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Chapter One

"Er... Hi.".

That was what I said after Father sent me via the Floo Network to live mith my uncle. He kicked me out of the house after we had a little argument and told me to go live with my "Great Uncle Willy." Who that is, I have no idea.

But all that was thrust right out of my mind as the scene at which I had fallen into came into focus in front of my eyes. There were three people sitting on a couch, an old guy standing against a wall, and a girl standing in front of the couch. Then, in the corner, there was a man tied to a chair.

"Can I help you?" the old guy asked, taking off his glasses and walking toward me.

"My... er... Father sent me to live with my great uncle who I've never met," I told him, still staring at the man tied to the chair.

"Well, what's his name?" the old guy asked.

"Willy?" I said meekly.

"Willy? You mean like the guy who works at the demon bar place?" a guy with dark hair who was sitting on the couch said. He had an American accent. Where in God's name was I?

I shrugged. "I don't know anything about this guy. Nor do I know how I ended up here...".

The man who was tied to the chair, jumped around to make his chair turn around. I noticed that his hair was as white as mine was.

"Do you mind me asking why that man is tied to a chair?" I asked.

"Oh, Spike," the old guy said. "He er...".

"Escaped from the insane asylum!" the dark haired guy said. "So we tied him up as we wait for the police to arrive. Yup, that's it.".

"Xander," the old guy said, giving the dark hair guy an exasperated look.

"Where am I?" I asked, realizing that was something I should have asked from the beginning.

"You're in Sunnydale California," the old guy told me.

California? No one in my family lives there. That's in the US!

"Who are all of you?" I asked.

"Well where did you come from, that's what I'd like to know," the white haired guy who was tied to a chair said. He had a British accent.

"He came out of the fireplace," a redheaded girl who was sitting on the couch told him.

"I'm Giles," the old guy said. "That's Xander," he pointed to the dark haired guy. "Anya," he pointed to a blond girl sitting next to "Xander", "Willow," the redheaded girl, "Buffy," the blond girl who was standing up, "and Spike," the guy tied to the chair.

I nodded, still confused.

"What's your name?" the girl called Anya asked.

"Er... Draco Malfoy," I told them.

"Hold on," said Spike, jumping around to make his chair come closer. "And who did you say you were looking for?".

"My great uncle... Willy," I told him, embarrassed by the name "Willy".

"And your last name is Malfoy?" Spike inquired.

"Yes..." I said. "Do you know my great uncle Willy?".

"Well, I think I am your great uncle Willy," Spike said. "Or, more like your great-great-great-uncle.".

"What? My great uncle is insane? Wait a second, he doesn't sound very insane..." I was getting very confused.

"Hold on one moment," the old guy- Giles said.

Then they all went off and talked to Spike in a corner. When they finally came out they told me something that confused me even more.

"Since Spike seems to be telling the truth, we'll tell you who he really is," Giles said. "Spike is a vampire. His nickname used to be William the Bloody- hence the name Willy. Right now he's tied up to the chair because he had some valuable information to tell us but we didn't exactly want him to be free to... er, harm us".

"How many times do I have to remind you lot that I can't hurt you?!" Spike said, aggrivated.

I was still very confused.

"Now maybe you'll explain to us how you came out of the fireplace," Willow said.

"The Floo Network. I came via the Floo Network," I told them.

They looked at me, confused.

"The Floo Network?" Buffy asked.

"Like "achoo I have the flu"?" Xander asked.

"You don't know what the Floo Network is? Aren't you all witches and wizards?" I asked.

"Willow's a witch," Anya said, pointing at Willow.

"Well, you must be a wizard," I said to Spike.

"No, I'm what you all like to call a Squib," he replied.

"Then, if you aren't witches and wizards, how are you connected to the Floo Network?" I asked.

"I er... had a few friends that were wizards and so I got myself connected," Giles said. "I'm probably the only person in Sunnydale who is.".

"Then that's how I ended up here," I said quietly to myself.

"You all have a lot of explaining to do," Buffy said.

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