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Hisoka's Bad Day

Hisoka was having a Bad Day.

It had all started when he'd walked into the office that morning. He knew his co-workers, and so, that morning when he'd felt all the mischievous emotions flying around, he should have ran right then.

Muraki was a better fate than this.

It had all started with Tsuzuki, with that odd gleam in his eye that Hisoka couldn't quite place. However, his partner was well shielded on the worst of days, and trying to read him today was like trying to get Oriya to dance ballet in a frilly pink tutu. It simply wasn't going to happen.

He should have been warned by the speculative looks Watari was giving him, and by Wakaba's incessant giggling. If not that, by Terazuma's direct look of pity and his, "I sure don't envy you, kid."

But no, that morning Hisoka was missing all the signs. Later, he'd wonder how that could have happened when they were forcibly bashing themselves into his face.

But not even on this morning could he ignore the 'Impending Doom of Yuma and Saya' signals his empathy was shooting off.

He should have known the others were in on it.

So that's why he was huddled in a small, dress wearing ball inside of Tatsumi's office, complete with glittery makeup, and hoping against hope that the Secretary of JuOhCho wouldn't notice him. This was sacred ground, that not even Tsuzuki and the Hokkaido Horror Girls would attack him in, especially with the resident Shadow Master having just entered.

"Kurosaki-kun, just what are you doing under my desk?"

Tatsumi had noticed him.

"They're after me," the poor boy whimpered. Hisoka heard the secretary's footsteps, the soft click of the closing door. Hisoka breathed a sigh of relief. He was finally safe.

Or so he thought.

Outside the office, a wail was heard. "Terazuma-san! Save me!"