Title: Can't Become An Angel

Author: Anne-twilight

Genre: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Warning: Some words aren't appropriate for 13 and below. PG-13

Summary: When Haruno Sakura's family had a nothing left with them, Sakura decided to help her parents. She applied to be a waitress... and only to be sold to the three handsome men in the town as a slave. GaaSakuNejiSasu




Pure white.

Sakura's room was pure white except her and her bed.

No windows or curtains were left. Since her family had been experiencing famine, her parents did not have a choice but to sell their remaining properties to pure strangers.

And that included her things.

Her personal things.

She was about to scream when her sentimental valuables were carried out of her room but stopped herself straight away when she had seen her mother's pained face.

Sakura stared on her white ceiling for a moment before getting up on her bed. It was a good thing that her bed was still with her. But she wouldn't be surprised when her mother would once come and get her bed.

To tell the truth, she was looking forward to it. But then again, she could do nothing about it.

She had no choice.

Once in a while, she would tell herself that she would help in her family problems but when she said these things to her parents they only replied that she could do nothing about it.

And it is as if they were already waiting for their own death to come.

Sakura shook her head and stood up. Her hand automatically grabbed her throbbing head and blindly stepped out of her room.

So much thinking that she had a hard time sleeping. Sometimes, she got no sleep at all.

Too bad, they already sold their mirror so she couldn't even look at herself now.

She was too lazy to look at her reflection by the water.

Keh. As if looking at herself would change the fact that they were going to die starving without any house to stay warm at night.

Too bad.

She blinked her eyes open to help herself to be more awake and entered their humble kitchen.

The house was quiet. She could tell that she was the only one staying in the house since her mother and father was always out to deal with financial problems.

Oh well. Nothing new.

Silently, she sat on a chair and placed her hands in her lap.

Once again, she started to stare into the endless space.




Haruno Sakura walked into the dark evening streets of Tokyo, not to mention raining.

She should have been in their house (If you could still call that a houseā€¦ Inner Sakura snorted.) and have a warm chocolate. But no. Her mother had finally decided that she could have her work if she wanted to help with their problems.

Sakura had been walking for hours now and still there was no sign of job possibilities. She only had high school diploma with her.

She didn't have the time to react when her parents said that she would stop schooling.

So here she was now, she was still walking into the dark streets of Tokyo with a pink umbrella.

After all, she had no choice.

It would turn out to be a shame if she would go back to her house without a job. How pathetic. They are going to be as poor as a rat and her parents still felt like having a luxury life.

Sakura feel sorry for them. Even though her love as a daughter was slowly fading, her respect for them as her parents was still there.

There was nothing she could do.

Sakura looked at the stores nearby and found out that it was already closed.

She sighed.

How could she find some descent job if the stores were now closed?


She said to herself as she raised her slipping umbrella onto her shoulders. Sakura looked at her watch to verify what time it already was.

11:53 pm.

Her parents would be worried now. And knowing them, they would probably be sneering in anger at her late coming without any notice or indication left behind of her leaving.

Sakura sighed tiredly and decided that she should go home and talk to her mother with respect and calmness.

Or else, she would go insane.

She was the only remaining sane in their house and she promised to herself that she wouldn't be anything like her parents. But things weren't going as it was planned to be.

It was as if she would be as moody as her mother. Well, it was true. She was not the happy-go-lucky girl she once was. She was now more confident and more mature 18-years-old girl.

Maybe because of the things that was happening in her life nowadays.

Either way or around, she was officially going home.

She turned her heel and (almost immediately) stopped moving. She had seen something important.

So Sakura did take a double look.


There at the corner of the street stood a nice looking night-bar. In its window was a add card with the application of having a waitress.

Sakura smiled gratefully. At last! A descent job!

Excitedly, she ran her way to the bar.




When Sakura entered the bar or more like disco, sounds, different color of spotlights and smell of cigarettes hit her bulls eye. She almost fainted.

A short fat man that stood next to her asked. "A beautiful girl, eh? What can I help thy beauty?"

"I am here to apply to be a waitress..." Sakura said casually. She didn't know but she really didn't like the look she was receiving from the man.

The man rested his left hand on Sakura's shoulder making the girl jump in surprise.

"So, you want to be a waitress?" A fat looking man said at the unsuspecting Sakura.

Sakura couldn't describe the man well except of it being a fat man.

She could barely make out his face because of the bad smelling cigarettes and lights that was hanging in the air.

She even forced herself not to pinch her nose to block the smell away. If she showed some childish manner in front of him, she knew she would be kicked out of the bar/disco forever.

"You're hired."




It's been a week since they had hired Haruno Sakura. Her salary was incredibly high compare to her parents. Sometimes she could feel that her mother was jealous of her having such easy but as the same time heavy job.

She just shrugged the thought off.

And here she was again. Doing her job flawlessly. Nothing new. She would wear the uniform and smile at the costumers every single night. Some of them would shove her lustful look but she decided to shrug it off.

Her boss was moody like her mother. But as long as you have done your work right, he would not notice you and make some nasty comments.

It was good she didn't have some bad luck or anything with plates and glasses.

"What's your order, sir?" She said as she forced a smile on her next costumer.

When she looked up, she almost died.

At the other side of the counter, stood the three most handsome men she had met in her whole life.

But she could see that none of them was showing any emotions at all.

How weird.

Sakura didn't realize that she was staring so long that it unnerved her customers.

"... This is why I don't like being here. Girls are everywhere and stare at you all night long. Disgusting." Sakura heard some parts of the red-haired man's statement.

Amazingly enough, that statement brought her back to life.

Her smile faltered and glared at the red-haired man.

Who are these people and who do they think they are?

"Excuse me. There are many more customers that are planning to buy. I could see that they are changing their mind because the three of you here. So could you please move your asses off?" She said impatiently. Sakura smirked when the red-haired man narrowed his eyes, as well as the two other men.

She could see that they were taken by surprise by her statement. Do they think that they were some celebrity that needed to be looked at all the time?


"Who are you?" The man with long hair asked calmly. He had amazingly silver eyes that looked like a fake one. He wore a casual black loose shirt (like his comrades are) with a long loose black pants.

Sakura couldn't say where the pants had reached since the counter does a good job on preventing her so.

She gave him a big duh stare and pointed at her ID. Why handsome people did become such a big jerks sometimes?

It doesn't really matter now.

"Haruno Sakura." The longhaired man with unnerving silver eyes said.

The three of them still not moving a single muscle in their position.

"Yes?" She said sweetly and batted her eyelids before giving them an unlady snort.

She turned her back to them only to look back again when she heard the last one of the three spoke up.

"We want you to be our slave."

Sakura just looked at them and replied (unimpressed), "What?"