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"X" spoken words

'X' thoughts

"W…w…. what do you mean by explain, Kitsune? I don't know what you mean." He asked confused.

"You know darn well what I mean by explain, lover boy," she said angrily.

"What! Kitsune, you got it all wrong!" Motoko said stammered.

"Oh really? Then tell me. Tell me why he kissed you then held you in his arms!"

"Well…what I mean is…. Uhhh…. " She couldn't think of an answer


"Yeah-well, Kitsune, is there some new rule I should know about that says I can't have a relationship at all? Or are you just jealous."

"Wha .…what? Why would I be jealous?"

"Oh I don't know…maybe that you don't have me and Motoko does". He said tearing her down.

"Well I… I …"

"Well? What Give me one good reason why I shouldn't start having a relationship?"


"As I thought, come on Motoko, let's head to my room. I need to talk to you ALONE!" Keitaro said. Stressing alone to make sure that the other got the message. And he knew that the others got the message clearly. As they left, the other girls just stood there for a moment and went to their rooms because they knew Keitaro would not put up with it while he was mad at them.

Keitaro was in his room still cooling off from earlier when Motoko had knocked on his door. And he told her to enter, so she came in and made her way to where Keitaro was sitting.

"Geez, why can't I ever have a life? And why does everyone have to go all nuts about it?" Keitaro said angrily.

"You needed to talk to me?" Motoko asked him.

"Uh, oh yes, wondering, well I was wondering first of all if you'd like to go with me to the summer festival?" he said with a kinder tone.

"Yes I would love too," she said quickly.

"Well it getting late and we should turn in if we want to get up tomorrow to train." Motoko told him.

"You're right too, well Motoko good night and sweet dreams"

"You too, Keitaro, see you in morning. Sweet dreams," Motoko said while shutting the door and walking to her room. As soon as Motoko shut the door, Keitaro got up and put on his nightclothes and walked over to his bed and laid down his glasses and set them on his nightstand. And slowly he drifted off in to slumber.

Keitaro why! Why did I do that to you? I should have never hit you. It wasn't your fault, why didn't I just tell him how I feel? He probably hates me more then life itself.

Naru was lying on her bed crying, with her arms around her pillow, in the dark of night. But you could see her tears running down her cheeks in the moonlight. She laid there for another hour then she started to fall asleep.

"Glad that is over with, I'm beat! Motoko you're getting a lot stronger each and every day. I'm still amazed that you can do that."

"Well you can do it to you just need lots of practice and you'll grow stronger and faster."

"Well that is true. You know I am so excited about the festival."

"Yes I am excited too. But patience's what you need."

"I guess your right, but I don't care, because I'm going with you."

Motoko had blush at this comment. And Keitaro had seen it and said, "are you okay Motoko? Your face is red."

"No, no I am just exhausted from our training that is all."

Keitaro just took her word for it and they walked back to inn. But they walked slowly home so they could enjoy the view of the morning sky. Keitaro was still thinking about the battle they just finished and trying to figure out, how he can be faster than Motoko in a short amount of time. He thought of just running a lot today. And that was what he had decided to do. So he just finishes after enjoying the time he had with Motoko. He had already started to growing feeling for Motoko.

He figured the same for her, and he was exactly right. But he was going to ask her but they had already reach the inn. So he vetoed the question.

"Well let's get ready for breakfast."

"Yes let's."

Both headed for their rooms to get the things they needed for their bath and headed for it. The first one there was Keitaro. He had been there for a few minutes when Motoko had entered her side of the springs. He listened to her enter the water with her graceful steps she entered one foot at a time. And slowly set her self against the edge of the hot spring.

Motoko had just relaxed for a little bit, Keitaro had just clean him self quickly and then soaked him self in the water. So he could get some warmth back, as the both of them just sat there for a while then they had gotten the hint of breakfast in the air, so Keitaro decided to get out first and head to breakfast. Motoko soon later had gotten out of the springs and got dressed and went to breakfast. Keitaro was the very first one to enter and then followed by Su then Motoko and last but not least Kitsune.

"Kitsune you are always last to breakfast. You should really consider quitting the drinking and start being normal."

"why should I Keitaro?"

"For one thing, it is bad for your health. And second, it makes you lazy and ruins your brain cells and your liver."

"I like it and that's all that matters, and what do you know? You're not some perfect person yourself!"

"Fine, fine I was just trying to help a friend. Instead you get all upset, and start becoming belligerent.

"I guess your right, but I'm not quitting, no matter what.

"Fine, if that is really what you want to do, then I can't stop you."

"Good! Now butt out and stay out."

"Breakfast is ready," Shinobu said happily

"Yeah, breakfast!" said the hyperactive Su.

Shinobu finished making all the plates and then they all started to eat. Breakfast was as usual, quite and peaceful.

"Well I have to get to school. I will see everyone later," said Motoko

"Same here, I got to get going," said Shinobu running after her

"Dido." As Su bounced around

"Well I guess I will see you later have fun you too. And Motoko"

"Yes?" As she turned and looked at him

"Have a wonderful day I will wait for you after school." Keitaro told her smiling at her

"You too, Keitaro hey Keitaro can I speak to you before I go." Motoko said quickly

"Of course," Keitaro was wondering what she wants to talk about?

Luckily Kitsune had left and the other two were gone as well, Motoko didn't want any one getting the wrong idea. They were at the top of the long stairs. When they began to talk.

"What is it Motoko, is there something I can do for you?" he said happily

"Well sort of." She started

"Go on." He said

"Well I was just wondering if-"

"If what? Wait I think I might know what you want."

"Really?" looked at him for a moment curiously

"Yes you were wondering if I would come and meet you after school and walk home together. Right!"

Motoko had a little red go across her face and replied to him."

"Yes and I was wondering if we could talk about some things too. Bu…Bu…. but if you don't want to that ok."

Motoko that is fine with me."

Really great well then I will see you then".

But before she left she had kissed on the cheek and started her journey to school. Motoko had looked one more time to see his face he wave goodbye and then walked off to the inn. Motoko had to walk at a little faster past so she could make it to school on time. But that was no problem for her; she couldn't stop thinking about the up coming event.

Keitaro had other thought running through his mind, he had still had one thought going constantly and. could explain it, but it was about Naru.

(I just don't get it I thought I was through with her. But for some reason my feeling for her still linger, I don't want anything to do with her I only want Motoko. She really the only one who has been, where I totally feel comfort safety and love and love back, where to come back it would ruin every thing that I had going. Not to explain the fighting that will go on between the two of them but I will not give her a second chance she blew that one a long time ago.)

Keitaro was worried that Naru would come back and confess to him he did not know what to do. If she did, so he is praying that she does not come back until he had no more feeling for her. But he needs to talk to Motoko. He knew she would try to help in every way possible. So he would tell also that he also was falling for her at least that would help her feel like she doing this for no reason and he feeling for her. But he now would find away to tell her what going on and how he feels.

Well I should get started on how to tell her.

The morning came quickly for our depressed Naru. She dreaded getting up and out of bed, because of her loss and all but she wasn't thinking that she was thinking of her entrance exams to Tokyo U. she was in the bath room taking a shower. And started to think of Keitaro again. But she shook it off, and reached for her towel. And dried her self off and wrapped the towel around her as she stepped out of the shower and grabbed her clothes. And slowly got dressed, she opened bathroom door.

And started to walk to the kitchen she could smell breakfast, she walked down the hallway and into the dinning room. And sat down at the table when she sat down her little sister came in through the door and sat down next to her.

"Naru are you ok?" her little sister asked

"Yes I am fine why do you ask?"

"Well you just have been looking pale and sad, so I thought you were sick that is all. "

"You don't have to worry about me at all. I'm just fine what about you Mei how have you been."

"I'm fine but I'm just worried that is all."

"Oh Naru, Mei breakfast will be done in a minute." Their mother said to them "

"Ok." They both said at the same time, but naru keep thinking about Keitaro she couldn't help her self/

(Why do I keep thinking about him? He said that he didn't want to see me any more.) (Keitaro, I wish I could have been more brave and told you how I feel)

"Good morning girls. Their father said

"Oh good morning father." The girls replied in unison

"Sleep well daddy." Mei asked

"Yes just fine mei."

"Breakfast is done, "here you guys go".

"Thank you mom. Both naru and Mei said."

"Thank you dear." Her husband said

"Your, welcome" she replied to all of them

Breakfast went quietly naru had hopped that Keitaro would be running in and have Motoko coming after him.

Then he would run into her and then she would send him flying. But it never happened when breakfast was done naru cleaned the dishes. Then she went to her room to study for the exams coming up the following Monday.

She was also thinking she should call her friends and see how they were doing but she didn't want to. Because she was still afraid that everyone was mad at her for leaving. But she didn't want to make them think she didn't want any thing to do with them.

Because she didn't want to have no friends and make new enemies so she deiced to make the call tomorrow. (But she didn't feel alone completely because she a met this. New person how was a friend to her and it help with the away from other friend very dear to her.

She liked talking to him but sometimes she would get so annoyed with his Steve Irwin's lingo. It freaking bug the hell out of her sometime but she like him)

"Now time to get some studying done. "She said as she started to study for the next 8 hours.

"It's now 2:29"

"As he stared at his clock, and was waiting on his last never."

"Come on, come on! He said annoyed. "Finally!" as he heard the high school bell

It was now 2:30 he could start on his journey to going and get Motoko. He wanted to talk but he was very, very afraid that Motoko would take it the wrong way and think that he still loved Naru.

But he still had the lingering feeling for her. But it was nothing compared to what he has now. There is no way he would let Naru come between him and Motoko he knew that for sure. And was determined to have Motoko, as his girlfriend. And nothing or no one was going to stop him.

\Now let get going we don't want to have Motoko have to wait for him. So he quickly headed out the door and started to make his way to her. On his way there was only one thing on his mind it was Motoko.

Now what should I do? Maybe I could ask her at the festival to be my girlfriend but I don't know if I should. "Maybe it to soon?" "No it's not because we have been with each other almost 2months. And that is enough time that is what most people do before by are officially together.

Keitaro had almost reached the school when he heard a car horn honk and snapped back to reality and quickly ran to the other side of the street. As he reached the spot he would wait for the bell had rung.

He just smiled and remembered the times he was in high school. He waited at the front gates, for a few minutes and heard Motoko.

"Keitaro so you made it on time?" Motoko said

"Yeah exactly on the dot, so how was school today?" He asked her

"It was just fine," she told him

"That's great, hey isn't this your last year of high school?"


"Well are you thinking about going to college?" Said Keitaro

"Yes but don't know which one to go to" she said blankly

"I see, well I have an idea," replied Keitaro

"What is it? " she asked him Curiously

"Well who about we both study and try for Tokyo U:" he told her

"I don't know that is the hardest University to get into. Only the really lucky or smart ones are able to get in," she said

"Hey you can do it I know you can!" He told

"Do you really think so?" replied Motoko

"Of course for some reason I have a gut feeling that if you were to try you would get in." Keitaro said boldly

Motoko blushed at this comment. 'He is really kind always making me feel like I am the most special person on the face of the earth.'

They had been walking around the park a few times and deiced to sit at one of the far off benches so they could continue their conversation.

"Thank you"

"Hey I am only telling you the truth, hell you in high school and you do any subject like if it was just nothing but a hobby."

"That's not true your pretty amazing your self. You're the only one beside my sister that can beat me. I have never lost to any one but her now think for you being stronger then my sister is a shock."

"I never would have even thought of you being that strong."

"But it don't matter to me do you know what matters to me. One my inn two the residents and most importantly you."

"Motoko had almost stop blushing from last time but now she was flustered. Redder then an apple too.

"I had no I was so important to you."

"How do you think I have been so much happier it not because I was free of naru it was because of you? You inspire me each and every day I cant explain it but you just make me feel like I can do anything I want to do."

Now her face was red and the rest of her as well. Keitaro had noticed it.

"Hey you don't have to be embarrassed by what I say do yah." He told her

"No it just I don't get comments like these every day of my life." She replied

"Well I think that you should."

"Why are you always talking to me like this. Making me feel important when I am not."

"Because you are important and you are the greatest person I have ever known and I want to be with for as long as you will let me."

'Forever no matter if I don't have you our not' she thought

'For as long fate will let me.'

Keitaro was about to tell her what he was going to tell her but before he could she said.

"Keitaro I just want you to know that ever since you were in my life more. And even now I feel normal like I can live do say with you and be terrified by what you think because you are the truly and honestly the only person I could myself with and I want it to stay like this forever. "

"So do I but we both know that it we want it be it but I can't be"

Keitaro had look at his watch and it was about 6:00 he couldn't believe the time flew by. He was starting to get hungry and she probably hungry.

"Hey getting late did you want go and get something to eat?"

Motoko hadn't notice but she was hungry so she didn't object to it.

"Now that you mention it I am kind of hungry"

"Alright then let go and get a bite."

The both of them weren't really dressed for any normal restaurant so they both agreed they would just go to a beef bowl since they like the place. And Motoko had got out her kendo practice so she wasn't wearing her school uniform. So that was a big load off. Because Keitaro didn't want to have every one looking at him and Motoko.



"Ahhh…. I was just wondering about the summer festival. I am really excited."

"Well so am I to go now if we could. But we still have a few days left." Keitaro said sadly

Motoko noticed it and she was even happier she was going with him,


Motoko just smiled as she looked at him and as smiled back. Motoko just felt something, in heart something new it felt like it attached itself to something already there. I happened before when they went on there first date. And lots more after that but the biggest one was when she was in the park when they had talked to each other. She had just realized that it was her growing fondness of him and it was starting to turn into something more.

'Love?' She thought and she was exactly right too. I am starting to fall deeply in love with him. It wasn't because of his kindness or anything about him well okay there was something about him that she like.

But the main reason was he accepts her as she is and doesn't care if she changes in any way as long as she cared for him. And then it also hit her his is one of the few men that are perfect like this always kind loving caring a supporter to anything that his friends loved one and women.

But he only asked for one thing in return that is to be cared, treated kindly or loved back. Then the same thing keeps repeating over and over again. 'HE WANTS LOVE YOU WANT AND YOU WANT TO BE ACCPETED! AND HE WANTS TO BE LOVED AND HE ACCEPTS YOU. AND YOU LOVE HIM!'

She kept thinking about this

'All he wants is love and I want to be accepted by him…'


'He accepts me and I care for him but I love him….'


Motoko finally heard Keitaro. "What?"

"Hey what do you want? Oh I will just get what ever you are getting. Well then make that 2 of them. He told the waiter."

"Alright then they will be here in a moment." The waiter told them

"Thank you" he told the waiter

As the both of them waited for, there food she had drifted of again, thinking about him again. As she was trying to find away to tell about what is happing to her. But she didn't know how either.

She kept thinking about this then? She found out how to tell him was at the summer festival. She was there thinking for a moment and then it hit.

'PERFECT THAT IS HOW I WILL TELL HIM.' She said to herself

But she wasn't just yet going to tell that she had falling because she was afraid that he wasn't going like hearing that. Motoko said to her self that she has some feeling for him.

They both just sat there and just quietly eating their meal. And after they had finished they paid for it and left for home. They had walked slower then usual because they wanted to just spend time together alone. Motoko had grabbed his hand and both intertwined their fingers together. When they made it to the station they barley caught the last ride home. They quickly took their seats they started talking to pass the time.

Once the got to their stop they got off and started there way home. When they got there Keitaro had looked at his watch and it said that it was 9:55pm.

"I think that we should be quite when we get in just in case some they are asleep." He told her in a lower tone of voice.

"Alright well I going to turn in for the night see you tomorrow morning Keitaro" she said before going inside.

'Well I guess I should hurry in and hit the sack too. I got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow.'

As Keitaro went in side and done the necessary things for bed. When he got to his room he plopped on his bed. He had finally been able to stop moving he was starting to off dreamland.

As Keitaro through out the night he couldn't sleep because of his dream and thoughts. So around 3:30 he was going to go out and train a little so he could tired enough to go back to sleep and get some rest. But he could do it so he deiced to stay up and just wait for morning to come. So went out for a little run around town to pass the time.

As a hour passed by he stop and took a breather and sat on a bench as he look up into the sky had a light blue tint to the black sky about with the star stretched across as far he could see. He was amazed about the beauty of the night sky.

He looked at his watch and it said that it was 4:50 and he knew he had to go back. To the inn, so he could bathe and be ready for breakfast. So he started his way back to the home and took a shortcut to get there a little faster.

As he came into view of the inn, he finished quickly up the stairs and then quietly opened the door and went to the hot springs. When he got into the hot spring he just laid there for a while letting himself enjoy the bath. He enjoyed so much that he started to go off into a daze.

"Man this feels nice with nice cool breeze and the warm water this is really relaxing."

He laid there for 20 minutes he finally got to wash himself. Once he had finished rinsing himself off. He made his way to the door of the changing room. And dried himself and put on his clean set of clothes. Looked at the clock in the changing room. It said it was 6:30 so he could just study a little before breakfast.

"That from that and add that there and it is –39 wow I didn't think I would be that easy to do math."

As he spent the rest of his free time breakfast was in the air, as he could smell it. As well all the rest of the residents were waking up for breakfast. Keitaro just resumed his studies until Shinobu came to his door.

"Sempai breakfast is ready."

"All right Shinobu I will be there in a second."

Keitaro put away his stuff and left his room and headed to the dinning room. We he got there he sat down and waited for the rest of the residents to get there and a few seconds later they started to show up one by one.

'Kitsune is always the last one in.'

He thought to himself. After every one was at the table they all started to dig into the food laid out in front of them breakfast was quite that day. Every one was on there on thoughts so everyone just ate and left. As soon everybody had left Keitaro stayed insisted on cleaning up the kitchen. So Shinobu had given up and left, while Keitaro did the dish after he had finished the dishes he went to the roof for a little mediations and sat there for a while thinking about life. He was there for 50 minutes. When Motoko started coming up the stairs know that she wanted to train. So he spoke when she started her why to him

"So are you ready Keitaro?" Said Motoko

"Yea are you ready to loose Motoko," Keitaro said teasingly as they took their fighting positions

"Ready, Set, Go!" Said Keitaro

Keitaro set running straight towards her and throwing the first blow. Motoko quickly blocking his strike and sending him back. Then taking the offensive she jumped and sent a vertical ki blast at him Keitaro barely dodging it. He looked around for Motoko.

'Where'd she go' Keitaro wondered

"Looking for me," said Motoko

He looked behind him but too late she had already sent a ki blast at him and sent him to the ground hard. But he quickly recovered and Motoko came at him with lighting speeds and send blows at him but Keitaro was able to block each blow.

" Good Motoko you're doing better then last time" he said jokingly.

That seemed to mad her loose her focus and make her angry Keitaro saw this and took it as his opportunity to strike and end this but before he could reach her she smiled and said

"Got you " she smiled

As she attacked with the hilt of her sword knocking him to the floor with the loud 'thud'. He was not expecting this to happen as he felt some thing against his throat. He opened his eyes and saw that Motoko had him pinned. Out of breath she said

"Do you yield Keitaro?" she said breathlessly

"Never" said Keitaro

He quickly rolled away from her and grabbed his sword and ran at her giving her a finishing blow. And she finally gave in.

"I yield Keitaro." She said sadly

Keitaro noticed it and didn't want her to feel bad. So he said.

"Wow Motoko you really almost got beat me. I thought I was going to lose that one"

He said quickly he saw that she looked happier than down.

"Thanks a lot Keitaro but next time I will defeat you I promise."

She said sternly instead of said anything he just nodded as the both of them sat down and let them self's get their strengths back.

As Motoko left to take a bath Keitaro stayed and thought about what he would say to her tonight after 15minutes of thinking he decided to go get cleaned up and get ready. He quickly washed so he could relax his muscles.

Keitaro finally got up and went into the changing room and dried himself off and put his robe on and headed back to his room to get ready. As he pulled out his kimono and put it on he just sat there. Motoko was deciding whether to wear the kimono she wore last year or wear the one her sister gave her or her mothers. She made up her mind and was going with the sister gave her; it was a red kimono with flowers and a golden obi. She put it on looked into the mirror and liked how it fit her as she looked at the time and she saw that it was time for her and Keitaro to get going, so she headed down stairs.

'It's and she not here yet'.

He knew that she was coming but was too excited and every second was mocking him. As he heard something he looked up and saw Motoko coming down the stairs. As she finally came down the last step she stop. Keitaro couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked with the red kimono. His jaw was somewhere by his ankles, she smiled when Keitaro looked at her like that.

"Well shall we get going Keitaro" Motoko asked him

"Yeah" Keitaro said with gaspingly

As Keitaro made their way out the and down the stairs to the festival. Unknown to the both of them someone was following them lurking in the shadows

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