Here's my first Gravitation fic! It won't be very long, maybe 3 or 4 chapters, so bear with me. It's rather AU, as you will see. I will try my best to keep in character.

Please note that I decided not to let Hiro be as neat as he is in the anime. Yupyupyup. A messy Hiroshi, how 'bout that?

And Then... chapter 1

I know its not going to be a good day, as I get off the motorbike and head towards the studio. The tension has been building for the last five days – longer than it usually stays unbroken.

Moments later, I open a door, dreading the next few hours. Suguru is at his keyboard, biting his lip. K leans against the wall, frowning, impatient. Sakano babbles over a depressed looking Shuichi. Nothing out of place so far. I smile, trying not to give any reason for anyone to break.

"Hiro-san..." I turn to K, putting on a mildly cheerful mask.

"Play me that solo entry."

"Ah... hai. Give me a moment to tune up."

While doing so I learn that Yuki wasn't there when Shuichi woke up this morning. Inwardly, I roll my eyes. I wake up alone too. Every morning. I've never complained about it... outwardly, at least.

"I'm ready."

The next half hour passes rather well. Shu soon returns to his normal hyper state, screaming something about selling millions of our new album. I begin to relax. Maybe it's over. After all, our popularity only grows... and so do our bank accounts. But...

"Damn it, Hiro!" The pink-haired vocalist screams.


"You're playing the wrong song! Concentrate, you Baka!"

I winced. "Gomen..."

The first blow came from K, who used the butt of his gun, hitting me low on my back and surprising me. I cry out and stumble forward. I know I have to stay on my feet...

No such luck. I'm not sure who, but someone kicks me, aiming for the back of my left knee. I fall and my knees hit the carpet beneath me. A fist hits the side of my head, making me cry out even louder. It's Shuichi's.

I struggle to my feet, but the singer kicks me, now to my stomach. I double over and drop to the floor again. I don't try to get up anymore. My breath comes in sobs. There's nothing I can do, nothing I will do, but wait it through. I bite my lip, crying.

Several minutes and multiple bruises later, Shuichi's face swims into view.



He grabs a fistful of my mahogany hair, and jerks up. I get to my feet, trembling. I can't blame them for this. I can't bring myself to. I stand there, wondering where my shirt went.

Something cool is pressed against my back. I tense up and hold my breath. Moments after I feel three quick slices against my flesh, over my right shoulder blade. The burning pain comes later, and I breathe in suddenly, and squeeze my eyes shut.

"Baka!" Shu lets go of my hair and punches me, in the stomach again. I gasp and he throws me to the floor – like a toy a child has lost interest in.

As I lie at his feet, my heart tears again. It doesn't break. No, not like that. Not a sudden pain, but a slow, even more painful one. I wonder... my heart must be nothing but scraps now. I've been enduring this for about a month... and even before, it wasn't perfect.

(Name.) gives a slight kick to my ribs, and I cry out again. But they leave me, and storm out of the room. Again I think of a forgotten toy.

I get to my feet, moaning. The white T-shirt I was wearing is torn. I stuff it in the trash, and pick up the denim jacket. I feel the blood from the cuts run against my back, so I get the T-shirt out again and wipe as much of it away as I can.

The denim rubs against my back, and I wince, but button the jacket up.

Picking up the guitar, I head out to my motorbike. I'm about to start the bike when I notice a note, stuck to the fuel tank in front of me. It's written in what looks like black eyeliner. Cheap black eyeliner.

Come over at 10. Shuichi won't be there.

-Yuki Eiri

Huh? Yuki? I'm too curious to consider refusing the invitation. I ride home to clean up.

After a shower, I put on a pair of acid-washed gray cargo pants and a tight long sleeved black top, which I pick at, kicking aside some of the mess on the floor.

I wish there was someone I could call, someone to talk to. But then again, even if there was someone, what would I say? I'd probably sit there, speechless, like the baka I am, throwing aside the opportunity.

Hours later, I get on my bike and speed away.

And I mean it, when I say speed away. I outride every car, every other bike. I switch lanes, dodge trucks. Just because I can and I like it. The road, the seat of the motorbike, seems to be the only place where I can be brave, where I can be free, where I can be proud, where I can be... well, myself.

Maybe I'm reckless. So sue me. With one hand I take off the helmet. I let the wind blow my dark, red-brown hair behind me. People in the cars beside me stare. Whatever. Soon they're behind me...

And then I stand in front of Yuki's house. Helmet under my arm, I head up and ring the bell.

He invites me in, and we sit at the couch. Something's different here... the unusual way in which he watches me... I shake it off. I haven't been around Yuki long enough for there to be a 'usual way' anyway.



"Uhhh... why..."

He turns to me, his blond hair covering his eyes, throwing dancing shadows across his face.

"I saw what they did to you this morning."

I wonder how to act. Startled, frightened...? I decide to pretend to be uncertain... well, maybe not pretend. I am uncertain. How? What was he doing in the studio? Waiting for Shuichi? No, then Shu wouldn't have been so upset in the morning.


"Why don't you tell anyone?"

"I... I... I can't."

"Why not?"

"It'll ruin Bad Luck if anyone finds out!"

"So you sacrifice yourself for your band? Baka."

I clench my fist. Indifferently, he watches me.

"You'll tell someone. If you don't, I will."

"Why do you care?" I step towards him, angry.

His expression doesn't change, but the tone of his voice does. "I saw what they did."

"You told me that already."

"They have no right to do that."

"Stop it, Yuki. Its none of your business..."

He grabs my arm. "Show me."


"Show me, your back. Where he cut you."

I realize I can't talk or force my way out of this. Yuki's grip is strong.

"Hai..." He lets go and I slip off the black shirt.

There are more than just today's bruises and scars there. I turn around and kneel before him, showing him my back. He runs his fingers down the three new scars. I shiver and my muscles tense. I close my eyes and focus only on the piece of skin that comes into contact with his fingertips...

"They'll heal... I don't think they'll leave a mark."

"Yuki...?" He sounds... relieved?


"I... I beg you... don't tell."

"Hiroshi." He seems to hesitate, but I barely notice. His fingers continue their dance against my bruised skin.

"I have to."

Jerking around, I shout at him.

"No you don't! You're just meddling around where you have no business to be..."

I trail off. He glares at me. I try to shake it off, but he gets closer. His breath, although faint, stirs some of the brown locks framing my face.

Yuki returns his hands to my body, still glaring. As his hands travel along my spine, I tremble. Suddenly, I want more of him. I want to grasp him, pull him closer...

My eyes grow wide. This is Shuuichi's boyfriend! I tell myself to stand up, push him away... but those thoughts dissolve under Yuki's fingers.

The novelist's face lingers centimeters away, and then suddenly, he is upon me.

His lips lock with mine and I close my eyes. His hands leave me, and I tremble, yearning for his touch again.

He laughs softly into the kiss, and then pulls away. "Looks like you're less righteous than I expected you to be..."

I gasp, his voice is husky, his eyes wild... it's... a different person. Yuki leans back, smirking, yes, smirking at me.

I tremble again. It's as if I'm instantly hooked on his touch, and the lack of it drives me insane...

I've never had to resist a temptation like this. Due to my lack of experience, I suppose, I give in. I launch myself against him, pinning him to the couch.

"Much less righteous..."

He runs a casual hand down my chest, past my stomach, to the edge of my pants and I suppress a moan.

"We only have an hour before our pink haired friend comes back..." He continues teasing me.

Realizing what he wanted to do, I start working on the buttons on his shirt. He purrs, and I feel my pants slipping off.

"I won't tell anyone about what they do to you..." Yuki continues. "And you don't tell Shuichi about tonight."

"So we pretend... that nothing happened?"

His shirt falls to the floor and he nods, pulling his fingers through my hair.

"And then...?"


Umm... I wasn't expecting it to happen that fast, XD. I've acquired a very fast-paced writing style since I wrote my last fanfic... Hee... Hiro/Yuki, meh?

Poor abused Hiroshi...

Ahh... And Yuki is OOC when he gets horny. So sue me.