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Buffy was telling the story of how she killed the Gentlemen. We were all huddled around her in Giles' living room, listening carefully to every detail. It was a much more interesting story than you might think.

"So I was beating up all of their little minions," she explained, gesturing elaborately with her hands, "when suddenly I kind of flip around and there's this gun in my face. I look to see who's holding it and it's Riley!"

Everyone in the room gasped- even me- except for Spike. But vampires probably don't get as emotional as soulful humans do. I can't believe I actually gasped, though. Spending time with these people was really changing my personality a lot. Maybe this was what my father had hoped for? I doubt it.

"We saw each other and it was really weird for a minute, and then we just continued fighting," she continued. "We were helping each other out this time, though. I almost got my heart ripped out and then he smashed the box luckily. So then I screamed and all of the Gentlemens' heads exploded."

"That is so cool," Anya commented. "I wish I was there to see that. Oh no, but then I wouldn't have been having silent sex with Xander."

"Anya," Xander said, his eyes shut tightly in exasperation. "Haven't we talked about how our sex life is private?"

Anya shrugged.

"So they're gone?" I clarified, changing the subject. "For good?"

Giles nodded. "One would assume."

I didn't show it on the outside but I was secretly ecstatic. I would never have to worry about getting my heart ripped out of my chest while I was still alive ever again. That was a relief.


A few days later Buffy and I were spending the night alone together again.

"I have to leave in a few days," I informed her from my spot on Willow's bed.

She sighed. "That sucks," she said.

"But I'll write you... or something..." I promised.

She smiled. "Good."

She got off her bed and sat down next to me somewhat uncomfortably. She sat a few inches away from me acting almost embarrassed, or something. Then suddenly she hugged me. It wasn't like something I would dream about, a sexual hug or something, it was more of a friendly, happy "I'm going to miss you" kind of thing, and I guess spending time here really gave me the ability to recognize that. I know it's cheesy and dumb and stupid, but coming here made me realize that I'm a nice person, it's just my dad that's the asshole who is making me into an exact clone of him. Thankfully, I don't expect that to continue happening now that he officially hates me more than Harry Potter. Well, maybe not that much.

I can't believe I was actually saying and thinking those things. It was weird and a huge change, but it was true. It might not have seemed it, but it was.

"It'll be... quieter without you," she told me.

I didn't know if that was a compliment or not, so I just smiled and looked at her. She looked back at me and we sort of stared at each other for a few moments until she leaned forward and kissed me. It was sort of a light one, to match the hug, I guess. When we finally pulled apart, Buffy had a sly smile on her face. She bit her lip and then sat back down on her bed.

Awkward? Yes. But talking was unnecessary.


And so the time came. The next few days zipped by and before I knew it I was getting ready to Floo myself to the Leaky Cauldron where I would spend the night before heading off to King's Cross and to the Hogwarts express. I hugged everyone: Willow, Anya, Spike, even Xander and Giles. Then it was Buffy's turn. I tried to refrain from smiling or giving her any sort of look that might suggest a more-than-friendly relationship between the two of us to the others. After a quick hug, I bid one more farewell before stepping into the now green flames and leaving as quickly as I came.


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