Well, I'm trying this out. It's short, like the other stories. This is the first thing I've done that's not one-chaptered (as in only one chapter EVER). Hope you enjoy.


Light was ahead.

Normal light.

Aeris would smile, if she weren't still bodiless.

Not the ghastly, pale, white light of the afterlife… the bright, inviting light of a dewy spring morning. The light Aeris had longed to see for nearly a month.

And nothing to stop her getting there.

A world of joy flew through her as a rapidly forming hand reached out to it.

To all she ever wanted.

To all she needed.




All she was aware of was an almost inhuman growl of disgust, followed by a vice-like grip on her arm. What she felt most powerfully was moving away from the light of earth, moving away also from the light of a simple afterlife. Towards the pits of darkness.

She whirled, quite ready to severely injure the culprit. Especially for this. Some foul person had deprived her of everything she'd been working for. Even if it was…..


What?! Sephiroth was the one that had killed her! Why was he here? He must have been… killed! Aeris was caught between being happy at Cloud and the others' success, and furious at her current predicament. She decided on the latter.


He turned his head at the call of his name, and she could see the hatred on his face. He hated… her. If she were alive, he would want her dead. Now they both were, there was no telling what he'd do. He snarled, one of the ugliest grimaces she had ever seen adorning his face.

"If I'm going down, you're coming with me!!"

With a sharp flick of his wrist, he sent what remained of her flying into the ground, face first, before landing neatly on his feet next to her.

Aeris sputtered, spitting oddly solid dirt out of her mouth, before confronting him violently.

"What are you doing?! I was almost there!"

She stood shakily.

"I'll kill you!!"

He gave her a shrug. "One, I've killed you before. Two, I'm dead."

"So what do you want with me?!"

Aeris was FURIOUS.

Eighty-three. That was the number of otherwordly trials she'd put her soul into the completion of before being permitted to return to the planet. They had been of everything from escorting a crying child to his rightful place in the afterlife, to watching gruesome deaths to make sure fate went without a hitch.

And just her luck, her fate hadn't.

Sephiroth gave her an awful smirk.

"I'm going to visit the god of death. You're coming with me."

His voice was solid. Solid as diamond, only not nearly as beautiful. She couldn't object. If she tried, her voice would be like a whining child against her parents, begging for something completely out of the question.

He yanked her forcefully along by the arm, not waiting for a reaction. Despite his comment, she could still object.

"Hey!! I never agreed to this!!"

He didn't reply.