[Seeing as how I'm both a huge Law and Order: SVU fan as well as a Sailormoon fangirl, it would only seem natural for me to write a crossover fic.

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Story by the one and only Michie.

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"In the criminal justice system, no matter who the victim or perpetrator may be, they are subject to the same laws that bind us all. In New York City, the dedicated detectives of the Special Victims Unit and the legendary Pretty Sailor Soldiers find their paths brutally intertwined in a strange twist of fate. These are their stories."

It was late at night on what seemed like a normal day at the home of the Ten'ou family. Michiru was in the kitchen doing the dishes and making a cake to celebrate little Hotaru's ninth birthday. Haruka was in another room watching a car race on television, and Setsuna was calculating the paths of stars on her computer. As for Hotaru, it appeared that she was doing homework when in fact she was actually writing out her name in various ancient languages. All of this was shattered when the doorbell rang.
Ever since Michiru had gotten an offer to be the first chair violinist at the New York Philharmonic orchestra, the family had lived in New York City, in a spacious apartment in Manhattan. Haruka had begrudgingly agreed to the move, and though Setsuna didn't like the fact that the city lights blocked out any hope of stargazing, it was a huge place for the fashion industry, perfect for starting a clothing line as was her secret wish. Seeing as how Mamoru was studying at Harvard, Usagi and her family moved to the area as well, and with her came her four best friends.
As soon as the doorbell sounded, Haruka raced into the main room towards the door. Being as fast as she was, she got there about the same time Setsuna did, seeing as how she had been more conveniently located to begin with. Opening the door, the two women peered out onto the stairs, while Michiru stood in the doorway of the kitchen, watching them. Hotaru still sat at her table, content with watching the antics of her parents from a distance.
"Hello? Can I...help you?" Setsuna began, but upon glancing down, she noticed a familiar face gazing up at her.
"Ch-chibiusa-chan!" Haruka started. "What are you doing here? You live a few miles away! Did something happen?"
"Small Lady! Your face!" Chibiusa's face was covered in small scratches, and she had a large cut under her right eye. On her arm were several large bruises, and she was wearing only a tee shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She was shivering violently.
"Let's bring you inside, get you cleaned up, and find you some warm clothes," Setsuna said calmingly. "Then we'll call your mother and get you home."
"No! Please, don't send me back home! Usagi...she did this to me! Please..." Chibiusa sounded defeated and tired.
Silently, Hotaru got up from the table and walked over to the phone mounted on the wall.
Michiru hustled over to the door. "Either way, Chibiusa-chan, you should get inside and get warmed up. Hurry in now!" Michiru soothed, gently opening the door wider for the small child to come in.
"Hello? My friend just came over here just now, and she looks hurt. Her mother did it to here. Yes, all right. I'll give you the address," Hotaru spoke softly to the dispatcher on the other end of the line. Setsuna glanced over at her, and with a startled cry, she snatched the phone receiver out of Hotaru's hands. Hotaru protested, and the startled dispatcher could be heard asking if everything was all right. Promptly, Haruka grabbed the phone away from both of them and hung it up.
"What are you doing?!" Hotaru yelled, as Haruka swore under her breath. "Chibiusa-chan is badly hurt, and Usagi did this to her! Are you just going to let her go back there?"
"Hotaru," Setsuna explained, "if we were to get the police involved in this, it would threaten the relationship between the prince and the princess, and there would be no birth of Small Lady. Besides, they might learn of our identities, which would pose a major problem for all of us. Do you understand?"
"But Setsuna-mama, they told us in school that we should call the police if someone hurts us or one of our friends. Is that wrong?"
"Hotaru-chan, for anybody but Chibiusa-chan, that is what you should do," Haruka explained. "But since we don't want our Princess involved, we should leave Chibiusa alone for now."
"All right, but what now? I already called them..."
"You didn't give them our address, did you?"
"No, but..."
"Damn! They can trace it here!" exclaimed Haruka.
The doorbell rang for a second time that day. Setsuna sighed, gave Hotaru a frustrated look, and went to go answer it.
"Hotaru," Haruka whispered as Setsuna greeted the two figures at their door, "don't answer any questions about who called. We'll take care of it; don't worry, everything will be all right."
But Hotaru wasn't worried about the police. She was worried about Chibiusa.

Setsuna opened the door slowly, and was met by the serious faces of a certain two detectives.
"I'm Detective Olivia Benson, and this is my partner, Detective Elliot Stabler," said the tall woman. Her light brown hair, brown eyes, and confident aura were matched only by the man next to her, with his piercing blue eyes and tall, lengthy frame. "We're here to investigate a report that you found what seems like an abused child. Can we ask you a few questions, and talk to the child?"
"Of course. Please come in." Despite her calm outside, Setsuna was extremely nervous. Should she lie and say that Chibiusa wasn't there and Hotaru had made the whole thing up? But no; Hotaru would tell them what had happened, and they'd all get in trouble.
"Who here lives in the house with you?" Elliot inquired.
"It's just me, my two friends, and our adopted daughter."
While Elliot continued to question Setsuna, Olivia headed off into the next room, in search of the child who had made the call, or perhaps the other, injured child. Whatever she found first, she thought. Eventually they'd get to all of them, though she wished it hadn't been only the two of them who had gotten called out.
Walking through the kitchen and into the sitting room, there was no sign of anyone. The television was still on, with the last few laps of a car race blaring loudly from the screen. Noticing a door to the left, Olivia opened it, and found herself in a spacious bedroom, carpeted with aquamarine wallpaper, and in the middle of the room, sitting on what had to be at least a queen sized bed, a black haired child and a what looked like a tall, feminine man.
Haruka glanced at the door as the woman walked in. Seeing the police badge on the coat she hadn't bothered to remove, Haruka assumed that this was one of the two detectives who had arrived.
After he had finished with questioning the older woman, Elliot turned his attention to finding another family member. He assumed that Olivia was probably talking to the injured child, but there were several things that he wished that he had known, mainly why the child had come to this house. Sure, these were family friends, but to walk miles in the cold, injured and with no warm clothes? She must have been pretty desperate.
Out of a nearby door stepped a young, pretty woman carrying a child. Her hair was tied up, but wavy tendrils were falling out anyways. That, and the fact that she had an apron on convinced Elliot that this had not been a planned visit; that they were taken by surprise by the child's arrival.
He laid eyes on the child she was carrying. Seeing the bandage on under her eye and the slightly larger than fit clothes she had on, he assumed that this pigtail-haired girl was the child he had received the call about.

{Cue Law and Order: SVU opening}