I just got into Trigun recently and after watching 'Paradise' I got an idea for a fic. I'm really sorry to people to think I'm making fun of religon.

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Meeting his Maker

' This is it.' Wolfwod thought as he closed his eyes. ' I'll probably be the only priest in hell, I deserve to go there after all the people I've killed.' He began seeign images flash before his eyes. When he killed his 'guardian'

' This must be my life flashing before me, I guess It really does happen and isn't a cliche.'

then when Chapel began training him.

' I never liked that guy. But I beat him in the end.'

Then when he recieved the Cross Punisher. Then the when he started the orhange.

' Sorry kids, I won't be there for you anymore.'

Then when he first meet the Legendary Gunman, Vash the Stampde.

' I remember telling him I didn't like being around him becuase He reminds me of every thing I hate about myself. He refused to kill anyone, I almost didn't believe that he was the Humanoid Typhhon, he was always goofing off. Ohh well, See ya later Needle Nogin.'

Then the form of Mille Tompson appeared.

' Sorry I couldn't come back. I'd put in a good word for you but I don't think I'm going to heaven.' When he at last opened hsi eyss he saw he was still in the chruch but he near the roof looking down at his body.

" Time to go Mr. Wolfwood." said a figure carrying a syche and wearing a dark cloak.

" So you do exist, Well were I am going?" Wolfwood asked.

" HE wants to talk with you." Said the Grim Reaper and pointed his staff upwards.

'" The Big Man himself huh?" Wolfwood felt himself rise through the cruch roof and into the clouds.

" Hello, Nickolas Dokonokuminomonjawaresumakinishiteshizumetarokakora Wolfwood." Said a voice. Wolfwood tried looking were the voice came from but could only see blinding light.

" Are you going to tell me how many sins I have?'

" No, Actually I'm sending you back to Earth In your body."

" Why?"

" Most Mortals wouldn't dare question their God. But you aren' like most mortals. I'm sending you back becuase there's more for you to do. You have friend that still need you."

" Is this some lesson about the bonds of Friendship and Love?"

" No, If you're dead Millie will too disheartened to write her letters to her family." Wolfwood was greatly surprised.

" You read the Millie Monthly?"

" Yes, and I'm not missing it because one of my childeren who is supposed to upholding my law is a hypocrit!" Wolfwood then felt himself fall and then sat up sharply in a grave.

" Well what do you know." He walked back over to the Inn. He found no one.

" Now to Find Needle Noggin and the Girls."

A few Months later

Millie was writing a report back to headquarters. Meryl was somewere with Vash so It was up to her to write it. There was a knock on the door to her room.

" Come in." She said with out turning around.

" Hey Honey." The voice made her freeze. She slowly turned around to see a tall, lanky, Black haired man.

" Mr.Priest?" She said after a while.

" In the flesh." He replied. Mille started looking happy but then it turned back to sorrow.

" No, Mr.Vash said you were dead. He saw your body....you're a ghost." Wolfwood walked over to her.

" Could a ghost do this?" then he cupped her face and kissed her. Millie was at first too surprised that a man she thought was dead was kissing her. But as soon she got over her shock she kissed back. Meryl walked in to check on her, saw them, then quietly backed out and closed the door. She was happy for her friend and then went to tell Vash not to interupt them.

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