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Author's Notes: I'm on a writer's block for my other fan fictions, so I thought of this one after watching "The Craft" on TNT. Weird I know but it doesn't matter.

Summary: Danny thought that ghost weren't real until his accident. But what about other things you hear in horror stories. Like witches? When Sam befriends a new girl from school, she teaches Sam a way to get the things she wants, in the most supernatural way.

Chapter One: Holly Jayne King

Danny sighed happily as he walked through the halls of Casper High School. "So far this has been a great week, no ghosts, I almost had a conversation with Paullina..." Danny grinned at Tucker Foley one of his best friends. "It's great isn't it?"

Tucker nodded. "You best knock on wood Danny, you're going to end up jinxing it all." He smiled as he playfully punched Danny on the arm.

"Yea I know, pretty soon I'm going to run into a ghost and my whole wonderful week will be over." It was then at the moment; Danny bumped into a girl who was carelessly walking the hallways.

"I'm sorry." She said, glancing up at Danny, she looked at him oddly.

Danny looked down at her as well; he couldn't see her eyes very well, because her red hair was covering them. She backed away from him and pushed her bangs out of her eyes, she had a fair shade of green eyes.

"It's alright." Danny laughed, "I had a feeling I was going to bump into someone pretty soon anyway." She nodded, turned around a left.

"Wonder who that was." Tucker said as he took a quick look at his hand-held planner. "Well we can worry about that later, we got 4 more minutes to get to class." He said running off. Danny followed.

They both walked into Lancer's classroom; Sam was already there, reading up on last night's homework no doubt. "Hey Sam." Danny said taking a seat next to her. She looked up from her book and smiled. "Hey Danny, Tucker."

Soon all the class members had arrived, and Lancer walked in. "Hello students." He said, smiling evilly.

"I think he has a pop quiz up his sleeve." Danny said. Tucker and Sam nodded.

It was then that the girl who had bumped into Danny before, walked into the room, she tucked a stray hair behind her ear. Shyly walking up to Lancer saying something to him.

"Students, it seems as if we have a new student on our hands." She took a few steps away from Lancer and looked at all the teenagers in the room.

"That's the girl who bumped into me in the hallway." Danny whispered to Sam.

Sam nodded, "She doesn't seem too bad."

Lancer pointed to a seat in the back. She nodded and walked over to her seat.

"So, would you mind telling us your name and a little about yourself." Lancer said, still smiling.

She looked down at the desk, "Um, well my name is Holly Jayne King, and, my family and I moved here from San Francisco."

It was then Dash's hand went up, "Well, like why did you move here?" He asked.

"I guess, for a change?" She shrugged. "Not really sure, all big choices belong to my parents." She looked back down to her desk again.

"Wonderful, now let's start class with a POP QUIZ!" Lancer said, pulling out quiz papers.

"Ha, look Danny you were right!" Tucker said, looking at Danny, but Danny was looking a Holly. "Sam, Tucker, that girl, I keep getting this weird feeling around her.

"You think she's a ghost?" Sam asked.

"I don't know." Danny looked at Sam, "But hopefully we'll find out."

After their test had been taken and class was over, Sam happened to have class with Holly.

"I'll talk to her for you..." She said running off to her next class.

Sam took a seat next to Holly, "Hi..." She said, trying to sound friendly.

Holy looked up from the book she was reading and smiled. "Hi, you're Sam right?" She asked.

Sam nodded. Sam attention was then turned to Holly's necklace, "What's that?" she asked.

Holly looked down to her necklace, it was a circle with a star inside, "It's, well, it's a..." She lied, "It's a family heir-loom." She said smiling slyly.

"Oh, it's really pretty, wish I had one." Sam said, turning her attention to the front of the class.

"Sam, do you believe in witches?" Holly asked her, "Because I do."

Sam looked at Holly again, "You magic and all the shit? I don't know."

Holly looked at her with disbelief, "You don't?" She then looked into her desk and pulled out a book of papers called "The Book Of Shadows"

"Maybe I do, I'm really not sure, all that candle meanings and herbal things."

"What about telekinesis?" Holly asked.

"I don't know!"

Holly smirked, "You like the kid Danny Fenton, and he's a ghost right?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well do you?" She looked Sam right in the eye.

Author's Notes: I think I'm going to get rid of my Vanessa fan fiction for this one, I like this one better! Oh and don't worry, it's all Danny and Sam!!! Holly, is just going to help out...hehe