the first time she'd seen him. They were so different and so similar at the same time. As a demon exterminator, Sango was professionally interested in the different variations of youkai. Inuyasha was the first inuyoukai that she'd ever met. Her father had told her long ago that the Western dog demons were vicious, belligerent and extremely territorial.

Sango grinned, that certainly applied to Inuyasha when he was in a temper. It still surprised her that Kagome was able to inspire feelings of protectiveness, let alone compassion, in the acerbic hanyou.

Still reflecting on this, the exterminator walked back to the campsite. Ahead of her, she could hear Kagome's cheery voice talking to Shippou. Her friend was protective of the kitsune and Inuyasha was protective of Kagome. Could it be that Sesshomaru felt something similar for the mysterious little girl? He said that she was under his protection, not that she was his property, which would have been more comprehensible coming from a demon that regarded humans as mere vermin. She would probably never know the truth, but either way she hoped the child was safe.

Miroku was stirring something in a pot over the fire and Sango sniffed the air hopefully. The monk was actually the best cook of the group and she looked forward to his creations. He grinned as she approached him.

"I'm not so sure about this one," he told her. "I didn't have much to work with."

"It smells wonderful, houshi-sama," she said.

His eyes twinkled mischievously. "I practice constantly. No woman can resist a man that cooks for her."

Sango blushed as she grinned back at him. He was always such a flirt. "We'll see if your stew is up to standard, I'd hate for you to put in all that practice for nothing."

His laugh rang out in appreciation. "So would I, dear Sango. I guess tonight it will have to stand on its own merit." She smiled and started to reply when a cold wind suddenly blasted through the small glade where they had made their camp.

Inuyasha dropped to the ground from the tree branch that he was sitting on and scowled. "Shit, not him again!"

Kagome stood up also, holding Shippou tight against her chest. "What is it, Inuyasha? Is something coming?"

He didn't answer her, but pulled the Tessaiga from its sheath. Sango immediately grabbed Hiraikotsu from where she'd left it leaning against a tree.

"Are we being attacked?" she asked.

"If you were, you'd never see it coming," a voice said from the darkness. Sesshomaru allowed the humans to see him now, his brother had sensed his presence only moments before and now he stood looked over the small group with cool disdain.

"What the hell do you want?" Inuyasha growled menacingly. When Sango had told him that his brother was in the area, it had been just a matter of time before he made his intentions known. The hanyou was still spoiling for a fight after Naraku giving them the slip once again.

Sesshomaru raised his eyebrows at his brother's belligerent stance. "I want nothing from you, half breed. I have come bearing a gift."

The demon lord turned and seized something from the dark forest behind him. He held a struggling young man by the back of his hair, his feet dangling several inches above the ground.

"Kohaku!" Sango shouted, leaping forward at the sight of her brother. Miroku's swift hands stopped her before she could throw herself at the youkai.

"Let him go, Sesshomaru!" the monk demanded.

Sesshomaru gave them an impassive stare. "I was correct, this human is your brother, is he not, exterminator? He has been unwilling to answer my questions."

Kohaku had ceased his useless struggles, hanging like a limp doll from the demon lord's hand. His eyes were utterly blank and Sango felt her chest constrict with pain.

"Please don't hurt him," she whispered helplessly.

The youkai waited for a moment and looked over their angry faces. "You," he said, fixing Kagome with his cold, glittering eyes. "You can see jewel shards."

Kagome looked nervously back at Inuyasha before answering. "Yes, I can see them."

Sesshomaru nodded at her. "Come here."

Inuyasha hissed in anger. "Sesshomaru, if you want a fight you leave them out of this. I'm your only opponent here."

"Stupid whelp," his brother snapped. "I said I want nothing from you today. Human, come forward or I will slice this boy apart slowly so that you have time to enjoy his last moments."

Sango made an inarticulate sound and tried to fling herself at Sesshomaru, but Miroku still held her tightly. "You bastard, leave him alone!"

"Keep that exterminator back, monk," Sesshomaru said coldly, threats hidden in his voice. "It seems as if good sense has left her."

Miroku didn't answer him, but looked at Kagome instead. She nodded and stepped forward, ignoring Inuyasha's angry snarl. Kagome faced Sesshomaru resolutely. "What do you want?"

He turned the boy in his grasp. "This boy has a jewel shard in his back. Show me where."


His face was icy with contempt. "I do not explain myself to humans."

She hesitated and then stepped closer, her finger shaking as she indicated a point on Kohaku's back. "Here, an inch or two inside him. Sesshomaru, what do you mean to..."

Kagome gasped as the demon suddenly dropped the boy's body, his hand moving swift and deadly towards where she was pointing. His claws flashed as they stabbed into Kohaku's unresisting flesh and fresh blood splattered when his fingers tore a gaping wound in the boy's back. Kohaku slumped where he'd fallen and his eyes closed as life drained out of him. Sango stood horrified, watching as her little brother died again right in front of her.

"No!" she sobbed, fighting Miroku's hold again.

Sesshomaru opened his hand and looked at the bloody mess he'd pulled out of the boy's body. A small glimmering piece of jewel lay in his palm. It was incidental; he had no interest in the Shikon no Tama. For a daiyoukai, the jewel was worthless, as he had no need to call upon its cursed powers.

"Here," he said, gesturing to Kagome. "I have no need of such a pathetic trinket." The girl reached to take the shard from his palm, her fingers shaking. It flared brightly when she touched it, Naraku's evil instantly overcome by her purification.

"You bastard," Miroku said hoarsely. "You knew Kohaku would die if you took that shard out of him."

Inuyasha was staring at his brother, a strange expression on his face. He slipped the Tessaiga back into its sheath and folded his arms to wait. Sango's sobbing filled the air around them and Kagome hurried to embrace her friend. She glared at the hanyou.

"Aren't you going to do anything? He just murdered Kohaku!"

"I know," Inuyasha said, his eyes never leaving his brother. "I think I know what you're doing, Sesshomaru, but I don't get why."

"That's more perceptive of you than I've come to expect," Sesshomaru said dryly. He ignored the humans, staring down at the dead boy who lay crumpled on the ground before him. He slipped the Tenseiga from its sheath, his eyes narrowing as he looked for the messengers of the afterlife and the breach between the worlds that only his sword could sever.

The blade flashed down, energy flowed from its surface. The katana could only cut death, never deal it, never would it taste blood or flesh. Sesshomaru watched, fascinated as always by the way the blade seemed to blur and fade, becoming solid again as he completed his stroke. Energy pulsed from Kohaku's still form and suddenly the boy gasped.

Sango cried out, throwing off Miroku and Kagome's hands as she ran to her brother's side. Kohaku turned his face towards her. "Sister?" he asked, looking around him in confusion.

"Kohaku," she sobbed, throwing her arms around the boy. He looked at her dumbly. Her hands stroked his face tenderly. "You know me, don't you? You recognize my face."

"You're my sister," he answered.

She held him tightly, crushing him against her chest. "Yes," she whispered, her voice breaking. "I'm your sister. I'm never going to let you leave me again, Kohaku. Not ever."

His arms went around her back and Kohaku relaxed into Sango's embrace, the nightmares were finally over. His memory restored, Kohaku knew he'd done terrible things. He also knew he was free of Naraku, he wasn't sure how, but he'd never be forced to hurt his sister again. He could learn to deal with what he'd done as long as Sango was with him.


Sango lay awake long after the others had drifted off to sleep. She couldn't rest, didn't dare close her eyes. She was terrified that if she allowed herself to sleep, she'd wake in the morning and find it had all been just a dream. Kohaku.

Her fingers strayed out to touch her brother's sleeping face. Kohaku twitched, but he didn't wake. He was exhausted; the fatigue in his eyes was heartbreaking to see. Sango sighed, rolling onto her back to stare up at the sky.

Why did he do it?

She had her brother back. Just the thought made her heart leap inside her with joy and filled her body with thrills of happiness. Her brother. Sango had resigned herself to Kohaku's enslavement to Naraku, knowing the alternative was for her to end the boy's life. She didn't have the strength to go on living if she had to do that. Now he was free, free of the evil manipulation, free of a false life bought with a tainted Shikon jewel. She was resolved as ever to destroy Naraku, for her family, for Miroku, for everything the heartless monster had done.

Sesshomaru had disappeared without a word, leaving her and the others stunned by his actions. Inuyasha confessed he had no idea why his brother had gone to such trouble. Kohaku meant nothing to the demon lord, even as a servant of Naraku he was barely of interest to Sesshomaru. She honestly couldn't understand it.

Was it the little girl? Had she asked Sesshomaru to save Kohaku?

Sango tried to consider the possibility and couldn't see it. The child couldn't possibly have initiated such an action from her unusual guardian. Sango wanted to know where he'd found her, why he was so protective of the girl. She tried to find a more comfortable position, willing her body to rest even if her mind couldn't. It was no use.

The exterminator slipped quietly out of her bedding, trying not to awaken her friends. She found her footwear and carefully made her way to the edge of the forest, glancing back at the campsite as she moved away. Kirara gave her a questioning look and she stroked the cat-youkai's soft ears.

"Protect him," she instructed, looking at her brother's sleeping body. Kirara settled down to watch her withdraw into the darkness.

She understood that Naraku would be enraged at losing his slave. Most likely, they could expect an increase in attacks, as the foul monster would undoubtedly want to find Kohaku and punish him for escaping. Would he also try to punish Sesshomaru? She knew the evil demon coveted the youkai lord's power. It seemed like the only youkai that were strong enough to resist Naraku's influence were Inuyasha and his brother.

Still, it nagged at the exterminator. She needed to know why Sesshomaru had done this; there was no way she could rest until she understood. Maybe just to annoy Naraku? Maybe because she had saved Rin's life? Was it just the sheer perversity of a youkai mind, the nature of a creature who was deliberate and cruel one moment and then merciful the next? All with an otherworldly elegance and disdain that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up and her blood race. Human reaction to the presence of daiyoukai, she should have been trained to resist it.

"I just need to know why," she said aloud, covering her face with her hands and trying physically to wipe away the confusion.

"Are you looking for me?" His voice startled her, its chill emotionless tone sent shivers down her spine. Sesshomaru had appeared before her, his imperious expression fixed firmly in place.

Sango gulped and remembered to breathe. "I'm, well, yes. I suppose I was looking for you."

He raised an eyebrow, his eyes glowing faintly in the near darkness. "Why?"

Sango tried to keep the nervousness out of her voice. "I wanted a chance to thank you. For Kohaku."

Sesshomaru looked away. "Unnecessary."

She stared at him. "No, it's necessary to me. I don't know how to tell you how much your kindness means..."

"Kindness?" he hissed, his voice like a lash. "Do not attribute such a pathetic emotion to me. You forget your place, human."

She felt her cheeks start to burn. "I didn't mean to offend you, Sesshomaru-sama." His face relaxed a tiny bit at her polite use of honorifics. The exterminator looked down at the ground, her hands clasped in front of her. "I don't understand why you've done this, but I am very grateful just the same."

Sesshomaru made a small, annoyed sound deep in his throat. "Your gratitude is meaningless to me." Could it be that she did not realize she had placed him in her debt with her rescue of Rin? Incomprehensible, he truly did not understand the way humans thought. If a youkai had taken such action on his behalf, they would expect a reward for such loyalty. Sesshomaru was used to having his approval courted by those who wanted his favor.

The girl looked quite depressed that he was refusing to accept her thankfulness. He couldn't understand why, it was beneath him to consider the human emotions involved. He had simply found a suitable way to fulfill his obligation. Her expression of gratitude was neither welcome nor needed.

Sango didn't know what to say. Her brother was alive and free; she thought her heart might burst from the knowledge. She had a visceral need to make the demon understand what he had done, how he had given her such a gift. A perfect youkai like Sesshomaru didn't feel kindness or compassion; he certainly didn't feel love for his brother, not as she felt for hers. Sango resolved herself, wondering again what her family would think if they were alive to see her now.

"All my life I've been trained to fight demons," she told him quietly. A tiny frown furrowed his unearthly, beautiful face. "I was brought up to kill, to defend humans against the cruelty of youkai. Now you've given me back the life of my brother and won't accept my gratitude for your actions."

The girl dropped to her knees and bowed before the youkai lord. "If you will not accept my gratitude, please accept my service. I am unworthy, but it is all I have to offer."

Sesshomaru stared at her. The very last thing he wanted was yet another human following him around. "Get up," he said harshly, reaching down to yank her to her feet. He stared into the girl's soft eyes to make her understand he was serious. "I do not need another servant. I especially do not want or need a human for anything."

She dropped her gaze. "I am ashamed I have nothing else," she said quietly. "My family is dead, all killed by Naraku except for my brother. Instead he was enslaved; you can't understand what you've done for me."

"I did not do it out of sympathy," he said quietly. "It was a debt to be repaid."

She knelt again, his hand sliding along the length of her arm. "I know that."

This was getting embarrassing. The exterminator looked up at him, her expression soft and yielding. The pleasant scent of her invaded his nose and Sesshomaru suddenly found himself very aware that she was female and wished he'd never spoken to her. First, he had a human child for a dependant and now he was feeling attraction for a human woman. His father would be rolling with laughter at his situation.

Sango's felt her pulse start to race, a sense of panic that wasn't entirely unpleasant. Something had shifted between them and she didn't know what to do. His hand still held hers in a tight grip. She swallowed hard and bent her head in a submissive fashion. It was unfamiliar territory and she felt her body trembling with his nearness. "I told you, I don't have anything else."

"Are you offering yourself to me, exterminator?"

He released his grip on her hand and lifted her chin, dropping to one knee so he could stare into her eyes. Sango felt her heart skip a beat at his unreadable expression. His voice was soft and cool. "I don't think you understand what you're doing."

Sango raised her hand to his and pressed his palm against her cheek. "I understand enough. Send me away and I'll go. Whatever you ask, I'll do."

He growled low in his chest, her submissiveness was intoxicating; he could tell from her scent that she meant what she said. His fingers curled around the back of her neck and he pulled her closer with a possessive grip.

Sesshomaru had never had even a passing interest in human females. Until this moment, he had always expressed contempt for his father's appetites, particularly the ones that had led him to taint the bloodline with the birth of his brother. As a daiyoukai and lord over his people, he was accustomed to having his pick of the most desirable youkai females.

It became an annoyance even, the persistency of his suitors. He held himself aloof from his lovers; only a few close cousins had ever breached the walls the youkai lord kept around himself. Sesshomaru learned early to never drop his guard and never allow himself to become vulnerable. It was the nature of youkai to exploit weakness when only dominance and self-preservation mattered.

The girl was intriguing though. He'd never taken a human before and had to confess a bit of curiosity. To have this one, a demon exterminator no less, offer herself so freely was a temptation he was unprepared to resist.

"Very well," he said finally, his eyes glowing fiercely. "But only because I choose this."

Sango smiled, she felt giddy somehow. "Yes, Sesshomaru-sama. I agree."

He wondered for a moment if she had manipulated him into this seduction. "I don't like humans."

"I hate demons," she answered, her hands wandering up to his face.

He smiled suddenly, fangs glinting in the near darkness. "As long as we now understand each other," he said and pulled her into his embrace.

Sango felt quite dizzy, in the back of her mind she heard her father's voice telling her that women who submitted to youkai males betrayed their own race, how youkai would use and cruelly discard their human mates. It was the callous nature of the creatures to mimic human emotions, make promises and demands.

Father, please don't hate me, she thought. The demon's eyes were molten gold. I want him.

Sesshomaru bent his head and brushed her lips with his own, aware of how the girl's heart was pounding. She gasped at the light kiss and eagerly pressed her body against his. Sesshomaru was amused at her intense reaction to such a light touch. Therefore, he was determined to tease her mercilessly.

He traced Sango's lips with his finger, watching her face intently. She met his gaze with a smile of her own and started to run her hands over his chest and neck, savoring the smooth taut skin under his clothing. Sesshomaru reached up to discard the armor and let the spiked metal fall away. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of the human hands that were exploring him. His arm snaked around behind her head and buried itself in her hair as he bent his head to kiss her neck.

Sango felt herself go weak and draped herself against the youkai, willing him to continue tasting her skin. Delicious sensations coursed through her body and she buried her face in the softness of his long white hair. He smelled wonderful, nothing dirty or foul like so many youkai she had encountered, only a clean, masculine scent and the faintest hint of spice. His mouth came up to capture hers and Sango felt herself dissolve under the pressure of his tongue between her lips.

Sesshomaru was enjoying the taste of his human, her reactions were quite gratifying and he suddenly understood how his father could be attracted to such creatures. There was something honest and uncomplicated about her body's reaction to his. No court plots or deceptions would he find here, only the now, only the feel of her hips pressing urgently against him. Sesshomaru smiled into her throat, his tongue hovering over the racing of her pulse.

He pressed her back suddenly and looked into her eyes. His hand on her shoulder guided her and she looked up at him with a shy uncertainty.

No, not that, he thought, grinning a little foolishly at her assumption.

He pulled her close instead, slipping her clothing from her shoulders with a practiced ease. Sesshomaru dropped fiery kisses down her shoulder and Sango reached out for him, but he pulled back. She looked confused and he darted forward to nip at her breast. His rules, as always. He would show her how and when to please him, for now he just wanted to explore what she'd offered.

Sango let the youkai lord push her onto her back and closed her eyes as his hand and lips roamed possessively over her body. He sniffed at her, dipping his tongue to taste her skin, almost as if he was curious about what she was.

His light touch was excruciating. Sango's own inexperience was making it difficult for her to keep from writhing against him helplessly. Her fingers had a mind of their own and reached out to stroke bare shoulders, tracing the elegant lines of his lean muscles. A sharp claw traced gently over her belly and she twitched and felt her skin jerk under his touch.

Sesshomaru raised his face to regard her, a faint pleased smile on his lips. It suddenly occurred to him that he didn't even know her name, as he hadn't heard it from her own lips. He'd seen her a handful of times before and he recollected that she had tried on more than one occasion to interfere in his battles against his brother.

"What is your name, human?" he asked as his hand slid across her belly.

"S...Sango," she said. His hand had moved lower and she was finding it difficult to concentrate. The slow rhythm of his touch was driving all sense from her mind. Gently, he increased the pressure and a soft cry of pleasure rewarded him.

"Sango…a pretty name. Are you sure that you want this? I won't have you telling anyone that you were forced."

She raised her head and his fingers dipped inside her. "I...aaahhh!" she said, suddenly grinding her hips against him and he laughed. This was entirely too much fun.

"Please," she whispered thickly. "Just don't stop what you're doing."

Sesshomaru nuzzled her soft breast with his mouth, his tongue flicking over the taut nipple with a careless abandon. 'I want you too much to stop now. Remember this is what you wanted."

Sango raised herself up on her elbows, her face beaded with perspiration. Her breathing was becoming heavier and her legs were shaking. Just as the pressure built to a deliciously insane level, he pulled his hand away and she trembled.

"You said you wouldn't stop!"

"Did I?" His face darted suddenly lower, his open mouth took her by surprise, and Sango cried out, her hands clawing at his back as the intense pleasure engulfed her body. His hot tongue pursued her mercilessly and the girl thrashed against him, cursing and begging as she rode out the fierce sensations of her climax.

Finally, she quieted, exhausted and helpless. Moreover, Sesshomaru was just getting started. "Is that all you have to give me?" he asked pleasantly, toying with a lock of her hair.

She shook her head, mute and breathless. "Good," he said and moved over her, easily lifting her leg over his shoulder. Sango gasped and tried to relax as he ever so slowly entered her. It was sheer torture, her body wanted to bear down and take him inside, but he wouldn't let her move. Bit by bit, he pressed himself deeply into her, her slick warmth a welcoming sensation around him. She cried out as he stretched her, ready for him, but still not in spite of his slow approach.

"Quiet," he said, pressing a fingertip against her lips. "You don't have to be afraid of me, not at moment."

Sango arched her back and let the demon have her, her eyes closing in sheer pleasured bliss as he began to rock her hips in a slowly building motion. His hand braced her against him, digging his claws into her upraised thigh as he tensed and moved faster, urgent response upon him now.

She looked up and found herself captivated by the expression on his face, no longer cold and condescending. Teeth bared in a snarl, his fangs glinted dangerously and she caught her breath as his eyes shimmered from gold to red with his intense enjoyment of her body.

He wouldn't allow passion to overwhelm him. Sesshomaru knew that humans were fragile and he had no wish to tear her apart or leave her scarred. Self-control was his forte in any case and he deliberately held himself back, exerting his will over the instincts that demanded he relinquish all thought as he thrust himself into the unresisting body of his human woman.

She gasped and cried out, her body contracting around his as she tried to match his pace. She screamed his name once, then again even louder as he collapsed on top of her, her fingers raking angry furrows down his pale skin and he shuddered and released into her soft depths.