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Down With Love

Chapter 1

What's Love Got to Do with It?


All my life I've put up with men and what do I get for it? Nothing! What? You don't know what I'm talking about? Hmm…Don't worry you will.

I'm Serena Stone writer of Down with Love. I've just moved from Nashville, Tennessee to New York. What do you mean you haven't read it? Hff! Sit back and relax. This might take awhile.

Men only think about three things:

sex, sex, and S-e-x!

Of course they like to think that they are the only one's out there. I think men and women need to be equal in and out of the work place. And that is what my book is dedicated to. Showing women they don't need love to have sex whenever with whomever they want.

Interested? Good. Try and keep up.

It was happening again…I can't get a cab in this city to save my life. "Taxi….Taxi…TAXIII!!!!"


Serena sat down and nodded to the driver. "Thanks."

"No problem lady. So, where to?" He turned around and started to pull off. She pulled out the paper with the address and phone number on it. "Umm…let's see…LGM on 39th and Lennox." She wrinkled her nose.

She arrived with 2 minuets to spare at Love Goddess Management. As she walked through the door she froze in awe. It wasn't anything like she imagined.

She imagined a little reception desk with a little receptionist and some potted plants maybe but this? This was unbelievable. She didn't think the building was this big let alone this nice.

The whole layout was done in soft pastel colors of yellow and orange and soothing music was playing in the background. The floor was white marble with swirls of yellow in it. Was she in the right building? She couldn't be. This was too much.

Serena walked up to the reception desk and saw no one there. She tapped the bell once to get someone's attention. DING. BAM! "Ouch. Dammit! I knew I should have gotten rid of that damn bell." A voice under the desk said.

"Hello? Is someone down there." She peeked over the desk…to have a red head come up and smack her in the chin. Shit! That had hurt. Was this girl the receptionist?

"Ow. Oh my god I'm so sorry are you hurt Miss…"

"Stone. Call me Serena." She offered her hand.

"I'm Molly Baker. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry was there something you needed?" she raised her gaze to Serena's face. She was starting to like this blonde. What? Shit! She almost forgot. "Yes, I need to see Mina Howard. I'm sorta late for a meeting with her" she grinned sheepishly.

The red-head, Molly, smiled politely. "Just go into the elevator and you'll find her office on floor seventeen." She pointed to an elevator off to the left. "Believe me you CAN'T miss it."

She sighed in relief. "Thanks. I really appreciate it, Molly." She jogged away to the elevator. "No problem." she called back.

She reached the seventeenth floor and finally understood what Molly meant. You couldn't miss her office seeing how it was the only one on the whole freakin floor. This girl was living large.

"Miss Stone is that you? Please come in and have a seat." A bubbly voice called from in front of her. In a big leather yellow chair sat the love goddess herself, Mina Howard, founder and President of Love Goddess Management. Her blonde hair shone in the sun while her blue eyes examined Serena. Not bad. Not bad at all. This was going to be fun.

"It's good to finally put a face to the voice Miss Stone." She smiled a stunning smile.

"Call me Serena" she sat down across from her. This chair was fabulous. She could sit there all day. Damn her for wearing heels. Her feet were killing her!

"Only if you call me Mina" she joked. A big smile lit up her face. "I want to publish your book, Serena. It's about time we gave men and MM a run for their money" her eyes took on a dangerous glint.

"MM?" What or who the hell was MM.

"Male Management, Sere." They are the only competition LG management has. "Their star reporter is Darien Shields." Darien…why did the name sound so bloody familiar?

A knock came at the door and jostled her out of her thoughts.

"Come in."

Molly poked her head in and looked to Mina. When she saw me sitting there she smile and walked in. "Is there anything you need Miss Ho-I mean Mina?" she looked to the ground like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

"Molly you remember me telling you about the book Down with Love? Well, meet the infamous author, Serena Stone.

Molly picked her head up so fast Serena thought she was going to get whiplash.

"You-YOU'RE the author of Down with Love?!" she pointed her finger in disbelief.

Serena smiled a sunny smile. Molly was a doll. "The one and only." She could only suppress giggles fro so long looking at Molly's red face.

Mina cut in and addressed Molly. "I am going to publish Serena's book." Her eyes flashed with what could have been identified as guilt but it was gone as soon as she blinked. Anger did replace it though

"I heard that none of the male publishing companies would try your book because of what it represents." She frowned at the expression on Serena's face. Those bastards. She would get even.

Molly cast her eyes around the room. She was trying to focus on anything but Mina and Serena. "I've heard a lot about your book, Sere. But I'm afraid it's too late for me." She smiled a teary smile.

Serena's heart broke at watching molly suffer like that. "One thing you must remember about my book, Mol. It's NEVER too late." She gave her an encouraging smile.

Molly focused her gaze on Serena and smiled back. Things were going to be a lot different here from now on.

Later on Mina took Serena out to see the sites then showed her where she would be staying.

"Here you go, Sere. This is where you will be staying." She opened the door and let Serena go in. Sweet mother of all that is good and holy….THIS was where she would be staying?

She never even felt herself hit the ground.

"Sere….SERE….SERENA, WAKE UP!" Someone was shouting. Who was waking her up?

"Ungh. What the hell happened?" Why wasn't she in bed? Where was she? The she remembered. She sat up ramrod straight. BAM!

"Ouch! Shit Sere that hurt! Be careful. God!"

"Sorry." That was the last time I did that. Great. Now she needed and aspirin…bad.

"Wha-What happened?" she rubbed her head and sat up..slowly this time.

"Hff. You tell me, Sere. I push you through the door and the next thing I know you're on the floor." She mumbled something under her breath that Serena could have sworn sounded like she snored loud. Yeah right. She didn't snore. She followed that with a very unladylike snort.

"So…I'm guessin you like the place?" she shifted from foot to foot.

Serena stood up and looked around. The whole place was done in light blues with moons and stars. The kitchen was a chef's wet dream. As she wandered around she noticed the living room with big plush light blue chairs in front of a big fire place. Mina then showed her the bathroom. Good Googly Moogly! The tub was as big as a car! All that room for little old her?

She even had a balcony with a view of the park!

All of the condo was nice, but the icing on the cake was the master bedroom. Her window had a view of the buildings. Not great in the morning but at night the lights would be on. Now THAT was a site to behold.

The sheets were dark blue silk with silver stars and moons. And the bed had to be one of the biggest she had ever seen. You could fit at least 20 people on that monster of a bed. She felt the bed and knew she would never be able to go back to cotton ever again.

"Mina, I love it! Thank you for everything." She almost burst out into a fit of giggles…almost. As soon as Mina was gone she was gonna test this bad boy out on how well she could bounce on it

"Don't worry about it, Sere. You earned it. Get some rest cause tomorrow we go and brave the streets of New York!" She got that dangerous glint in her eye again. Serena was now familiar with that look and didn't like it.

"Umm Mina, love, why are we going to brave the streets of New York? What will we be doing?" she started to look panicked when Mina's eyes practically gleamed with promise.

"Why Sere, dear, all we are doing is meeting a stylist to help you with your look." Her look? What the hell was long with her look? Mina must have been able to tell she was flustered because she immediately apologized.

"Nothing is wrong with your look dear it just needs to….liven up a little." She examined her from head to toe. It wasn't too bad. She had on a beige business suit that had to be 2 sizes too big with her long golden blonde hair in a loose bun at the nape of her neck. The big no-no was the socks with worn high heels that had definitely seen better days. Oh boy. She needed some help. Soon.

"Don't worry Sere. For tomorrow we SHOP!" there was that dangerous glint again. Why did Serena have the feeling she was in for a long day tomorrow?

Well that's the end of my first chappie. Short. Really short. I know. But I thought I should just introduce the plot and establish the main characters role a little. Cause rite now im tired. This thing popped into my head as soon as my head hit the pillow. It is now 3:09 am I all I want to do is sleep. Just tell me if I should give up or at least finish the story. Luv u all. Holla at ur girl. KaK