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Special Victims Unit Interrogation Room

Wednesday, January 5

"I told you, we thought we could take care of it ourselves!" Haruka exclaimed, exasperated at the constant badgering of the detectives.
"A child abuse case like this one? Who are you to do that, some sort of superhero?" Detective John Munch peered down at her, while his partner, Detective Fin Tutuola, circled around the chair where she sat. Haruka answered by glaring back up at him. He didn't know how right he was.
In a separate room, Detective Benson was questioning Michiru. The female detective wasn't being nearly so critical, though the questions were getting exasperating. Couldn't they have talked to them at the apartment, instead of dragging them down here? Michiru thought. Despite that, she tried to be cooperative. It would be no good if she just argued with all of their assumptions, as she was sure Haruka was doing. All Michiru wanted was to get out and go home, along with the rest of her family.
"Detective, I really don't see a need for many of these questions. Must you really know the status of our family, along with all of our occupations and whereabouts?"
"Miss Kaioh, we're only doing this so we can figure out why Chibiusa went to your house first. I realize that you were family friends, but isn't there another better located family? It just doesn't make sense."
Michiru sighed. "Chibiusa-chan's family hasn't had time to make new friends. The only reason that they came to the United States was because our family was moving here. They have friends nearby as well, but they all share an apartment on the other side of town."
"What about friends at school, from any extracurricular activities...?"
"Like I said, Detective, Hotaru is Chibiusa-chan's best friend. If she would confide in anyone, it would be her."
Benson shuffled her notes, and looked up at the slender woman. "Just one last question. You said that there were two other women living with you and Hotaru. Miss...Meioh is one, but who is the man who came in with you?"
With a laugh, Michiru smiled and explained. "Haruka is a woman, though she certainly doesn't look like one."
"Oh...well...in that case, you're free to go. It might be an hour or so after the others get done, however." The detective was still recovering from the surprise of what she had been told. That was a woman?!
"In that case, is there an area I can wait until they finish?"
"Sure; I'll find you somewhere to wait."

Upstairs, Chibiusa and Hotaru were seated at a table, drawing on scratch paper, until it was their turn.
"Chibiusa-chan, did Usagi really do that to you? It looks like it hurt!"
Chibiusa looked down at the bruise on her arm. "It did hurt...especially my face."
Hotaru glanced at her friend's face, but quickly looked away. The scratches made her look different. And her demeanor...something had happened to Chibiusa. She really was changed.
"Yes, Chibiusa-chan? What is it?"
"Can I tell you a secret?"
"Yes, of course! We are friends, aren't we?"
Chibiusa glanced down at the zodiac calendar Hotaru was sketching out. Beyond the various planetary symbols, none of it made sense to Chibiusa.
"Oh, this? It's my zodiac. See the placement of Capricorn there? I was born under Saturn."
"Hotaru-chan...can those things tell who your parents are?"
The frail girl was surprised by her friend's question. Even Hotaru, the youngest Sailor Soldier, had no doubt in her mind that Chibiusa was the daughter of the Prince and Princess!
"No, Chibiusa-chan, just where the planets were when you were born."
"Oh...I see..."
"What was it that you wanted to tell me?" Hotaru continued.
"Only that...well, Usagi didn't do all of this to me." Chibiusa looked down, upset that she hadn't told her friend earlier.
"Well then, what happened? It looks pretty bad to have done it to yourself!"
"I didn't! Usagi made me bruise up like this in my arm...but these scratches were caused by Luna and Artemis."
"And the cut?"
"That was from when I fell down trying to get them off of me. I hit myself on a table."
Hotaru was puzzled. Sure, she could see Usagi punching Chibiusa in the arm. But why in the world were Luna and Artemis attacking the future Princess? It made no sense to her; perhaps it was merely a case of mistaken identity. Or had Chibiusa done something to hurt them? Perhaps... Hotaru wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer to her question.
But the odango-haired girl was bent over, concentrating on making the picture of Diana she had drawn as lifelike as possible. It was difficult, for a child with hardly any art skills that is.
So, Hotaru decided to drop the subject. She glanced over at the nearby mirror, which she knew was a window that looked out on the hallway, overlooking the desks of these harsh, though dedicated detectives.
But what she didn't know was that there was someone looking in on their conversation. Detective Elliot Stabler had heard every word of what had been said.

Olivia walked up the stairs, and noticed Elliot was looking intently into the children's room. She glanced through the window and noticed the two girls inside, drawing. Trying to see what the subjects of the art were, she squinted through the window. The pigtailed-haired one, Chibiusa, seemed to be drawing some sort of animal. She seemed upset, worried. Wondering why that might be, Olivia glanced at the other, frailer girl's drawing. It was some sort of large circle, with markings around the edges and lines crisscrossing through the center. What could that be?
"A Zodiac chart," her partner replied, an answer to her silent question. "She seems to know quite a bit about the topic."
"How do you know this?" she inquired. Elliot was one of the last people who she would think could recognize an astrological symbol. Though, she mused, years on the job had exposed him to everything occult and mystical.
"She explained it to the other girl. Apparently, Hotaru's born under Saturn."
"You were listening to them? Why?"
"At first, it was to see if Chibiusa revealed anything to this other girl...Hotaru, right? But then they started talking...Liv, listen to this."
He replayed the conversation between the two girls. Olivia's eyes widened. "She lied to us? But...why? And then, she goes and tells Hotaru... I still don't understand it though...why lie about your mother hurting you and possibly get her in trouble with the law? I would have done anything to keep my mother away from the police!"
"Something she did that angered her...to get her in trouble for something bigger, maybe? Jealousy? There's a number of things, but this is taken to the extreme." Elliot glanced back at the two children. His piercing eyes met the girl Hotaru's, and for a moment, it was like she was looking into his very thoughts. He stepped back and looked away. She couldn't see him, he knew, but it was still haunting. That girl...she wasn't like any child he had met before.
"So, shouldn't one of us go in there and talk to them?" Olivia said, breaking his thoughts. "I mean, they don't know that we know."
"All right...they've talked to me, how about I go and give it a try? Maybe you can go see how the others are coming along."
"Michiru Kaioh...I talked to her already. She was very polite and helpful, but seemed confused...and, now that I think about it, like she was hiding something."
"They all seem that way to me, Olivia. All of them have some sort of secret hidden."
He opened the door, and she saw him on the other side of the glass. Settling down on the floor next to Hotaru, he began to talk to them, in that fatherly way he had. She smiled. If there was anyone who could get them to say the truth, it was him.
She walked downstairs, and glanced into the interrogation room. Munch and Fin were still at it with the Ten'ou woman, and she seemed to show no sign of intimidation. Benson laughed. "I wonder...if they knew she was a woman, would they be like this?"
"That's a woman?"
She turned around. Behind her was Captain Don Cragen, his face in a confused expression. "I could have sworn that was a man!"
"That's what Elliot thought too, and I don't think these two know otherwise." She let out a short, quick laugh. "Listen to them!"
Inside the room, the tension was high as the detectives tried to get some answers out of Haruka. But being the stubborn person she was, there was a silent battle of wills being fought as well. No progress of any sort had been made, besides learning Haruka's opinion of the American justice system.
"Do you think she'd answer better to you?" Cragen asked. "I mean, you are another woman, and she might be glad to be rid of these guys..."
"I suppose I can give it a shot. I mean, I talked to the Kaioh woman, and it seems these two are in a close relationship."
"Relationship? As in what kind?"
"They're lovers, plain and simple, and have been for at least a few years now."
"See? You understand that. Plus, it also helps that you know her actual gender." The captain rapped on the glass. Munch and Fin looked up out of Haruka's face, and strode out of the room.
"He's like a rock. Won't answer any questions."
"We're going to try something different. Maybe you two should go notify the girl's parents. Get them down here; they have some explaining to do."
Olivia smirked as she opened the door. "You two were being pretty harsh on a girl!"
The detectives' jaws dropped. "That's a woman?!" Munch and Fin exclaimed in unison, as Benson shut the door behind her.

Haruka looked up as the door re-opened. Damn...she thought. It had better not be those two fools again.
But when she glanced at the lone person walking through the door, she was pleasantly surprised. Someone else; that's good. And a lady detective at that. Haruka smiled. This woman assumes I'm a man, Haruka thought. Well, this should be fun...
Benson pulled up a chair and took a seat across the table from Haruka. She leaned in towards her, eyes narrowed, searching for emotions.
Haruka smirked and leaned in as well. Thinking she had an advantage, she smiled at the detective. "You know, for a detective, you're very attractive."
Olivia sat back, startled but trying not to show it. "Well, thank so, but that's not of concern right now. What I am worried about is your unwillingness to answer the questions of my fellow detectives."
Haruka sat back in her chair and crossed her arms. Don't lose it; you've got her off guard! "Oh, you mean those two fools? Who would want to tell them anything, what with them practically forcing it out of you?"
Two can play this game, Olivia thought. Time to play her card. "You know, if you don't cooperate, I might as well just arrest you now. Oh, and don't play with me. I know that you're a woman, and like I said before, I'm not interested."
Damn! How does she know?! Haruka thought. There goes that...and she means business.
The detective leaned in again and stared into Haruka's eyes. "Do us both a favor, and answer my questions."
Haruka sighed. "Fine."
Outside of the room, the captain smiled. His detectives never failed.
All of a sudden, there was a commotion behind him. He strode out to the desk area, and was met by a very angry and very short woman.
"Ah, here's the captain now!" called Munch.
"Captain, this is Usagi Tsukino, Chibiusa's mom. She...wants to talk to you," Fin called from his desk.
And Captain Don Cragen then found himself staring down into the face of one very pissed moon princess.