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The Reason

The Final Story

When Tai awoke again he found that Kari was back and Joe had disappeared off somewhere. He also found, with great pleasure, that Sora was awake. He still could not see her because of the machine to his left, but he could hear her voice as she spoke to Kari. His sister was sitting in between the two beds, obviously knowing that both of them were going to be awake at the same time.

"Hey Tai, you're awake again!" Kari exclaimed as soon as he opened his eyes. He did not know how she had been able to pre-empt his movements, but it did not matter much.

"Tai?" Sora asked, sounding extremely happy. Tai's heart soared at the sound. Even though she was obviously alive, he was thanking his lucky stars that she was. His life in his 'dream' had been so terrible. It had been a life without Sora. By knowing what it felt like to have lost her, he was determined to make sure that it never happened again. He would have sat up so that he could see over the machine but his side was aching too much.

"I'm here Sora," there did not seem to be anything more that he had to say at that point in time. Sora felt so relieved when he had told her that he was there. She had thought that she had lost him and it was the worst feeling that she had ever had to deal with. Tai was her life and without him she had felt empty, as though her life did not really have a meaning.

"I know," she replied, feeling as though that one sentence of his had filled her life with a purpose, and that purpose was to make sure she never lost him again. She slowly sat up, feeling fine. She did not have anything really wrong with her other than the slight concussion that she had had before she had gone into a coma. From her seated position she could see Tai. He was lying pretty still, but he was looking her way. His right leg looked pretty bashed up as it was wrapped up in layers and layers of bandages. His right arm was in a cast and from the looks of his injuries he had probably sustained them all from when the car collided into his right hand side. As she was in a seated position she was taller than the machine on her right. He could see her face from where he was, and he grinned. Even though he had gone through a lot of emotional pain in his coma, it was only a memory now. Seeing Sora had erased all of it. There was a content silence in the room as both of them realised how close they had come to losing something extremely important…

A few weeks later they were both out of hospital and their lives were slowly getting back to normal once again. Sora had been almost completely back to normal, getting out of hospital three days after waking up from her coma. Tai took a bit longer, the injuries he had sustained from his side being the main reason he had to stay. Once they were both finally out of hospital though, they were plagued with work from their respective Uni classes and spending time with their families. In fact the only time that they really had to spend with their friends in the first week out of hospital was late on a Sunday afternoon. They met at the park, where they usually held all of their meetings. It was an easy spot where they could all get to.

"Ah, so our almost-dead-friends are back… just when we were starting to notice that you were gone," Matt joked badly as Sora and Tai finally arrived at the meeting.

"Ha ha Matt, very funny," Tai replied a little dryly, getting sick of the same type of joke. He had been hearing things like that from everyone since he had gotten out of hospital. They settled down and talked about the odd thing or two that had happened in the 'real' world whilst Tai and Sora were in their comas, as well as giving updates on the Digital World. By that stage Izzy's patience had run out. He wanted answers.

"So guys, what happens when you're in a coma?" he had been dying to ask that question ever since he had heard that they had woken up. He wanted to see if he could find a parallel from the 'real' world to the world of the coma. Tai and Sora looked at each other and shrugged.

"I have a feeling that although we were both in a coma the things that happened were different but similar," Tai struggled to explain it. He knew what he meant, but the problem was that the others didn't.

"What Tai is meaning to say is that in a coma you go into a world of… "What could have happened." You end up going through a part of a life that is not real, but what could have been. Do you know what I mean?" there was a short pause and then Izzy nodded a little thoughtfully.

"I think I get it… but what happened in your 'other life?'"

"Well… I think that that is where there is a major difference, but the storyline would probably be similar," Tai explained, struggling to find the correct words, "In my 'other life'… it wasn't very nice. It was a world in which Sora died in the accident. I was a paraplegic and I ended up being a soccer coach for the high school team. On the last year that I could se my 'other life' I was the coach of a boy named Taichi. Unlike me though, he was really bad at soccer and he kept on blaming it on me. It turned out that he was Gary's son and yeah… the rest wasn't all that interesting." He did not really want them to know about his emotional state afterwards. It was embarrassing the way he had fallen apart, but he realised that it had been a good thing. He had just waited too long to do so.

"So your entire 'other life' extended from where the accident left off, but Sora was dead and Gary wasn't?" Joe too was fascinated in the subject. He had seen countless patients wake from comas, very confused, as if they had grown up to be older than what they were. To hear the actual story of someone's 'other life' fascinated him.

"Yeah, I guess you can say that," Tai shrugged, wincing a little as he forgot about his sore shoulder. Sora shot him a concerned glance, but he smiled to reassure her. Kari observed this and thought that they were the cutest couple. They did things for each other without even noticing that they were doing it. It was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

"My 'other life' was pretty much like that, except that I wasn't injured really and I ended up as a teacher. I happened to teach a girl called Lizzie who happened to be Gary's daughter in the end," she too did not want them to know about her emotional turmoil. She thought that it was enough that she had had to go through it and she also thought that they would gather that she had been sad in her 'other life.'

"What happened before you woke up?" T.K was scribbling some things down in a small notebook. Both Tai and Sora grinned inwardly as they remembered that T.K had been a writer in their 'other lives.' It seemed that some things were universal.

"I just spoke to Gary and then… I woke up."

"Yeah, that happened to me too. I think I actually fell out of my wheelchair just before I woke up, but I can never be sure."

"So you spoke to Gary and then you woke up… that doesn't sound very interesting," T.K grumbled a little, "It makes it seem like a coma has no purpose."

"But that's where you're wrong T.K. I don't really know how, but we managed to have the same sort of storyline to our 'other lives' and we also managed to pick a few things up from this world. How were we supposed to know before the accident that Gary had a daughter and a son, as well as their names? We couldn't have known and yet we managed to incorporate them into our 'other lives.' We didn't know that T.K was wanting to be a writer, but it seems like he does now and he did there. But the ending did have a point…"

"…it was just that we didn't tell you the whole story. We lived through approximately six years there and in all of those years we did not see Gary at all… until near the end. That was when we… we didn't exactly yell at him, but we were not very polite either. But it taught us that an accident is never an accident if someone is behaving recklessly. But the main thing about it was that you are never 'over' something until you have confronted it. Once we confronted the main problem, we got over it and then woke up. It was very simple and yet complicated at the same time," Mimi was amazed at how Sora had smoothly taken over from Tai. They had obviously spoken about it before. Mimi was close to Joe, but she had never been able to finish off his sentences. Then again, Sora and Tai had always been especially close.

"I see. So the whole point of a coma is to teach you something deep and meaningful?" Matt sounded a little skeptical of the whole idea. One could see him promising himself never to fall into a coma.

"I suppose you could say that. But it's also about healing the body, right Joe?"

"Yeah, that's right. I would go into a long explanation but… you know what it is about," Joe pushed his glasses back up his nose, for once not willing to bore them.

"So that's all there is to a coma?" Kari sounded a little disappointed.

"Yeah, that's all there is to it. But I'm just bloody glad that it is over," Tai agreed, pulling Sora a little closer as if afraid to lose her. But he did not have to worry because she was never planning on losing him either.

The End

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