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This is a fanfiction to after the Digidestined defeated MaloMyotismon 25 years ago. Now their children have to defeat a new evil that is about to attack the Digital World. Couples include Taiora, Sorato, Mimi/Michael, slight Takari and Ken/Yolei

Digimon the next Generation

Chapter 1: Blast from the Past

Kari: Hi it's me Kari. 25 years have passed since we defeated MaloMyotismon. A lot has changed between us since then and I am here to explain why

Tai and Sora are now finally together, Tai a politician for the Digital World and Sora a fashion designer. But it wasn't always this way. Tai was married to a young English rose called Anne and Sora married Matt. They each had one child, Tai a girl called Dawn and Sora a girl called Louisa. But sadly Anne died of cancer when Dawn was 2 and Sora and Matt divorced because of Matt always going on business trips for his astronaut Tai flew back to England and adopted Dawn to a young couple called Takato and Jeri. Sora comforted him and they ended up getting married and now have 2 children a girl called Kimberly who is 10 and a boy called Ben who is 5. Sora still keeps in contact with Louisa who is 14 but Tai isn't happy about it.

Izzy is married to a young woman named Maria who he met while in a coffee plaza one day. Izzy is a computer technician in the Digital World, which Maria doesn't know about. They have a son 13 years old named Peter

Joe married Star a diplomat in the Digital World. Joe is the Digital Worlds first doctor and met Star through his brother Jim. They have 1 son called Cameron who is 13

Mimi is a world famous cookery presenter and married Michael who became a famous actor. They have one child a girl called Isabella who is 10

TK married Catherine and has one child called Ashley who is 11. TK is a world famous novelist as has written hundreds of books about our adventures in the Digital World.

Davis finally became a noodle cart owner and married Leanne who he met one day while serving. They have one child a son called Joseph who is 8 but suddenly after Joseph was born Leanne divorced Davis

Yolei and Ken married and have 3 children 2 boys called Tony and Stuart who are 8 and 5 and a girl called Naomi who is 10. Yolei is a full time housewive and Ken is a detective.

Cody is a lawyer and married Michelle a female judge he met while working on a case. They have one child a daughter called Nicole who is 13 but Michelle did when Nicole was 3 in a car accident.

But what about me? Well I am a teacher, I married a fellow teacher called James and we have a 11 year old girl called Katie. James doesn't know about the Digital World and I have a funny feeling we will be called upon very soon to save it once again

(It was a bright sunny day in the Digital World. Not a cloud was in the sky. But suddenly…)

"Help Isabella is on our tail!" Elecmon yelled as he darted between the trees. A tall brown haired girl chuckled evilly as she brought her whip down on the startled Elecmon as he began to moan in pain

"You don't escape me for long!" she cackled" I am the great Isabella Takiwara and I will have soon every Digimon in the Digital World" she laughed as Elecmon moaned

(Back in the Real World Tai and Sora were sat at the kitchen table waiting for Kim and Ben to get ready so they could go to TKs house for the reunion of the Digidestined)

"Kim hurry up!" Sora yelled up the stairs to her daughter "And is Ben with you?" she added as an afterthought

(Kim stuck her head between the banister. She is a tomboy like her mother and loves to play football even though the local primary school banned girls from going in the boys football team)

"Bens got a stomach ache!" Kim shot back to her mother "He wants you not me"

(Sora groaned then walked back to the kitchen where Tai was sat eating toast)

"Bens got a stomach ache" she sighed "Kim is nearly ready so we just need to wait for Kari and Katie)

"Ok" Tai mumbled putting another piece of toast into his mouth. Sora then bumped into Kim who entered the kitchen dressed in a purple top and sparkly jeans)

"Sorry mum!" Kim apologised then sat next to her father. A few minutes passed then the doorbell rang

"Ill get that!" Kim yelled as she raced for the front door. Standing there were her aunt Kari and her cousin Katie

"Hi Katie!" Kim grinned as they entered the living room "Hi Aunt Kari" she smiled

"Hi Kim" Kari smiled "Where is your mother and father?" she asked

"Mums upstairs with Ben just getting him ready and dad is in the kitchen just having some breakfast" Kim laughed

"Is he not ready yet?" Kari sighed crossing her arms. Katie laughed at her mother's antics

"He is ready but he wants more food. He is so greedy" Kim smiled. Suddenly Ben entered the living room with Sora dressed in a Manchester United top and blue jeans. He glanced at Kari and Katie and gave a small smile

"Tai!" Sora yelled, "We are all ready to go we are only waiting for you!" she exclaimed

"I'm coming" Tai muttered walking into the living room putting his coat on and glancing out of the room "Man the weather has certainly changed since this morning" he commented to Kari

"I know!" Kari smiled "When I was dressing Katie it was really hot now it is pouring down"

(Kari, Katie, Tai, Sora, Kim and Ben each got into the car and drove off down the road, not noticing the flashes of lightening that were in the air)

(Half an hour later the 3 adults and 3 children parked up outside TKs apartment. All of them got out and Kari pressed the intercom button)

"Who is it?" Tks voice replied

"Its Kari, Tai, Sora and the children" Kari replied

"Come on up" TK replied then the door open. Tai, Sora, Kari, Kim, Ben and Katie all ran up the steps dripping wet. They opened the door and walked into the apartment)

"Hi!" TK smiled hugging Kari then Shaking Tai and Soras hands "How are you I haven't see you in ages" he grinned

"I'm fine thanks," Kari whispered smiling

"The kids can go to Ashley's room" Catherine broke the silence "Izzy has come as well he just popped out"

(Katie, Kim and Ben entered Ashley's room where Ashley was shooting some hoops. A 13 year old boy was there as well typing on a computer)

"Hi Katie!" Ashley smiled hugging Katie "And hi Kim as well" he laughed

"Thanks for the warm welcome" Kim said sarcastic

"This must be your little brother" Ashley grinned at Ben "What's your name?" he asked

(Ben whimpered and ran behind Kim. Kim sighed)

"He is a little edgy around strangers," she whispered to Ashley "Who are you?" she asked noticing the boy in the corner

"Oh sorry" Peter replied "I am Peter Izumi, I know Ashley already but who are you?" he asked Katie, Kim and Ben

"Well I'm Katie Kamiya" Katie smiled "And these are my cousins Kim and Ben," she pointed to each one in turn

"Pleased to meet you" Peter shook Kim's hand then knelt down beside Ben "Hiya" he grinned

(Ben gave him a strange look)

"Well it was worth a try?" Peter shrugged

(An hour has passed and everyone had turned up apart from Matt and Louisa who were away on a space mission and Mimi, Michael and Isabella because they were away in New York for an audition for Michael. All the kids were talking among themselves apart from Peter who was sat in the corner of the room typing on his labtop. TK then stuck his head around the corner)

"Is everyone having fun?" he asked the children

"Yay!" Ben and Stuart cheered jumping up and down. Tony gave a hard stare at his younger brother

"Dad!" Ashley complained, "You don't need to keep popping in and asking us if we are ok. We aren't babies no more"

"Well actually Ash these 2 are babies" Kim laughing pointing at Ben and Stuart. Ben heard the comment and poked his tongue out at his older sister

TK laughed "Well we will call you in when the meal is ready" and with that he closed the door behind him

(Suddenly a flash of light came from Peter's computer and 11 devices flew out of the computer each landing in one of the children's laps. Kim picked up hers, which was purple and looked at it)

"W.what are these," she said quietly. Naomi also picked up her cherry one and looked at hers

"I dunno" Naomi replied, "They look like a cross between a walkie talkie and a computer device" the purple haired girl glanced at Kim

"Well whatever they are they are cool!" Tony exclaimed looking at his turquoise one. Peter held up his brown coloured device and looked at his labtop which had a portal opened on it

"Call me stupid" Peter murmured "But do these devices help you to go through the portal." Nicole who was behind Peter clutched her black device in her hand and held it up to the screen. A white light came on the screen and pulled Nicole through the portal

"It does work!" Peter gasped, "Nicole just held her device to the screen and it took her through. I better go and get her!" he exclaimed

"If you're going I'm coming with you!" Cameron nodded grasping his blue device in his hand

(Cameron and Peter held their devices to the screen and both were sucked through the portal)

"Well what now!" Kim muttered, "We can't just stay here and do nothing"

"Kim what if our parents come" Katie replied, "They will have wondered where we have gone"

"If your staying here but I'm not!" Kim exclaimed "And neither is Ben"

"And im going too" Naomi nodded "And so is Stuart and Tony"

"I better come too" Joseph murmured standing up

"Well" Ashley glanced at Katie "Are you coming?"

"I guess" Katie murmured clutching her pink device

(Kim, Ben, Ashley, Katie, Joseph, Tony, Naomi and Stuart all held their devices to the screen and with a flash of light took them out of Ashley's room. A few minutes after that Kari came into the bedroom)

"Kids" she replied, "The meal is ready"

(She noticed the computer screen was on and looked at it once then again)

"N.no" she whispered, "It can't be. They can't have gone to the Digital World)

(Kim sat up and rubbed her eyes. She then looked and saw a pink bird like creature sitting on her stomach. Kim rubbed her eyes again to make sure she wasn't dreaming)

"Ahh!" she screamed jumping up. The bird flew up once into the air and landed on Kim's shoulder

"Don't be scared" she spoke softly "I know you are afraid Kim but really there is nothing to be scared off"

"W.who are you" Kim stuttered, "Where am I and how do you know my name"

"I have been waiting for you Kim for many years now" the bird replied "I am your partner like my mother was your mothers partner. You are in the Digital World and you are a Digidestined"

"A digi-What?" Kim croaked out. Suddenly Ben ran up to Kim and clutched her leg. Following him was a large orange creature

"I told you Ben I am your partner" the orange lizard spoke grinning

"Me don't like!" Ben wailed crying. Agumon sighed

(Suddenly the other children came running up to Kim and Ben each with a different creature Peter had a insect creature, Cameron had a sea animal clung to him Ashley and Katie had a yellow bat like pig floating above Ashley's head and Katie had a white cat clung to her. Joseph was talking nineteen to the dozen to a blue lizard while Naomi had a red bird creature. Tony and Stuart had green insect creatures while Nicole was looking at an armadillo monster)

"Kim you came too!" Katie exclaimed glancing at the cat creature in her arms

"Of course you would" the orange lizard creature stood by Ben announced, "All children of the Digidestined are selected to come here. I'm Agumon by the way" he smiled at Ben who looked in shock

"And I'm Biyomon" the pink bird type creature smiled at Kim flapping her wings

"Call me Tentomon," the insect creature buzzed around Peter

"I'm Gomamon!" the sea animal grinned bouncing up and down on Cameron's lap

"Patamon and Gatomon at your service" the bat pig and cat replied at Ashley and Katie

"I'm Veemon but you can just call me Veemon" Veemon grinned at Joseph who looked at him in shock

"I'm Hawkmon," the red bird purred at Naomi who simply smiled

"I'm Wormon," the 2 Wormon laughed at Tony and Stuart

"And im Armadilomon" Armadilomon smiled at Nicole

"How can our parents come here" Katie replied "I mean I've never seen a cat like that around my house"

"They used to come" Biyomon replied "But lately since they gave birth to you they haven't had any time to come. But the reason you have come because the Digital World is in danger!" she exclaimed

(Suddenly a rumble in the distance could be here and a Digimon came into the distance)

"Help!" Agumon exclaimed "Its Snimon run!" he yelled
(The Digidestined and their Digimon all broke off down the dusty path as the Snimon chased them. They ran and ran until they stopped at the edge of a cliff face with only a lake at the bottom)

"We can't run anymore!" Katie yelled clutching Gatomon "It's the end!"

"We will just have to taste defeat," Naomi muttered

"I haven't done everything that I wanna do" Ben cried clutching Agumon

"No!" Kim yelled, "We can't just give up like this there has to be a way to defeat this monster!" I wont give up!"

(As she said this all of the Digidestined digivices except for Katie, Joseph, Naomi, Tony, Stuart and Nicole's began to glow as so did the Digimon)

"W.whats happening!" Ben mumbled






(The 5 champion Digimon looked at Snimon with evil looks on their faces. Snimon gulped and took a step back)

"Nova blast!" Greymon exclaimed breathing fire at Snimon

"Harpoon Torpedo!" Ikkakumon shot one of his many torpedos at Snimon which had a direct hit

"Hand of Fate!" Angemon drew light from his fist, which drew a direct hit on Snimon

"Yeah!" Ashley cheered jumping around

"Electro Shocker!" Kabuterimon exclaimed sending a bolt of electricity at Snimon. Snimon moaned in pain then began to be taken apart in pieces. The children watched as their Digimon de digivoled back to rookies then jumped across to their partners

"You were great Biyomon!" Kim grinned to her partner

"So.. What happens next?" Katie asked clutching Gatomon

(Suddenly on cue Naomi spotted an old man walking across the dusty road towards the children)

"Ah" Gennai apologized "Sorry about that I got caught up in business. But I see you got rid of Snimon pretty well"

"Yeah" Peter nodded smiling

"Good" Gennai bowed "Now if you will follow me to my house I will be able to explain everything to you"

(The Digidestined followed Gennai to his house where they went down the stairs in the lake which Ben and Stuart found cool. When they got to Gennais house they all sat on sofas and chairs while Gennai switched the screen on)

"30 years ago Tai, Sora, Matt, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, TK and Kari each landed in the Digital World and met their Digimon Partners. They then successfully defeated the Dark Masters and were able to return home. 4 years after that TK and Kari returned to the Digital World with a new team which consisted of Davis, Yolei and Cody, Ken joined the group at a later date because he was too busy being the Digimon Emperor" Gennai explained

(Naomi gasped in shock as so did Tony)

"So our father was evil!" Naomi whispered

"Yes. But don't worry he was made good in the end" Gennai smiled

(Naomi gave a sigh of relief)

"So you must have been sent for because there is a new evil in the Digital world," Gennai concluded

"Yeah Biyomon explained to us when we first landed here" Kim explained to Gennai

"We don't know who it is yet though" the old man replied

"Spooky" Stuart murmured

"Wont mum and dad be angry at us for going off without them" Ben whispered to Kim

"I don't think so" the red head laughed "But Gennai how do we get home?" she muttered

"You just go through one of the Digital Portals. In fact I have one here" Gennai replied typing in a code. A few minutes later a white light came on

"With the devices we had when we first came here?" Peter asked showing Gennai his brown one

"Yes Peter and they are called Digivices" Gennai replied

"Oh" Peter looked down on the ground

"Digi Port open!" Kim yelled. The rest of them held their digivices to the screen and within moments were transported back to the real world

(The Digidestined all landed on top of each other back in Ashley's bedroom)

"Get off me Ash!" Kim yelled straightening her hair

"We should put more cushions down next time" Tony joked

"We better go and tell our parents we are back" Katie replied

(The other children nodded and slowly opened the door. The other parents were sat on the sofa looking worried. Kari was the first to notice them and ran up and hugged Katie. The rest followed suit)

"Katie where have you been I was getting worried about you!" Kari exclaimed hugging her daughter

"Sorry mum" Katie hung her head

"We were in a fun place!" Stuart announced

"Oh were you now" Yolei said glaring at her son

"We were in the Digital world," Cameron announced looking straight at his father

(All the adults gasped)

"Are you sure Cam?" Joe asked his son

"Well were you a Digidestined then?" Cameron stared defitenly at his father

"I was" Joe admitted "I had a Gomamon for my partner"

"There you go then" Kim replied "Cam got a Gomamon and Joe is his father. It fits!" she announced

"What digimon did you get sweetie?" Sora asked Ben

"Agumon" Ben replied

"Like your father" Sora smiled "So I guess you got Biyomon then" she glanced at her daughter

"Yeah" Kim nodded "Like you" she laughed

(Stuart stifled a yawn)

"And on that note" Yolei replied picking up Stuart "Its time for us to go"

(All the Digidestined walked to the door and all filed into their cars)

"See you tomorrow at school Naomi!" Kim yelled to her friend from her car

"Yeah you too" the purple haired girl smiled

(The rest of the Digidestined and their children drove off leaving Ashley, TK and Catherine alone)

(Meanwhile in the Digital World Isabella had seen the full scene for herself)

"Fools" she said bitterly "So they think they can just come in here and walk around. Well they cant its permission only" she growled

"But miss" Palmon replied but was cut off

"Silence!" she glared at her Digimon "Ah I see we have a trespasser" she glanced at Louisa who had arrived in the Digital World and had just met Gabumon "I will set a trap for her and her half sister that they wont be happy with" she smirked

Who is Isabella and what does she have in store for the Digidestined? Find out next time on Digimon: Digital Monsters!