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Dragon Scales

Chapter Nine: The Promise

I woke up and felt my stomach turn as I threw up into a can beside me. "And you awake," the woman beside me said.
I turned over to see Minerva McGonnigal sitting beside me. "Yeah," I rubbed my head. "What happened?"
"Mr. Anderson brought you in," she said.
I nodded. "I think I've caught that one," I said. "I meant what happened to me."
"Carrie... she and Mr. Smith put you in here. I don't know the whole story, but Katherine came in here saying that had put a drug to... end your life," she said.
"Ah," I said. "And she saved me?"
"I get the credit for saving you," she smiled lightly. "They're all gone now though, so don't worry."
"All? What?" I rubbed my head lightly.
"Conners, Anderson, Smith, Silvertongue. They've left," she said. "Well, Max was the only one that left on his own will."
"What happened to them? How long have I been out?" I asked.
She handed me a drink. "Only a couple days," she said. "Carrie and Charles have been arrested and Katherine's being held in our prison until Lucius decides what he wants to do."
"Did she turn herself in?" I asked.
"After she told me what happened to you," she said. "Could you imagine charging your own sister?"
"Could you imagine attacking you brother?" I asked. I realized I was just getting frustrated. "What happened to Max?"
"He left after Katherine went into prison," she responded.
I looked up at her and handed back the drink. I didn't feel like drinking. "May I go see her?" I asked.
"After you feel better," she said.
"I feel fine," I said.
I watched her. "Lucius doesn't want anyone to see her," she said.
"Has she tried to escape?" I asked.
She narrowed her eyes and glared at me. "She put herself in there, why would she run?" she asked.
I shook my head. "I'm sorry," I looked down. "I'm just curious."
"It's fine," she said. "I can understand why you'd be worried." She stood up and started to walk out of the room. "Get some rest," she said.
I waited for her to leave. I stood up quickly from my bed. I felt my stomach tighten as I threw up blood again, across the floor. "Oh fuck it," I muttered wiping my mouth on my sleeve.
I walked from the room and looked both ways, to make sure no one was there. I quickly raced up to where the prison was. No one was around, but I noticed Kat curled up in her cell, looking like Katherine Malfoy. She shivered lightly. I put my hands against the cold bars. "Katherine," I whispered to her.
My voice echoed. I watched her thin face look up at me. "Severus?" she looked thinner than I last remembered.
"Hi," I said.
She crawled over to the bars. There was a large cut on her forehead. "What're you doing? You should be back in bed," she said
I touched her forehead lightly. "I wanted to see you," I said, watching her reaction to my touch.
She backed away from my touch. "You can't... you're still sick..." she said.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Lucius and I got into another fight," she said. "Things got rather violent," she shrugged lightly.
"Is he going to let you out?" I asked.
"How am I supposed to know?" she questioned.
"Out of bed I see," Lucius stepped beside me.
"I just wanted to check on Katherine," I said.
He looked down at me. "Everyone's always paid more attention to Katherine," he muttered, glaring at his sister in the cell.
I noticed the fear in her eyes and she crawled back into her corner. "If you were in prison, I'd see you," I said.
He scoffed lightly. "Mother and father loved you more," Katherine said.
"It's not about the love. You always got the attention on you. Listen to what Kat's saying. Did you see what she did? She just lit that person on fire! My god Kat! Why did you do the things you do? Did you really care that much attention?" he asked.
"The person I set on fire was for the fun of it. I was bored Lucius! Bored out of my fucking mind! Sure, I wanted some attention, because you got all of it," she said.
He turned away. "I hope you don't think you're getting out of there any time soon," he said.
"Maybe I should go," I said.
Lucius looked at me. "Do ya think? They told me you were unconscious," he said.
"I was... I guess... I just wants to make sure she was okay," I said.
"Well she isn't," he said. "Can you tell? She attacked my son!"
"I'm sorry," she muttered, I watched a tear fall from her face.
"You aren't!" he shouted.
"Don't tell me what I am!" she shouted back.
"May I cut in?" I asked. Both of their grey eyes watched me. "Can I take her?"
"What?" both of them asked in unison. It was easy to see their resemblance.
"For the prison sentence. You can bitch at her all you like, but she'll be with me... I'll take care of her," I said.
I watched her reaction. "You want to?" she asked
"What do you want with her?" he asked me.
I looked down. "I just... don't want to loose her again," I said.
"Fine," Lucius said and handed me the key. "I heard all about you, in letters. I just wish I had known it was you."
I opened the door. She just watched me. "You..." she smiled lightly. "Want to be with me?"
I nodded lightly. Lucius' hand went onto my shoulder. "Take care of her," he said. "She's my sister."
Katherine walked up to me and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. She rested her head against my chest as I put my arms around her. "I will," I said. I kissed her on the head. "I promise."