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"But Mallllliiiiikkk, he doesn't love me!" Bakura cried, squeezing the poor blonde to dear life.

"I knnnoooowww he doesn't! He didn't even ever wear the beautiful, gorgeous scarf I made!"

"Eh, Kura… it's probably because it looks worse than Michael Jackson's nose…" Marik retorted, wrinkling his own nose at the thought.

"I thought he was an alien." Bakura said simply, blinking his jagged mahogany orbs. Malik shook his head and sighed.

"Bakura, if you want Ry to like you, you gotta romance him! Pull some moves, you know?" Malik asked, pulling away from him.

"Like, how?" Malik sighed.

"You know, hit on him and stuff! Try kissing him! That usually works!" Marik exclaimed, grinning. It had worked on his pretty Malik anyways.

"But I caaannn'ttt, I don't want to be… rejected!" Bakura said, throwing his hand over his mouth as he gasped. Would his Ryou reject him?



"Bakura stop being so damn dramatic! Ryou has a damn crush on you, henceforth why he fucking blushes and giggles girlishly every time you say something to him! Ugh! You guys are so clueless!" Malik hollered, clenching his fists. Marik came over and patted him on the head.

"Take it easy Mal! Just… call Ryou, and have him come over! We will see how it goes from there!" Marik suggested, petting his Malik, and making the lilac orbed boy purr. Bakura nodded.

"I guess that could work…" He trailed off, scurrying to the phone and calling Ryou up.

"See Malik? Everything will be fine gorgeous!" Marik said, hugging the boy. Malik blinked.

"Eh… ok?" Marik kissed Malik on the cheek and snickered.

"He said he'd come over." Bakura called, grinning.

"Of course he did dummy, you're here… speaking of that, why isn't he with you anyways?" Malik asked, wriggling out of Marik's grasp. Marik tugged him right back in his embrace.

"I… I told him I needed to go to my AA meeting?"

"…..Bakura, you don't drink."

"Ah! But if I did, I would be going!" Bakura said, pointing a finger in a genius-like fashion. Malik shook his head. He wondered if Bakura had been dropped on his head as a baby…

"So, what am I going to do when Ry gets here?"

The boys spent the next few minutes plotting how Bakura could get Ryou. Suddenly a knock was at the door.

"I'll get it!" Bakura cried rushing to the door and swinging it open. The teen dressed in tight jeans, and a stripped tee giggled.

"Hey Bakura! What are you guys doing?" Ryou asked, giving his yami a sweet smile as he walked in the house. Bakura wiped a speck of drool off his lips.

"Just… Chillen." He said randomly, taking Ryou's hand in his. Ryou blushed, but didn't complain as Bakura lead the two to the living room… where a romantic movie was playing. Marik and Malik had disappeared mysteriously. Ryou blinked.

"Why where you guys watching 'Titanic?'" He asked, taking a seat on the couch next to Bakura.

"Because… we can and you buy it."

"Bakura, you don't make sense." Ryou said, tilting his head all confused-like. Bakura smiled, and placed his hand on Ryou's thigh, rubbing it. Ryou turned a deep shade of crimson.'

"Ba-Bakura?" Ryou squeaked out, staring at the taller teen.

"Did, did you even like the scarf I made you?" Bakura asked, curious. Ryou nodded.

"It was beautiful Bakura, really…"

"Then why don't you where it?" Ryou bit his lip. He didn't want to tell Bakura it was probably one of the ugliest things he had ever seen… He did love it though, because Bakura had made it for him…

"Because Bakura, it was so pretty, I didn't want to ruin it." He lied, smiling nervously. Bakura nodded, not fully believing him. He took his arm, and wrapped it around Ryou.

"So, now that we're all alone…"

"Uh, Kura, we've been alone…" Ryou trailed off, peering away from his Yami. Bakura twirled Ryou's head around.

"Maybe so, but we are alone, together…" Ryou meeped. What was Bakura getting at?

"I, I don't understand…" Bakura pulled Ryou closer, brushing silvery locks out of the teen's flawless face.

"It, it's kind of simple really… Ryou, I-"

"You what?" Ryou asked, smiling slightly. His heart was a flutter, and he thought he might get what his Yami was trying to say. After all, he was feeling it too…

"Ryou, I like you… a lot." Bakura said quietly, looking into his Hikari's emerald eyes. Ryou giggled.

"I like you a lot to." He replied, grinning. Bakura shook his head.

"No, I mean I really like you like…"

"Showing is better than telling." Bakura pressed his lips to Ryou's, moaning softly. Ryou blinked, closing his eyes as the kiss deepened. Bakura struggled, and fumbled, until he had Ryou lying under him. He pulled away for air.

"I think what I'm trying to say is…I love you…" Bakura whispered, kissing Ryou's eyebrow. Ryou smiled hugging his slightly insane Yami.

"I love you too, you know?" He cooed, running his fingers through his Yami's untamed hair. Bakura nodded.

"I think I do now…" Marik and Malik hopped in the room.

"See that was to easy Bakura now wasn't it?" Marik asked, tightening his fingers around his Hikari's hand. Ryou giggled, kissing Bakura nose. Bakura smiled, holding Ryou close.

"No, it wasn't actually… it was like conquering the world… not a problem!"

"….Bakura you never did that…" Malik said mutely, sighing.

"No, but I will be conquering Ryou tonight!" He exclaimed, snickering. Ryou blushed.

"…Why not right now?" He whispered nipping at Bakura's ear. Bakura blinked, pants feeling tighter now.

"Well, it was fun you guys really, but Ryou and I gotta go!" He hollered, picking up his Hikari bridal style and running for the door. Ryou giggled more, holding on to his love tight. Marik and Malik laughed.

"Well at least they'll have fun." Marik retorted, grinning. Malik nodded, leaning his head on his Yami's shoulder.

"Then we should to." Malik remarked quietly, looking into his Yami's eyes. Sixty seconds later, they where naked in Malik's bedroom with the door locked.


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