TPDoEQ: The Movie Trailer

A/N: Just for the heck of it, really. I noticed lots of the other LXG authors posting abbreviated versions of their stories as though they were trailers for a new LXG movie. As I've got a recurring fantasy of my story being used as an LXG sequel, I thought, "Why not? This could be amusing." I don't have a specific actress in mind to play Elizabeth; I just described the character as she appears in my head. Interestingly, the hardest part was coming up with a subtitle for the movie. I went through any number of truly awful ideas, the worst one being to call the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II: Quatermainia. ::ducks the tomatoes:: I know, I know -- very bad.

We see a montage of images of the surviving League members -- Tom, Skinner, Mina, Jekyll, and Nemo -- doing the things they do best.

Narrator voice-over: Misfits. Heroes. United by a purpose, unified by friendship.

Shot of the Quatermain grave in Kenya.

Tom's voice-over: I still can't believe he's gone.

Scene changes to that of a manor house in London.

Mina's voice-over: So are you going to tell us why we're here?

Shot of League members inside the Nemomobile.

Nemo: To pay our respects to Allan's daughter.

Tom: What daughter?

Our first view of Elizabeth -- she is standing still, looking out of a window and, on a signal (presumably as someone approaches), turns toward the camera. She is wearing a black crepe Victorian mourning dress. Her brown hair is pinned up and her eyes are grey.

Nemo's voice-over: Elizabeth is the last surviving Quatermain.

The camera pans from the League, standing in a group, through a formal sitting room and stops on Elizabeth at the other end. She is seated in an arch-backed chair, looking politely puzzled.

Elizabeth: Forgive me, but who did you say you are?

(LXG logo appears onscreen.)

Narrator voice-over: The League is back.

A handwritten letter is seen in Elizabeth's hands.

Elizabeth's voice-over: It's the last letter I ever received from him. He wants me to go to Paris and find some kind of key.

Shot of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It is mid-afternoon, sunny; birds are flying past the steeples.

Narrator voice-over: In the city of lights, darkness...

Scene of a darkened street near a harbor. The lowing of a tugboat can be heard.

Narrator voice-over: calling for blood.

(The LXG theme music begins to play. The logo of "The Vampire" appears.)

A cluster of bats melts into the form of Mina, standing on the parapets of Notre Dame.

(The logo of "The Beast" appears.)

Hyde smashes through a doorway in a warehouse, looking fierce.

(The logo of "The Scientist" appears.)

Nemo is seen at his long table, comparing two documents.

(The logo of "The Spy" appears.)

Tom leaps off of a railing on the deck of the mostly-submerged Nautilus, plunging toward the ocean.

(The logo of "The Rogue" appears.)

Two shadowy figures are fighting; both appear to be invisible men with dirt smudges on arms and legs.

(A similar logo to the others appears; this one reads "The Historian.")

Elizabeth is sitting at a desk facing the camera, writing in her diary; her hair is unbound and she appears to be wearing a dressing-gown. She suddenly glances up, looking startled.

(The LXG logo reappears, with the addition of a silver number 2. The theme music stops.)

Narrator voice-over: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Legacy of the Great White Hunter, rated PG.

Scene of Skinner and Elizabeth in Elizabeth's room, talking. Skinner takes the diary off her desk.

Skinner: What's this? The private diary of Elizabeth Quatermain?

She gives him a look which is half irritated, half amused. The image cuts to a black screen with silver writing naming the cast, director, writers, etc.

Narrator voice-over: Starts Friday.