Vana ran around throwing on her clothes. She was late, as usual. Molly was going to kill her. She put on a black spaghetti strap top and black jeans. Her boots was black as well. She put on a bracelet with black and deep red stones with a silver cross on it. She put in some diamond ear rings. She put on a ring with a dragon insignia on it.

She dashed out of her room and slid down the railing. She grabbed her long black trench coat and threw it on. "Mom, going to Molly's be back at nine!" she shouted and shut the front door. She brushed her dark brown hair out of her face. It was a trait she got from her father, though she didn't know who he was. Another trait she inherited was her dark mysterious eyes. One thing that was odd about her was her mother hated supernatural things, Vana loved them. She had read Dracula over and over and over again. I began to fall apart so she bought another copy. She couldn't explain it but something seemed wrong in the story. She really never thought he would be that stupid to stay out that long for the sun light to hit him.

She also did the same with the Frankenstein book. Call her crazy, but she never thought the monster was evil. Call it a hunch really. She ran down the street. She was supposed to meet her friend Molly at six thirty. It was six twenty five. Molly's apartment was a ten minuet walk away, six if she ran. So she ran. She would only be a little late.

The lights of New York flashed around her and the traffic was horrible for this time of night. To her surprise, she saw Molly running down the street toward her, her red hair flowing behind her. "Vana!" she shouted. "Molly, what is it?" she said at her friend met her. She looked over her shoulder and saw it. "Move!" she shouted and grabbed Molly's shoulders and pushed her aside. Molly was hitting the ground as a large dog knocked Vana down. It's claws dug into the earth below her as it pinned her shoulder's down. This wasn't a dog. It was a werewolf, but that was impossible. They don't exist. Of course what was about to kill her argued otherwise.

She placed her feet in it's stomach and pushed off as she flipped over. She landed on her feet as the werewolf was knocked away. "RUN!" Vana shouted. They did. "Were did you learn to do that?" Molly asked. "I watch too much TV." she replied. "Plus it's in a lot of books." she said. Vana pushed Molly down into the subway. Vana followed. They pushed their way through the crowd and onto the subway. As they pulled away, they saw the werewolf come down and everyone running around screaming. Vana leaned back and relaxed. "I love living in 2004." she said. "So do I. I we didn't, we wouldn't have been able to get away from that thing." Molly said. "Why was it chasing you?" Vana asked her. "I don't know. It saw me and it was hungry so it chased me." Molly said. "That is disgusting." Vana said. "Uh, duh." Molly said.

Molly decided to change the subject. "Did you finish your book yet?" she asked. Vana nodded. "I think it's fifteenth time I've read Dracula. I'm not sure though. I lost count after eleven." Vana said. For the terminal being so busy, the train was almost abandoned. The girls had the car all to themselves. "Have you heard that new Linkin Park song?" Molly asked. "Yes." Vana replied. Molly smiled at Vana. "Every step I take is just another mistake." Molly sang as a man entered their car. "I've become so numb I can't feel you there," she continued. "I've become so tired, so much more aware. By becoming this all I want to do," Vana's beautiful voice sang. "Is be more like me and less like you." the girls sang together and ended. The girls smiled at each other and laughed. "I love doing that." Molly said. "Me too. I like the 'so much more aware' part." Vana said smiling brushing her hair out of her face.

Both of them didn't notice the man was watching them. Vana heard a growling in the car in front of them. "Uh-oh." she said. The girls looked and the man moved to the car after them. It was only now they noticed him. He was dressed all in black and had his dark hair pulled back. He glared at Vana expecting her to look away but she didn't. Vana didn't like his eyes. They were ice blue. He left the car which made the girls feel better. They heard a bashing on the other door. Soon, the werewolf appeared there. "Move!" Vana said pushing Molly aside. The werewolf jumped and knocked Vana down.

"Molly, RUN!" she shouted as the wolf held her by the neck. Molly ran into the car it came from. Vana was lifted up off the floor and she grabbed it's wrist with both her hands to keep it from strangling her. It bent to her to bite her. Fear weld up inside her. She fought it, she had to stay calm. She needed something silver. Her mind was racing and time was running out. That's it, her Swiss army knife. She drew it out of her boot. She flicked it open and rammed it in his chest. He let her go and she fell to the floor. She breathed hard and rubbed her neck as she watched the wolf stagger back. It fell to the ground and transformed into the human it had once been.

Vana shook her head out. "Wow, I didn't know I could do that." she said. Someone was lifting her up onto her feet. It was the man who was in the car before, the one with the odd eyes. "Thank you." she said. "I'm surprised you could kill a werewolf, my dear." he said. He had an odd accent that Vana couldn't place. Vana nodded. Things still weren't clear to her and everything in her head swam. She shook her head again and things came into focus. "How did you know it was a werewolf?" Vana asked as her old self returned. "I saw it before I boarded." he said. "Well, thank you." she said and rushed to the car where Molly ran. She didn't like that man, also, call it a hunch. He saw the ring on her finger as she opened and closed the doors. He just smiled.