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"Yes!" Akane screamed as she ran over to Ranma and flung her arms around him. She rested her head in the crook of his neck and let her tears flow freely onto Ranma's shirt.

"Her hair is so soft and it smells so pretty! Why can't I have hair like that when I'm a girl? Whoa! She said yes! I won't have to commit seppuku! Our dads can stop bugging us! No, I'm sure they'll try to throw together a quickie wedding and become huge pains in the rear. My chest is wet. That means she's crying. Oh no. Akane! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!" Ranma quickly disengaged from the hug and showed off his mastery of the Crouch of the Wild Tiger.

"I'm not crying because I'm sad, dummy! I'm happy that I've been proposed to properly!" Akane wiped the tears off of her face then offered Ranma her hand. "You can get up now, we're not done hugging yet."

"We're not? Ok, I don't mind. It's actually kinda nice." He took her hand, stood up, and continued hugging each other. "Yup, this feels about right."

"Sure does."

At this point, both of their voices were nothing more than whispers.

"Hey Ranma?"


"How long did you have that whole proposal prepared?"

"Oh, a few months now. I wrote it mentally during our trip out to that little resort themed around that haunted doll. I was gonna try to get you all alone with no distractions, but we both know what happened at that place. After we got back, the right opportunity hardly ever presented itself. When it did, the mood would be ruined by either a fiancée or that old pervert. Eventually I just gave up."

"I see."

"This is real nice and all, but do you think I could have the remedy now? I'd like to have a strictly internal monologue."

Her voice became even weaker as she said, "there is no remedy."

Ranma pushed Akane and put his hands on her shoulders as his voice returned to normal. "What do you mean there's no remedy? You mean I'm stuck like this? Quit kidding around!"

"I'm not kidding. It should've worn off about five minutes ago…".

'You're tellin' me I've been able to keep my mouth shut for the past five minutes? Hey, she was right! Yay for me! But why wouldn't you oh yeah, I have to TRY to speak now.' Ranma finally spoke, "Why didn't you tell me so? And what the heck was it you were writing down?"

"I was writing down the ingredients to a stew dish I wanted to try. It seemed simple enough for me not to screw up too badly. And if I told you it wore off, would you have gone through with the whole confession?" Akane appeared to start to tear up again.

"Well, eventually I would have told ya'. I would've liked to pick the time and place, but at least now you know how I feel. Although, I'm not too happy with how it happened."

"You must hate me now…" A few tears started to run down her cheek.

"Well, I can kinda almost see why you did what you did. I think I have a way to pay you back for what you did."

"I'm sorry Ranma! After you burnt my underwear I was furious! If you want, I'll never cook again, I'll burn my mallets, I'll try to stop acting like such a tomboy, I'll" she was cut off when Ranma put his hand over her mouth.

"You don't have to do any of that. Yes, your cooking could use a lot of work and being malleted sucks, I think I like you even more because you are a tomboy. No, what I had in mind will be much harder than anything you've come up with, but it's past due. I needed a reason to do this and this little stunt is the perfect reason." When he was done speaking, he removed his hand.

"I'm listening…" There was a hint of fear in her voice. 'He turned down an opportunity to escape my food forever? What does he have in mind?'

"Well, you know how my pop likes to wake me up before breakfast and we beat the hell out of each other for a couple of minutes?"

"Yeah, it's hard to ignore."

"Well, I think I'm gonna have to start tossing you out of bed and into the yard every morning from now on."

"Why would you do that? I wake up early as it is to go jogging! I don't see how throwing me out into the yard is such a big deal." She gave Ranma a puzzled look.

"That's when I'm going to start your training session. Every morning bright and early. Rain, snow, sleet, sun, locusts, doesn't matter."

"You're…going to start training…me?" Akane was ecstatic.

"Yup. You're going to have to start defending yourself from Shampoo and the old ghoul soon after they find out we've made the engagement official. You'll also be able to stop Happosai when I'm not around. It's going to be tough but I won't take it easy on you at all. If I make things too easy for you, you won't improve any. Am I clear?"

Akane responded the only way she could think of by wrapping her arms around Ranma and pushing her lips to his.


Meanwhile, at Azusa's mansion…

"Charlotte! Come back here! Chaaaaaarlotte!" Azusa was frantically searching her room for her little black pig. She turned to a rather large teddy bear, "Pierre, go find Charlotte! Pierre?" she started knocking on the bear's head. "Well if you won't help me find my little Charlotte, you're grounded!" Of course, the bear gave no response. "Fine, be that way! You're grounded for a week!"

P-chan somehow found his way out the front gate and ran away as quickly as his stumpy little pig legs would carry him. 'God, Kami, Allah, Buddha, whoever! If you guide me back to Ukyo I promise I'll never take advantage of anyone again! I'll even forgive Ranma! Pleeeeeease? I'm begging you!' Of course all that came out was, "Bweeeeeeeeeeeee!"


Back at the Tendo Dojo

Ranma was shocked at first, but then realized what was happening and wrapped his arms around Akane and leaned into the kiss.

Neither knew how long the kiss lasted, but just before it broke, Ranma heard the sound of the door closing.

"Did I just witness the first real kiss?" It was Nabiki.

Ranma and Akane reluctantly broke off their kiss before turning toward the middle sister while blushing brightly. Akane was the first to speak up. "Well, yeah. Kinda." Ranma was still speechless.

"Since neither of you are adamantly denying it, something happened between you two while I was gone, am I right?"

"Well, Ranma proposed to me, I said yes, then he said he wanted to train me, and then, well…" Akane's voice trailed off.

"It's about damn time he made a move. I was beginning to think you both were afraid of catching cooties. Do they know?" She nodded her head in the direction of the two passed out fathers.

"They don't know anything about the proposal or the training. You might want to ask Kasumi about why they're sloshed." Akane's blush subsided. "What's going on between you and Kuno? Ranma told me you two were out on a date." Ranma still didn't make so much as a peep.

"He said he was tired of being ignored by both his tree-borne kettle girl and Akane. Once he realized I actually paid some attention to him and help him when the two of you knock him unconscious, he was grateful. It's nothing serious yet, so don't worry. You two aren't in danger of becoming related to the Kunos." Nabiki smiled as she turned to make her way out the door. "Feel free to get mushy again, I won't use it against you."

Ranma came out of his trance as soon as Nabiki closed the door. "You heard her Akane," he whispered in her ear as he hugged her from behind. "I don't remember our first kiss, but I'll remember that one."

She stared into his eyes while she spoke, "You know, I wouldn't mind doing that again…"

And they did.

I'm sooooooooooooo sorry it took me this long to post this! I plan on rewriting some parts, including this one. I'll probably release the (hopefully) improved version within a few months. I have to be in the mood to sit down and do actual writing. So far I plan on just making the new version a new story instead of amending this one. I hope you enjoyed!