Teasing, Teaching and Time Travel

By Tanydwr

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Summary: Just your average Harry goes back in time to teach his parents' DADA class fic. Yeah, right. Delve into the minds of the Marauders as they see this new teacher who looks so much like James, yet his eyes are identical to that of a Miss Lily Evans... Lily struggles to cope with her feelings for a certain Marauder... Harry tries to recover from his defeat of Voldemort and advances from a certain redhead... And a certain redhead comes back in time, to help him teach? Or just to tease?

Okay, I've got to point out that the idea of Hedwig being a white phoenix is borrowed from RossWrock. I forgot to mention that before! Sorry! But it isn't plagiarism because she's a white phoenix in a different way. Go read RossWrock's fic, Harry Potter and the Power of Time. It's really cool. The multi-compartment trunk is also borrowed from him, but also other people 'coz it features in a fair few fics. Another of mine as well, actually.

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Chapter 1: Proposition

Nineteen-year-old Harry James Potter, Boy Who Lived, Saviour of the Wizarding World, Man Who Conquered, Order of Merlin First Class, and various other titles and aliases, was sat in his former headmaster's office, stumped as to why he wanted to see him, with all his belongings in a trunk.

Harry was also waiting. And impatient.

He had defeated Voldemort at the end of his Seventh-year, right after the graduation ceremony Hogwarts had had for centuries. The last year had been spent mopping up the wizarding world. Harry was busy overseeing the rebuilding of a new Ministry of Magic, in both site and staff. Voldemort had destroyed it at Christmas of Harry's Seventh-year. It was being rebuilt right in the heart of Diagon Alley and surrounding areas of magical London, which was now being expanded. Currently, Arthur Weasley was acting as Minister of Magic. Harry's input seemed to be wanted everywhere, he was, after all, famous. He just felt he had never had the chance to truly recover after defeating Voldemort. He hadn't stopped since.

Even more confusing were the sudden advances of a certain redhead. Not to mention his own befuddled emotions. Miss Ginevra Weasley was a stunning young woman. She had got over her crush on Harry, apparently, in her third-year. Which made the incredible flirtations she had with him all the more bemusing. Harry, unable to respond in any other way, had actually just flirted back. He was normally shy, though he knew Ginny to be rather bold and talkative, around girls, though not anyone else. Hence everyone else's surprise.

At that moment, a door opened and out stepped Dumbledore.

"Ah, Harry, welcome, welcome." Dumbledore smiled.

Harry observed Dumbledore. He seemed to be aging more every time he saw him. He remembered how furious he had been after his Fifth-year and the revelation of the prophecy, and then how helpful Dumbledore had been in training him. Their relationship wasn't what it had been. But it was close.

"Hi, Albus. Why did you want to see me?" Harry asked.

"Well, Harry, it has come to my notice that you have not stopped working since your defeat of Voldemort last year. Subsequently, I suspect you haven't had any real time to recover from the trauma of the fight." Dumbledore eyed him carefully.

Harry flopped down into a chair, defeated. "How did you know?"

"An old man's hunch. You cannot be expected to go on forever. I would suggest a holiday, but you are not one for sitting around doing nothing."

"Too right. I can't just do nothing. It's not my sort of thing. I'm the Boy Who Lived, the Man Who Conquered, so I'm also expected to keep going, not feel tired or depressed." Harry groaned.

"It has also come to my attention that we are in need of a DADA teacher." Dumbledore said.

"What?! But I thought Remus was..."

"I never said now. No, we require a DADA teacher in 1977." Dumbledore explained.


"I thought it might be therapeutic for you to travel back in time and take over that position. I remember a teacher named Harry Potter appearing mysteriously one evening."

"Oh, you mean he pulled a Moody? Or fake-Moody, but I suspect Mad-Eye would have appeared like that anyway." Harry mused.

"Most likely. Harry, you were that man."

"You what?"

"I think I made it clear. That is why I told you to bring your things with you."

"But what about my... condition? Full moons aren't exactly easy." Harry snapped.

"You are less dangerous than a werewolf, Harry. And we had one of those at the time."

"You mean..."

"Yes, the school year 1977-78 was your parents' and their friends seventh year at Hogwarts." The headmaster answered.


"As much as I enjoy hearing the electives expressed by students and former students in times of surprise and pressure, I do not feel the desire to do so now, Harry." Dumbledore stated, observing the young man carefully over his half-moon glasses.

Harry snorted. Dumbledore never seemed to scold people for bad language. Just one of the other strange things about him. And Harry's language wasn't all too polite. It was one of the problems of spending the last three years around Aurors – they swore a lot, especially if in trouble with suspects. In fact 'swear like an Auror' was the wizard equivalent of 'swear like a soldier'.

"So I'm going to meet the teenage versions of my parents. Nice." Harry muttered.

"Harry, do not base your views on a single scene from a pensieve from a victim's point of view. James was foolish at times, but he was a kind, good and respectable man when he left Hogwarts. And he had begun that transition by his seventh year. Why else would he have been Head Boy?"

Harry's eyes widened. "And my mother was Head Girl... Oh my God, Merlin only knows what they did in the tower after they got together! Ron and Hermione were bad enough!"

Dumbledore raised a brow. "What?"

"You know what." Harry replied. "I never had time for it, but Hermione seemed to have a little less studying in her schedule that year. And of course, there's the whole thing that in about ten or eleven years time you're going to have an inordinate number of students." Harry grinned wickedly. "With several Weasley children among them."

With the defeat of Voldemort, Ginny claimed her brothers had celebrated in traditional Weasley fashion – and had been some of the main contributors to the baby boom the wizarding world was still feeling the effects of. It had also meant a number of marriages. Ron and Hermione – after Ron had grown up somewhat during Sixth-year and begun to take studying more seriously, they had begun dating. Fred and Angelina – Harry always knew that that Yule ball date must have led to something more, not to mention Angelina's fury when the Weasley twins were kicked off the team in his Fifth-year. George and Alicia – Harry wondered what it was with the Quidditch Chasers and the Weasley twins. Percy and Penelope – Percy had been accepted back into the family during Harry's Sixth-year after much goading from Penelope. Charlie and Tonks – of all people, Harry hadn't expected that, but if Charlie could handle dragons, he could also handle Tonks' clumsiness. She had also been dreadfully injured on assignment and had quit to join Charlie with the dragons in Romania. Bill and Fleur – Harry had seen that one coming. Obviously lessons to 'eemprove 'er Eenglesh' had developed into something more. Ginny was the only unattached Weasley, which had made her Harry's drinking partner on any occasion she could get out of Hogwarts. She could do so quite often, having been chosen as Head Girl and being as mischievous as the twins, and Harry made a very good Hangover Potion, not to mention being allowed into Hogwarts at any time. It was kind of disturbing how many of the students seemed to idolise him, especially First-years.

Dumbledore smiled. "Yes, I am quite looking forward to that year. The Weasleys always make things interesting. And with two sets of twins..."

Harry grinned. Bill and Fleur had had twins, along with Fred and Angelina, within a few days of each other. Arthur and Molly must have been surprised about how many times they had been made grandparents within the space of about a month. St. Mungo's had never been busier. Harry, personally, had always found it highly amusing that the Maternity Ward was part of the Ward for 'Creature-induced Injuries'.

Harry turned his mind to the matter at hand, thinking away from his godchildren (Ron and Hermione had nabbed him first, then Fred and Angelina).

"You are sure about this? About my going back in time to do this?" Harry asked.

"I believe it will be most beneficial to you and me of that time. If I remember correctly, you were a most skilled and popular teacher. And you can hardly say you have never taught." Dumbledore told him.

That was true. Harry had run the DA for three years, before passing leadership onto Ginny. It was now an official school club. Harry had also made numerous guest speeches in History of Magic and DADA lessons over the past year. Apparently, his History of Magic lectures were the only ones the students paid attention to.

"I suppose. But what about everyone? I mean, they'll notice if I disappear for a year!"

"I will tell them, Harry. Unfortunately, your choice must be now, though." Dumbledore told him. "That's why I had you bring your belongings."

"WHAT?" Harry demanded. "I don't even have time to think about this?"

"Harry, it will take you exactly twenty-two years into the past. Today is the first day of school. You need to go now to be there in time." Dumbledore explained.

"And my condition?" Harry asked.

"I trust you not to go killing any students in the light of the full moon. The room that you use here is also there. You cannot help that a curse hit you. I have also found another book on the Deadly Curses."

"You mean something with actual information?" Harry asked. "I remember learning about them in Seventh-year. There was a chapter on them. A very short chapter, with nothing more than a description of the spells and their effects. Does this have information on my condition?"

"Yes, it does. It also mentions that certain things change for the victims of it between and year and eighteen months after the spell is cast. That the spell completes its work."

Harry looked up sharply. "I haven't noticed any change other than the first ones."

"Then you will no doubt experience it within the next three months." Dumbledore told him.

"It's funny, if not for the full moon problems, the spell has had some very good side effects. But once the full moon hits... It's impossible to control. More controlled than a wolf, because of the way it feeds. It's more the lust..." Harry trailed off.

"Harry, you will be fine. I trust you now, and while I will be suspicious of you for a while in the past, I will come to trust you. Keep your name, otherwise it may cause trouble. You can say you were born and brought up in England, but moved to Canada when you were eleven, and attended Skirret School for Magical Learning. That is why you have no accent and are unknown. Understood?"

"Yes. But what if you check...?"

"Here." Dumbledore passed Harry some records. "Those will be enough proof."

"And Hedwig..."

"Will be in no trouble. In fact, I think she is vital to something, but I don't remember what." Dumbledore frowned.

Harry had been incredibly surprised when one day, Hedwig had just burst into flames to reveal a baby phoenix. Dumbledore had explained that this sometimes happened when the master of a familiar was so good and heroic. Harry had been surprised, he had never thought of himself as that good. Even after the curse, Hedwig had stuck by Harry, and her healing tears were valuable. She was also unusual in that her tail-feathers, instead of being deep red or orange, were as white as her feathers when she was a snowy owl.

"Then, Professor Dumbledore, I accept." Harry sighed. "Any time for me to write a note?"


Harry swiftly scribbled off a note to Dobby – who had become Harry's own House-elf after Harry saved the elf's life – and another to the Weasleys as a whole, telling them to check with Dumbledore, that he would be perfectly safe and not to worry. He also said good luck to Ginny in getting a job.

"Are you ready then, Harry?" Dumbledore asked.


"Then take this." He handed Harry a small, digital-looking clock.

"This is?"

"An advanced time-turner. You punch in the date you want to go to and the date you then want to return to before you leave. It will take you and your belongings, provided you are touching them – anything within a trunk is counted as touching them – to that time. When you leave, it will do the same, except you don't even have to be touching it." Dumbledore explained, showing Harry how to punch in the dates. "I recommend you leave it in your trunk while you are there. Don't want anyone else to find it."

Harry nodded. "So when will it activate?"

"In approximately one minute. It will place you outside the school. Since the actual journey takes some time – you are travelling over two decades – you will arrive some way through the start of term announcements before the feast begins." Dumbledore explained.

Harry nodded.

Just as the advanced time-turner activated, Harry would have sworn he heard Dumbledore say, "Oh, and don't be surprised if you get some company."

Harry had no time to ask as he was plunged backwards through time. Magical lights swirled about him in equally magical winds. He felt that he was turning, quicker and quicker, this way and that...

Before it stopped abruptly, and he fell ten yards through the air to land on the road before the Entrance Gate of Hogwarts. Harry grinned.

Quickly, he enlarged his trunk, and climbed in, securing the time-turner and changing into clothes he thought suitable. Of course, he was in a different time, with different fashions, but he didn't care. He pulled on black jeans and boots with a white shirt. A robe was hard to choose, but eventually he chose a black one with red and gold embroidery at the edges. He grinned at his reflection, he looked good enough. He glanced at the ring on his right middle finger. A gold band with a ruby sunk in the centre with Celtic knotwork surrounding it. No, he wasn't going to remove that.

His hair was still messy, but after getting it cut shorter, it was easier to spike up and looked less messy. His glasses were no longer needed after he was hit by that curse. It was one of the advantages, along with eagle-eyesight and perfect night-sight as well. He wasn't the tallest guy, malnutrition at the Dursleys' made his height (a still respectable) five foot ten. His wasn't an incredibly muscular build; his muscles were light, but well defined, giving him a sleek, cat-like air.

He grinned, and stepped out of his trunk, Hedwig on his shoulders.

"Ready to shock, girl?" He asked.

She nodded, understanding him perfectly. Sometimes, Harry swore there was telepathy between the two of them.

Harry headed into Hogwarts, his trunk no bigger than a matchbox in his pocket. It was a live-in trunk. In other words, he could literally live inside it. It had a library, a large bedroom, which had a number of magical foldaway beds, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a 'garden' (or section of the countryside as Harry put it) and a duelling chamber. It fit his needs perfectly, and he had lived inside it before. He did have a house, but he wasn't always there. Dobby was though.

Harry entered, encountering nothing to stop him from doing so. He frowned. 'Shouldn't something have prevented me from doing so?' He wondered.

And then he approached the Great Hall.

He heard Dumbledore's voice. "Unfortunately, due to a lack of candidates, the Defence Against the Dark Arts course is..."

The doors slammed open. Everyone turned to see a figure at the door in a dark robe, his face and body cast in shadow.


He took a step forward.

"Sorry, Professors, I was held up at home." The strange figure commented, entering into the light.

As he did so, a number of the girls gave sighs. The figure was young, handsome and exuded confidence. Some of the boys looked annoyed, while others looked impressed at the entrance.

Sirius Black, Seventh-year Gryffindor, nudged his best friend, James Potter. "Prongs, sure you haven't got a twin?"

James examined the man. "Sure. He's at least a couple of years older than me. Too old for a student. You think he's here for the Defence job?"

The figure heard this comment. "Well, some of you are right in your assumptions." He stated, silencing the whispers. "I would have been here and applied sooner, but unfortunately, there were problems with my last job and such. Some Aurors are pigs to work with." He stated, rather cheerfully, strolling up to the Head table. "I was hoping to apply as the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Despite my youth, I am more than qualified to teach these people to battle Voldemort."

There were more whispers.

"How can he say the name?" A Sixth-year Gryffindor girl asked, shocked.

"Because he isn't scared of a name, that's why." Sirius replied.

"Ah, I see I've caused another stir." He grinned. "I'm good at that. Annoyed some of my teachers to no end at school."

"Which school was this?" Dumbledore asked.

"Skirret in Canada, but I'm British-born. Moved there when I was nearly eleven." He replied.

"And your name?"

"Oh yes, I should have said that before. I'm Harry, Professor Dumbledore. Harry James Potter."


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