- The True Meaning of Love -/

By Unit 03

Ages (These will be updated to help keep track of time.) Sonic: -----18 Amy: ------15 Knuckles: -19 Tails: ------13 Rouge: ----20

AN: Special Thanks to my good friend Miguel for doing the beta reading.

CHAPTER 1: Fallen Hero

Beep...beep...beep. The sound of a machine monitoring Sonic's heart. Inside a hospital, on the second floor, Sonic sleeps in ICU. Several IVs go into his hand, supplying whatever Sonic needs to get through the night. Bruises, stitches, casts. Sonic lay still, breathing slowly. The white room is a blur around the blue and pink. Amy sits in chair next to the bed, holding Sonic's hand with care; a tear in her eye. Outside, the clouds cover the sky in an endless grey. Without so much as a sound, two more familiar figures walk in the room.

Knuckles and Tails look over at their comrade, downed in a twisted battle. Without taking her eyes off Sonic, Amy thinks about the day.

"He was only trying to save me." Indeed, Sonic had put everything else aside just to see Amy safe. Tails looked away, just wanting the moment to be a lie.
"Eggman went too far." said Knuckles. Yes, the Doctor sent all his attacks to Amy, knowing Sonic would throw himself in harms way to protect her.

Tails drifts off for a few seconds, remember all the details of the incident. Amy was knocked unconscious. Eggman brought her up on the top deck with him. When Sonic came to help, Eggman did the unthinkable. He fired a round of explosives at the helpless Amy, who lay still. Sonic ran to save her. He threw himself over Amy, shielding her from the blast. When he tried to carry her to safety, another round was already on its way. Tails remembered the anguish and rage as he watched Sonic sent flying from the explosion and knowing there was nothing he could do. Those feelings quickly changed to wonder and amazement, watching Sonic turn his body in the air to break Amy's fall. He couldn't bear to watch anymore. His eyes were shut tight as he cried, holding onto the iron bars that held him back. "Will Sonic be okay?" asked the worried fox. Amy wipes the tear from her eye before speaking again. "The doctors say they want to keep him under intensive care for a while longer, but he can make it." They all knew it. Sonic's spirit wouldn't let him go down without a fight. "It kills me to think he's like this because of me. sniff" A dead silence fell over the room again; the only sound remaining was the heart monitor. Amy keeps her eyes closed, praying that Sonic would make it. A minute passes.
Amy lifts her head quickly as she feels something. Sonic's hand holds hers now. She looks towards him. His eyes barely open, but just enough to see that beautiful emerald green she can get lost in. Sonic's enchanting shade of blue is unharmed despite his injuries. She sees Sonic looking back at her. Despite all the drugs, Sonic makes an effort to give Amy a comforting look. Amy shows a tiny smile as her tears of sorrow and joy battle for dominance. Sonic admires for that moment her beautiful passion pink. Knuckles and Tails miss this moment, too caught up in what they will do next.
As quick as the moment came, Sonic went back to sleep, leaving Amy reassured that he wouldn't give up. Amy let out a heavy breath, letting go of Sonic's hand.
"Guys, watch over Sonic for me. There's something I have do." She gets up, grabs her purse, and walks out, keeping her eyes on Sonic as long as possible. Tails and Knuckles look at each other in confusion.
"What's she up to?" Knuckles said with a hint of suspicion.
"I don't know. I wouldn't worry. She always knows what she's doing."

Amy walks out of the hospital. A chilly November wind blows by. She walks down a couple blocks till she spots a nearby payphone. Amy reaches into her purse, searching through, pushing all her junk aside. She found it, a plain white card with a number written on it in red ink. She picks up the hook and rapidly dials the number on the card. Just one tone goes by before the call is answered.
"Hello Miss Rose. We can be there in ten minutes."
"Wait. How did you..."
"We'll explain everything when we get there. Just sit tight."

Amy walks over to a bus bench just feet away. She sits, holding her arms and leaning forward as the cold wind picks up again. She rubs her arm, looking off at the sky. She remembers how only a few days after the ARK a pair of men in black suits and sunglasses approached her. She was given that card and instructed to call that number 'should anything happen to Sonic.' She especially remembers how the two left without letting her ask a single question.
Amy kept her mind off the cold as best she could. She started thinking about Sonic again. She still loved him with all of her pure heart. Did Sonic risk his life because he loved her or just because he was being a hero? She began shivering.
"Why Amy, you'll catch your death of cold in this weather." said an elderly man as he put a heavy overcoat on her.
"Huh. Oh, thanks, Johan." This was one of Amy's neighbors from her building. He was a tall, slender man with grey and white hair, and a neatly trimmed beard.
"Johan, what were things like for you and Elaine before you got engaged?" The old man smiled as he sat next to the young girl.
"Well," His chuckles stopping him for a second. "I could barely get a moment's peace around her. Things were very different back then, but we were young, things change." His eyes divert in the pleasant memories of his youth. "Why do you ask, Amy?"
"Um," She struggled to get her words. "It's about Sonic."
"Ah," Johan gave a hearty chuckle, knowing all too well what this was about. "Are you still worried about him not responding to your affection?" Amy could only nod in response as she sniffed; a tear on the way. The man saw her pain, and though he knew it would pass he also knew that for her it felt like it would never leave. "Now listen to me. You mustn't worry about that. I've seen how Sonic gets around you. You don't have anything to get upset over." Amy sniffed again, the tear already on her cheek.
"But, what if he really doesn't love me? What if he never takes me for anything more than his friend?"
"Oh come now. I'm far too old not to know these things. I had Sonic figured out a long time ago. He's just waiting for something. You just need to find out what that is." Amy looked Johan square in the eye.
"Do you know?" He smiled, semi closing his eyes and tilting his head down.
"Now that would be cheating." He raised his eyes back to her. "This is something you have to do for yourself." A black van pulled up in front of them.

"My ride's here." She got up, letting the overcoat fall on the bench.
"Take care, Amy. I know things will work out." As the door of the van open, Amy kept thinking in her mind that Johan didn't know what he was talking about. She couldn't believe that Sonic would ever be more than a friend now. She still loved him with all her heart, but she knew it wasn't enough. As she walking inside the black van, greeted by four men in identical black suits, she thought to herself. 'If Sonic doesn't want me for more than a friend, then maybe it's time to let go.'

The closest man was the first to speak.
"Good evening Miss Rose."

AN: This time I have a lot more in store for you, the reader. In this epic story, nothing can be taken at face value. Nearly every detail can give new insight and foreshadow events to come. Nothing is written by accident.