It's been a long road, hasn't it? Seems like just yesterday that Stitch was kicking Gantu's patookie to save Bookworm and devouring the religious scripts of Ban-Kar, causing him to get possessed by an evil god. And now look, I've killed him. Pretty different from most writers, huh? I'd like to think I've done something original that can inspire some of the crappier writers in this section to stop writing so many Mary Sues and Gary Stus and do something worthwhile with their skills. Anyway, this is it, the ending you've all been waiting for. Is it everything you've hoped it would be? Probably not, but…we'll see, won't we? Enjoy, and thank you for sticking with me for so long, all of you.

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The new Grand Councilwoman frowned at the sight on her viewscreen. "Are you certain we are being at the right coordinates?"

The navigator checked her console. "Yes ma'am. According to all the maps, this is where Earth is."

The Councilwoman glared at her. "Then why is there being a quantum singularity where there is supposed to be being a planet?!" She pointed out the window towards the huge gaping hole in space that sat in front of the fleet of extermination ships.

"Maybe somebody got here before we did, Your Majesty," suggested one of her aides.

The Councilwoman scowled, knowing her lackey was probably right. It was so unfair, she had wanted to see Jumba's face as she had his nasty little monsters killed herself. Sighing, she leaned back in her chair. "Very well, there is nothing more we can be doing here. Set a course back to Turo, we'll have to be telling the press that the infestation had gotten so out of hand we had to be destroying the entire planet. The plant's inhabitants had already been wiped out by the experiments, so we were unable to be finding any survivors."

"Will the public believe that?" asked the aide.

The Councilwoman shrugged. "Who is caring? What are they going to be doing if they think that I am lying, impeach me?" She laughed.

"Actually, it is within the power of the people to-"

She glared at him. "Was being rhetorical question. Shut up now."

Houdini wiggled her feet in boredom. She had lost track of how long she had been sitting in front of the teleporter. Had it been hours? Days? She had no idea. All she knew was that she was hungry, and she could find no food anywhere. She was also lonely, for the soulless creatures around her offered little in the way of company.

She knew in her heart that her cousins would not be coming back. She had known they were doomed the instant they stepped into the teleporter. After all, how could one possibly face an evil of the magnitude Hamsterviel had revealed himself to be and walk away unscathed? True, she had made the coward's choice by staying behind, but at least she was still alive, while everyone else was dead. That was something, wasn't it?

She looked around once again at the giant room, surrounded by experiment shells and the unmoving bulk of Hamsterviel's monster and idly wondered if she had made the right choice.

On the Internet, surrounded by zeroes and ones, IT awakened. IT's very presence caused the fabric of reality around it to warp and bend erratically. IT looked at the world around itself and decided it was too bland. IT gestured, and the numbers around it fluctuated wildly, restructuring itself into a whole new world. A world that began to swell and expand through cyberspace, swallowing up systems and assimilating them into it's mass. IT looked at the world it had made and saw that it was good. And IT laughed.

Jumba sat in the cockpit of his ship, looking out the windshield and into the depths of hyperspace. He sighed and got up.

Diary of Dr. Jumba Jookiba


Data log entry # 318913-0526

I am being filled with much sadness. The others are asking me, "What is wrong, Jumba? Why are you being so sad?" And I laugh it off and say it is being nothing, I am just missing Earth, that is being all. And I am of course telling a lie.

He paused to look at a framed picture of himself, Lilo, and Stitch on the wall and shook his head sadly.

How can I be telling them the truth? How can I be telling them what I have seen in my dreams? How can I be telling them that Little Girl is dead, 626 is dead, all of my other experiments are dead, that the whole Earth has been destroyed? They are already being sad enough that they are leaving the world they knew and loved behind. I cannot be telling them this. No, not until we are reaching our new home at least.

He passed through the lounge, where everyone was sleeping. Nani was leaning her head on David's shoulder, Arnold was hugging a hero sandwich and drooling on it, and Pleakley had his arms wrapped around Ben Stiller, who was still sedated from when they kidnapped him from Hollywood on the way off the planet. He would no doubt be very confused and disturbed when he woke up.

They are all looking so happy in their slumber, close to the ones they love. If only I could be sleeping as well, without being disturbed by nightmares of Little Girl's death and the monster Hamsterviel has become. Without seeing 626's horrible sacrifice over and over again.

He walked into the laboratory, passing the container holding the hundred or so experiment pods they had found before leaving Earth. He punched in a password on a keypad, opening a door leading to the most secret part of his lab. He walked in.

Somehow, I am knowing that this tale has not yet ended. It is only a chapter that is being completed, not the whole story. The book has closed here, and it will be opening somewhere else. And when it does, we will be being ready.

Jumba looked with pride at the prone forms held in cryogenic capsules at the back of the room, his latest experiments, each waiting to be completed. These would be the next generation of heroes, designed to combat whatever threat would manifest next.

Until then, the ending has not yet been written.