After the smashing success of Wrath of the Damned, I'm back with a new story that all of you will hopefully enjoy. Read on!


Disclaimer: I own none of the Disney characters in this story. Also note that this story is slightly, and I mean SLIGHTLY, based off of Sonic Heroes. What can I say, it's a great game!

Deep within the Xenon sector, there was an asteroid.

Deep within the asteroid, there was a laboratory.

Deep within the laboratory, there was a scientist.

Deep within the scientist, there was evil…

Inside his hidden stronghold, Dr. Jacques Von Hamsterviel sat down before his computer terminal. "Computer! Have all my files, inventions and data been fully transferred yet?"


"Excellent. Activate the teleporter!"

"Please name coordinates."

"Horse Head Nebula, Flagship, Specimen containment chamber."

"Processing." A teleporter was lowered from the ceiling. "Teleporter is primed and ready."

"Good." Hamsterviel stepped into the teleporter. "Three seconds after I have departed, activate the Omega Contingency."


Hamsterviel vanished in a flash of light.

Three seconds later, prison asteroid K37 exploded.

Hamsterviel reappeared somewhere in the Horse Head Nebula, the darkest place in the galaxy, aside from all the black holes. Hamsterviel stepped out of the teleporter and into a gigantic room the size of a small city with hundreds of empty cells lining the walls. A huge containment field holding a gargantuan monster the size of twenty blue whales glued together with the CN Tower and former World Trade Center dominated the chamber. It was a grotesque fusion of metal and flesh, with construction robots running all over its surface, mending damage and placing life-support machinery.

Hamsterviel grinned and walked over to the containment field, gleefully looking over his project. "Soon, my friend…" he murmured. "Soon you will be completed. And the entire universe will kneel before us." The doctor almost thought he saw the beast's eyes gleam at this, but wrote it off as a problem with the lighting. The doctor walked over to a console. "Computer! What is the progress on the Project?"

The computer lit up and displayed the requested information.

Superstructure: 87% and rising.

DNA reparation: 35% completed. Need more DNA.

Uburnium reserves: 15% full. Need more Uburnium.

Soul Vacuum: 100% operational.

Soul: .3% full.

Hamsterviel nodded to himself. "Good, good, just as I expected." He turned and headed back for the teleporter. "I shall go and obtain the necessary resources myself. Continue work on the Project."

The computer beeped. "Affirmative, Doctor Hamsterwheel."

The genius gritted his teeth and stepped back into the teleporter, resetting the coordinates. He vanished. The beast in the containment field lay silent, slumbering until the day it would be complete. The dark day when it finally awoke would surely be the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Hamsterviel reappeared in his spaceship. He headed to the bridge and seated himself in his cushioned throne. "Everything is coming into place. Soon I will have everything I need to conquer the universe." He cackled. "Computer! Set a new heading!"

"State destination."

"Planet Earth!"


The ship changed course and began charging up its hyperdrive. A robot arm lowered and poured wine into a glass next to the diminutive dictator's seat. Hamsterviel grabbed the glass and took a sip. He smirked. "Today marks the dawn of the greatest empire in history! Long live the Hamsterviel Empire!" He raised his glass in a toast to himself. "Hamsterviel forever! HAMSTERVIEL FOREVER!"

In a burst of speed, the ship went into hyperspace. If sound could travel through space, the mad doctor's laughter would have echoed across the cosmos, warning all sentient life that the end was near.

And so begins my newest saga. Let's hope it's as good as the last one.