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Summary: Sam loves Danny, but Danny is falling for Paullina and fast. So when Sam becomes friends with the new girl Holly, she shows Sam away to get the things she wants. And Sam has her eye on the lovable ghost boy Danny Phantom

Chapter 5: The Truth Spell

"Okay Tucker I AM SICK OF THIS!" Holly screamed. Week, after week, after week Sam had tried out spells. The last one was the worst though, something about spitting flames of passion but instead HE SPIT FLAMES!

Maybe Sam wasn't to keen on the whole witchcraft thing. But there was one thing she Holly could have done to make her life so much easier. "It's so simple I don't know why Sam didn't think of casting this spell..."

While Tucker and Holly made plans Sam was dealing with the mishap of her last spell. "Okay so this ends in...1 minute good!" She ran for a good hiding spot. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."

"What happened?" Danny asked, looking around at the burned scenery. "Was there a fire ghost or something?"

Sam popped up from her hiding spot, "Yea, uh...that's it!" She nodded walking out.

"Oh..." He shrugged; he didn't remember anything, that's been happening a lot lately. He hoped he wasn't sick or anything.

Sam's cell phone began ringing around 4 minutes later. "It's Holly, she said to head to her house. I dunno why though."

Danny nodded, "Alright."

The walk there was silent, with the occasional smile or small talk. Danny had been feeling strangely for Sam the past week. He wasn't sure why, he had hardly remembered most of it.

Sam looked at Danny, she felt bad for all the spells she put him through. The last one was worst of all; he couldn't open his mouth without "fire breath". Creepy. But Sam wondered what Holly had planed. Maybe she had finally found a spell to make him fall in love with me.

They reached Holly's old Victorian house, walking up the pathway to the door. She answered the door before they even knocked. She pushed Danny and Sam inside, not noticing Tucker sneak out the back way.

"Okay chickadees!" Holly said happily, It's time to put this spell into action! She took Sam and Danny's hands and run up stairs into her attic. Her mother caught her playing with magic, calling it person gain and she got in trouble, best to stay on the safe side right? She locked the door. She knew that only they three were in the house, and this spell was the worst of all...but it was better then risking another fire breathing attack right, and only Holly would remember what happened that day.

"For those who want the truth revealed
Opened hearts and secrets unsealed
For now until it's now again
After which the memory ends
Those who now are in this house
Will hear the truth from other's mouths"

She gulped but then smiled. Danny looked at her weirdly. "What was that about?"

And of course, because of the spell she wasn't aloud to lie. "I'm a witch and I just put a spell on all of us so we can't lie and anybody we talk to can't lie."

"What?" Sam said angry yet confused.

"I was sick of all those spell you were putting on Danny..." Sam covered Holly's mouth before she could say anymore. But Holly just smirked. She pushed Sam's hand away and glared at Danny.

"Danny...do you like Sam?" Holly smirk became more of a grin.

"Yea." Danny said plainly. Then became surprised.

"Sam, do you like Danny?" Holly laced her fingers together.

"Uh huh." Sam looked shocked. How could she have said that?

"Great, so now that you both know you like each other, can you please get together so my life can be easier, and oh write this out for each other." Holly smiled again. "Great..."

Holly looked at the clock. "Oh crap..." She looked at Danny ready to leave.

"Wait is there something you're not telling me?" She shouted.

He looked at her quizzically. "Yes."

"What is it?" She asked. If it was important he couldn't let Danny out of the house that would just be stupid.

"I became a ghost in a freak accident."

"Right...so you can't leave, Sam stays here with Danny. BUH-BYE!" And Holly ran out of the house.

"So...Sam you like me?"

Sam nodded shyly.

"Cool..." Danny nodded happily.

"So..." Sam kissed Danny lightly on the lips.

"So..." he said after Sam pulled away.

Author's Notes: I know it's rushed. But It's all starting to get boring and I want to write other things.