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Motoko aoyama

Hikari ishido


Min toshihori

Nabeshin danbei ayanami

Light hawk demon


Dark heart of ice

For this would not be possible for me to been inspired to write this story




It was just an average day for keitaro Urashima.

"You stupid pervert" said Naru.

Then she gave him one of her Naru punches that sent him out the room. She followed him out of the room and said,

"You are one low life stupid lecher and a pervert!!" And then she heard one thing that shocked her,

"You know what Naru, I have had it with you, selfish coldhearted, bitch. I sit here day and day hoping that you would just say 'I love you', I have longed for those words but you know something, now I don't care any more if you were to say that to me, I wouldn't care"

he got up and started to walk away. He stopped, turned to her and said

"It is over between us" then he left.

She just stood there for a few moments for the information to sink and then she blink once, twice and then a tear ran down her cheek. She felt numb, she wanted to after him and give him a big fat super naru punch but she couldn't do the only thing she did was grabbed her liddo-kun and fall on her futon crying uncontrollably.

Keitaro was madder then hell. As he was in his room,

What was I thinking, like she will really love me. Ha! Who was I trying to fool? I can't believe how stupid I was to think that she would ever love me-

And then we turn to Motoko who was in her room meditating.

-Damn, Why can't I stop thinking about him? Damn you Urashima-

and then she placed her hand on her chest.

How come every time I am meditating I start to think about him, this same thought over and over again of me holding his hand and of me kissing him-.

As she started to blush bright red and broke her thought and said

"How can I think of such a thing"

then she walked out of her room and went to the roof to do some training so that she could clear her mind. But she just got worse and worse,

"Why am I still thinking of him? I got to stay focused on my training!"

She said in an annoyed voice. Later that evening dinner wasn't the same thought

Kitsune. Where is Naru? And why does Keitaro look mad? She wondered.

"Hey Keitaro, have you seen Naru?"

Still mad Keitaro heard that name and then he said,

"How I am I suppose to know? Who cares where she is, I don't care where that cold heartless bitch could be!"

Said the infuriated Keitaro, "Last time I saw her was when she hit me!"

And when he thought of that, it made him even more pissed off at her. Everyone look at keitaro

with shock at what he had said.

"Urashima how dare you say that about Naru – sempai! "Yelled Motoko.

"Hey would you be quiet for a second, I am in a very bad mood!" Exclaimed keitaro.

"So what happened?" asked Kitsune,

"She hit me and I broke up with her, I can't stand it. All she does is fuck with my emotions! And I can't stand it anymore! She and I are through"

They were in shock because that was the first time he had ever said something like that. And then he turned to Shinobu who was in tears from what he just said.

"Look Shinobu, I am sorry for what you just heard. And I hope you can forgive me" Said Keitaro. "Sempai I ... I th ... thought you loved Naru – sempai", "I did, but not anymore. I do this for the best of both of us"

Then he gave her a warm smile, and patted her on the head. And then walked out.

So he finally breaks it off? - Thought Kitsune – If I was he, I would have left her a long time ago. I wonder how Naru is taking this?

And then she got up and went to see how Naru was taking it. She walked in and sat on the bed. Next to her friend in need of comfort, she look at her,

"He is right" Exclaimed Naru

"I have been nothing but a cold heartless person, who was playing with his emotions!" "It is all right Naru" said Kitsune.

"Why... why couldn't I just been kinder to him and confess to him too" Said Naru.

"Look you have to get over him, sitting here and crying isn't going to help, maybe you should take a trip for a while. So you can think to yourself Naru"

Naru look up and said

"You may be right, I should leave for a while so I can think. I think am going to go and visit my family for a few months"

Then Kitsune asked, "when will you leave?"

"Tomorrow after noon" Said Naru,

"All right, I just don't want you to do anything rash ok Naru" "I promise I won't, hey what kind is that"

She said as she looked at the bottle Kitsune was holding, which had English writing on it,

"Oh... this is ever clear why do you ask?"

"Hey let me take a shot"

"All right but before you take a drink I will warn you this is very, very strong!" exclaimed Kitsune

"Whatever you said, jus give me the bottle." She took a sip and started to cough real badly.

"I told you this was strong stuff" and then walk out.

Keitaro was in his room lying on his bed thinking -I'm finally free now I can start dating other women. Other women who won't punch me and send me flying! -.

Meanwhile, Motoko was thinking –

He is finally free now it is my chance!!

What... What am I talking about? I don't like him at all! This is driving me insane I have to stop thinking about him. She said to her self.

Oh well I better go to sleep.

Then in the middle of the night she woke out of her sleep

"Why the hell am I dreaming about that kind off stuff?"

As she shook the last of the dirty images. She was blushing; her whole face was red as an apple. And then she placed her hand on her chest and said,

"Why is my heart racing whenever I think about him"

then she realized it "I knew it. I I I ...I'm in love with him!!!

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