- The True Meaning of Love -/

By Unit 03

Ages: Sonic: -23 Amy: -20 Knuckles: -24 Tails: -18 Rouge: -25

Special Thanks to my good friend Miguel for doing the beta reading.

Chapter 16: A New Beginning

It had been five wondrous years since that fateful day. Sonic was struggling with his bowtie. He was shaking from nervousness. Tails was right there, helping him work out the final details with his tux.

"I know this is a big day, Sonic, but really, try to relax." Tails was no longer the child he once was, but a stronger and wiser young adult.

"I can't help but be nervous. This is the biggest day of my life." Sonic could have battled Robotnik a hundred times over, and yet this now seemed like the greatest challenge of his life.

Twenty-one minutes later, Sonic stood at the end of an aisle. His nerves stayed up until he first saw her. Across the room, two big doors opened to reveal Amy, dressed in a beautiful white gown. Sonic's nerves were gone as he watched her walk to him.

"Dearly beloved..."

One year and two months later, at the hospital

Amy was holding her newborn, a hedgehog with a violet tone. Sonic stood next to them at the bedside. Everyone at the hospital had been very attentive and helpful.

"So, Amy, what should we name her?"