KIM: We were all put underneath a spell by MaloMyotismon to create our biggest fears. Luckily our parents rescued us and our Digimon digivoled to their highest forms. Now lets go and beat this creep before it's too late!

Digimon: The Next Generation Chapter 20: The final battle

(MaloMyotismon looked round at all the Digidestined who were standing on the ground and glared at them. He then jumped down off the cliff he was standing on and the Digidestined jumped back in shock but their Digimon stood protecting them from the mega Digimon)

"How dare you pathetic fools think you can beat me" his voice broke into an high pitched laugh and the Digidestined cringed holding their hands over their ears "You don't have enough power" he smirked

"We will just see about that!" Wargreymon broke into a fierce growl and started to move towards MaloMyotismon

" Be careful" Ben whispered clutching onto Kim's hand as he watched his mega Digimon move towards MaloMyotismon. MetalGarurumon, Phoniexmon, HerculesKabuterimon and Imperialdramon all followed WarGreymon until they reached MaloMyotismon

"Metal Wolf Claw!" Metal Garurumon called out his attack, letting out a cannon that hit MaloMyotismon full on. He fell to the ground cursing with pain as MetalGarurumon landed on his front paws

"Yeah!" Louisa and Ritchie exclaimed as MetalGarurumon gave a nod towards WarGreymon, which meant attack. WarGreymon nodded and charged forward

"Terra Force!" WarGreymon exclaimed shooting out a ball of fire, which melted the ice, that MetalGarurumon had frozen MaloMyotismon in. He then fired another ball of fire which hit Malomyotismon and smoke began to surround the mega Digimon

"Yay!" Ben and Stuart cheered as the smoke wasn't disappearing.

"That was quick" Kim murmured

"Not that quick" Naomi muttered nervously. Suddenly MaloMyotismon emerged from the smoke without a scratch from the two attacks

"How can that be!"? Kim exclaimed angrily

"Screaming Darkness!" MaloMyotismon shot out an dark bundle of energy which hit Phoniexmon and HerculesKabuterimon full on. Moaning in pain they de digivoled back to Montimon and Yokomon. Kim and Peter raced forward towards their partners

"Yokomon!" Kim cried, "Are you ok?" she asked the intraining Digimon. Yokomon nodded

"I'm fine," she said weakly "I just think that I have let you down," she cried

"You haven't let anyone down" Kim smiled.

"Are you ok?" Peter asked nervously holding onto the pink digimon who was still unconscious. Montimon opened one eye and smiled

"Fine, Fine" Montimon said weakly. Peter glanced at Cameron pleading for Zudmon to join the battle

Cameron sighed and looked at Zudomon "Ok it's our turn Zudomon!" he exclaimed

"Whatever you wish Cameron" Zudomon growled. He then ran over to the 3 Mega Digimon who were still standing in the same place they had been when MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon had fired their attacks

"Zulcans hammer!" he exclaimed using his hammer to bring a white light straight onto MaloMyotismon. But he dodged it and Zudomon fell onto the ground

"Fool!" he growled, Soon MaloMyotismon sent out his attack straight at Zudomon, it wasn't going to miss. Zudomon lay sprawled out onto the ground watching the attack heading for him

"Zudomon!" Cameron cried knowing nothing wasn't going to work. Suddenly a bright light surrounded Zudomon, and a card flew towards Cameron as Zudomon shrank back to Gomamon

"Its your mega card!" Peter grinned. Cameron smiled then swiped his card through his Digivice. Gomamon then began to glow again


(The bright light stopped and Cameron cleared his eyes. Instead of Gomamon standing there was a pink animal with wings floating around. The pink creature then floated towards Cameron)

"Who.. who are you" Cameron stuttered shielding his eyes from the bright light

"I am Gomamons mega, MarineAngemon" the Digimon chirped floating down to the ground. He then jumped down and faced MaloMyotismon who was still staring at him

"What's a pathetic thing like that's going to do" Malomyotismon smirked at Marineangemon who also smirked at the vampire mega Digimon

"Ocean love!" it shouted and blew a pink bubble at MaloMyotismon and hit it full on. Malomyotismon moaned in pain as Cameron smirked

"That's what it can do," he shouted in frustration as he pumped his fist in the air

"What about us giving it a shot!" Nicole nodded to Ashley who gave the older girl a small smile

"Ok" Ashley shrugged as he glanced at Katie and Naomi who also nodded. The 4 Digidestined gave the nod for their Digimon to join the battle

(Aqualimon, Anklomon, Angemon and Angewomon all raced forward to join the other Digimon who were on the battle field. Rapimon, WarGrowlmon, Justimon, Lillymon, and puttimon were still on the sidelines. But suddenly)

"Screaming Darkness!"MaloMyotismon shouted at the 4 champions. Aqualiamon and Anklomon ducked and Angemon flew up into the sky. But Angewomon didn't have the same luck; she screamed in pain as she de digivoled to Gatomon and lay on the battlefield moaning in pain from the attack

"Gatomon!" Katie exclaimed running over to her friend and holding her." Are you ok?" she asked concerned

"I'm fine" Gatomon said weakly. Suddenly a bright light surrounded Gatomon and Aquliamon who was helping Anklomon. 4 cards flew down towards Naomi and Katie who caught them. They were the same colour as their digivices were and had the words DNA digivoution on them

"What are these?" Naomi asked puzzled. Tony ran over to his older sister and grinned at her

"They are DNA digivolution cards" Tony smiled "If you swipe them at the same time they will DNA digivole"

"Its worth a shot" Katie mused holding onto Gatomon. Naomi nodded and the 2 girls swiped their cards at the same time, Gatomon and Aqualiamon then began to glow




(The DNA Digimon jumped down to face MaloMyotismon who was watching them with a horrified look on his face)

"Static force!" Silphymon threw a ball of pink energy at MaloMyotismon who hit it full on. MaloMyotismon glared at the DNA Digimon

"Lillymon do you want to join the battle?" Isabella asked her partner Digimon

"Yes!" Lillymon nodded as she flew off towards the battle

"Flower Cannon!" she exclaimed as she thrust a flower at Malomyotismon. It didn't affect him what so ever and Isabella cursed under her breath

"Static force!" Silphymon threw another ball of pink energy at MaloMyotismon who got hit in the face. Sliphymon smirked and flew off so that he didn't get hit by one of Malomyotismons attacks

"Screaming Darkness!" Malomyotismon thrust another ball of dark energy at Wargrowlmon who has joined the battle. It hit him full on and de digivoled back to Gulimon and Dawn raced forward towards her partner

"Gulimon!" Dawn exclaimed. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine" Gulimon murmured clutching onto Dawn

"Screaming Darkness!" Malomyotismon cackled aiming at Angemon. Suddenly the attack stopped in mid air and Ashley and Nicole noticed two cards floating down towards them

"Another set of DNA cards" Nicole gasped

"I guess they are for us" Ashley shrugged, Nicole nodded and they both swiped them through their digivices. Angemon and Anklomon then began to glow




(Shakkoumon floated down and stood next to Silphymon who was busy throwing attacks at MaloMyotismon)

"Justice Beam!" he exclaimed sending a bomb at MaloMyotismon. Inside he began to cough and splutter but on outside her began to smirk

"Screaming Darkness!" MaloMyotismon exclaimed with as much energy as he could muster. Lillymon got hit in the process and de digivoled back to Palmon

"Palmon!" Isabella exclaimed running towards her partner" Are you ok"

"Fine" Palmon murmured with her eyes closed

"How did he get all that energy back?" Kim questioned turning to Louisa who was watching MetalGarurumon throw an attack towards MaloMyotismon

"I have no idea!" Louisa exclaimed giving Kim a dirty look

"Ocean love!" Marineangemon shot out a bubble at MaloMyotismon but managed to pop it and give an evil look at Marineangemon

"Marineangemon watch out!" Cameron cried as his Digimon was in danger. Palmon woke up from her trance

"Ill help" Palmon muttered jumping out of Isabella's arms and walking out onto the field

"Palmon no!" Isabella cried as she noticed what her Digimon was doing. Kim and Naomi also watched with horrified looks on their faces

"Well I can get rid of two for the price of one" MaloMyotismon smirked "Screaming Darkness" he threw his attack at the two of them. Palmon jumped in front of Marine Angemon and waited for the attack to hit her

"Palmon!" Isabella started to cry. Suddenly a card floated down towards Isabella and she picked it up in front of her

"A mega card" she murmured. Isabella then swiped it through her Digivice and Palmon began to glow


(A new Digimon stood face to face with Isabella. MarineAngemon managed to dodge the attack as Palmon had blocked it)

"Rose!" Kim gasped

"Mon!" Isabella finished the sentence off

"Right" Peter gathered the group together. "Who do we have left?" he asked

"The 3 DNA" Naomi replied

"Wargreymon" Kim answered

"MetalGarurumon and Justimon" Louisa and Ritchie replied

"Rosemon and Marineangemon" Cameron and Isabellla replied

"And Rapimon" Kirsten finished

"I think that might be enough" Peter whispered, "If" he replied, "We all put our attacks together

(Peter began to whisper the plan to the group as MaloMyotismon watched them smirking)

"Ready" Peter whispered to Shakkoumon who nodded

"Justice Beams!" he cried swooping down and thrusting a bomb into MaloMyotismons face. He began to cough and splutter

"Static force!" Silphymon shouted

"Oceans love!" Marineangemon added to the pink energy and thrust that in MaloMyotismons face when he wasn't looking"

"Rapid fire!" Rapimon shot 3 beams of energy at MaloMyotismon who moaned in pain

"Metal Wolf claw!" Metal Garurumon shot a beam of ice at MaloMyotismon who stood rooted to the spot

"Justice kick!" Justimon added to the mixture

"Mega Crusher!" Imperildramon swooped down and hit MaloMyotismon

"Yeah!" both Joseph and Tony exclaimed high fiving one another

"Thorn Whipping!" Rosemon shot one of her vines at MaloMyotismon who got pinned to the tree

"Terra force!" Wargreymon shot all their attacks back at MaloMyotismon; got them all in a ball then fired it back at MaloMyotismon. The Digidestimed all bit their lips

"Ahhhhhh" MaloMyotismon exclaimed as the ball hit him straight on. He then began to go into little pieces

"Is that it?" Kim whispered

(The Digimon then all began to de digivole. First Koromon, Tsunomon,Tanemon, Bukamon, Tokomon and Salamon all bounced over to Ben, Louisa, Isabella, Cameron, Ashley and Katie. Demi Veemon, Leafmon, Poramon Upamon, Wormon, Cybradramon and Gummymon all bounced over to their partners)

"We are all so proud of you" Ben hugged Koramon

"And we are proud of you" a voice came over the horizon. All the Digidestined turned around and saw their parents coming. They all ran and hugged their parents except Ritchie who hugged Takato and Jeri

(2 hours had passed they had defeated MaloMyotismon and they had all digivoled back to their rookie or in Gatomons case champion form. Katie noticed Gennai coming)

"What does Gennai want"? She mumbled to Kim who was bouncing a ball across the tree

"Don't know" Kim shrugged

(Gennai walked over to the group)

"Greetings" he announced "I have some bad news though, you see when you defeated MaloMyotismon when he got defeated all the black energy surrounding the Digital World all went. It needs to be fixed so the gate must be closed" he sadly said

"When?" Kim asked

"In 15 minutes"! Gennai replied as the looks on the Digidestined faces went from happy to sad

(15 minutes had gone and the Digidestined were saying goodbye to their Digimon)

"I will miss you" Kirsten sadly said to Terrimon. She then left him on the ground and walked over to TK and Kari

"Bye" Ritchie patted Cybradramons head. Louisa hugged Gabumon then ran to Ritchies arms then sobbed. They were stood with Takato, Jeri and Matt

"Bye" Nicole sniffed as she hugged Armadilomon then ran across to her father who embraced her

"Who will we play with?" Joseph and Tony cried as they hugged their Digimon

"With each other of course" Wormon smiled. Veemon hugged Joseph they then ran across to their fathers

"I will really really miss you" Katie sobbed into Gatomons fur. Ashley gave Patamon an pat on the head an a hug then raced over to their parents who they then hugged their children

(Isabella sniffed a lot but hugged Palmon. She then ran across to her mother who was also crying as well)

"Bye Gomamon" Cameron waved

"Bye Tentomon!" Peter waved

(Peter and Cameron then ran across to their fathers. Dawn hugged Gulimon then ran across to Tai who hugged her. Stuart and Naomi then hugged Wormon and Hawkmon, then ran to their mother and father. Kim and Ben then walked up to Agumon and Biyomon

"What am I to do" Ben wailed, "Who will I play football with now"

"Cheer up" Agumon smiled at his partner. Kim turned to Biyomon

"We will see each other one day I am sure" she smiled with a sniff

"Of course" Biyomon replied as she hugged her partner. Ben, and Kim then ran over to Tai and Sora who hugged their children. They all then held their digivices to the portal

" "Bye!" all the Digidestined called as they all got sucked into the portal. The picture freezed as we saw all the Digimon waving towards their partners

Kim: Well that's the end of our adventures but im sure that's not the last time I will see Agumon and Biyomon. We will soon see them I am sure but when I have no idea

AU: Well that's the end of my editing and I think it is better than the original. Maybe at Christmas time I will edit 6 years later or before that if I have some spare time from uni