Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon, but I do own the several fake Pokémon that appear throughout the story (though I'd like to pretend I didn't make up some of the stupider ones, alas, I did). If for some reason you don't know all the Pokémon and have only seen a species in this fic, it may not be real.

Author's Note: This fic is old and ridiculous on multiple levels. You'll note the publication date on it is 2004. I'm still writing it because I am apparently mad, but as far as I'm concerned the first thirty-something chapters of this are mostly godawful. If you're seeing this, I've been going through to remove the many terrible author's notes and so on that I made in my fourteen-year-old stupidity, but please don't judge my current writing by anything in the first half of this story (or any of the things in the second half that are necessitated by ridiculousness introduced in the first half).


The flaming remains of a town burned sadly in the sharp wind. Gray, gloomy clouds covered the sky, a bit of vibrant red sunlight reaching through them in the west.

The blood-soaked ground was covered in bodies. Most of them were whole. In fact, a few might still have been breathing some of the last breaths of their lives. Others were completely torn apart, so that it seemed almost like a supernatural being had swept past with the sole intention of killing them, but its mere presence had made everything else drop dead as well.

There was one thing that the torn apart ones had in common: while they lived, they had been known as Legendary Pokémon. These former streets contained the bodies of twelve Legendary Pokémon. All but two of them would soon be buried in the sands of time, forgotten and insignificant in history.

These two others had another thing to tell them apart from the other Legendaries, which was that they were not among the mutilated ones. And in fact, had anyone been there to compare them, he would have found the two distantly similar. Both of them had somewhat catlike heads and long tails with ovals on the ends, but one was smaller, pinkish-white and had a rabbit-like contrast in the length of the four legs, the front ones being short but the back ones long. It was breathing faintly. The other was larger, more human-shaped overall, had a light purplish gray body and a deep purple, muscular tail. It also had a large, drying wound in the middle of its non-moving chest, clarifying it as newly dead.

After a while, the small one stirred. Consciousness slowly returned to the furred body. A leg twitched. Soon enough, its eyes opened.


The small creature rose up and stared wide-eyed at the destruction.

The Legendary Pokémon levitated a meter or so into the air as its big, innocent-looking sapphire blue eyes fearfully scanned the area, as if looking for something. Then it seemed to have found what it was looking for; it stopped, kicked the air with both of its long hind legs and darted towards the left.

Terrified, the Legendary looked upon a black, feline-like head with neon green markings. The same green shade was also on six long spikes which sprouted from the back of its head, three on each side. The left eye socket was empty; what had been the right eyeball was now merely a bloody mess.

The pink Legendary's disbelieving eyes stared at the head in horror, oblivious to the death all around. Silent tears filled them.

"Chalenor…" sounded a weak telepathic voice around the lifeless town.