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Chapter Ten

Bell, Anna, Carl and Van Helsing ran down the stairs at full speed. Bell grabbed her left arm, which throbbed in pain. They got to the entryway and saw the half open doors. Bell guessed they were still open from when she came in.

"Go!" Van Helsing said pushing Anna and Bell in front of him. The four of them sprinted toward the open doors. Yes! Bell thought. We might actually make it.

Carl and Anna rushed out of the castle. Bell felt claws in her shoulders and screamed slightly as she was lifted up. Van Helsing and Anna turned. Anna tried to run back in, but Dracula slammed the door in her face. Anna desperately tried to open the door. She had to get in there. She had to save her child.

"BELL!!" she shouted as she banged on the door. Anna couldn't get in. Dracula had locked the door. Now, the only two people Anna cared about were locked in the same room with her worst enemy.

Bell kicked and struggled against Andrea's hold.

"Dad!!" she shouted as she threw the crossbow to him. Van Helsing caught it and began to fire. Dracula hit him from behind. Van Helsing turned and began to take on Dracula, who had turned to his bat form.

Bell took out a silver cross with a sharp end on it. She hit Andrea with it. Andrea screamed from the cross and dropped Bell. Bell landed on her feet and rolled to the ground. She sat there a moment with her chest raising and lowering as she took deep breaths. She soon stood only to be knocked into the wall by the bride.

Bell groaned in pain. She fell on all fours as she felt the blood from her shoulders drip down her arms. Andrea laughed at her. Andrea picked her up by the neck and Bell grabbed the bride's wrist to keep from being choked.

"So much trouble to my master." Andrea hissed.

"I seemed to have inherited that trait." Bell said struggling to breathe. Andrea had almost flown to the top of the ceiling, which was pretty high. The bride laughed and threw the girl down. Bell took out the rope, which still had a loop in it, and attached it to the bride's ankle. Bell jolted to a halt about ten feet above the floor.

Bell could hear gunshots. He father was doing everything he could to fight off Dracula. Apparently, Van Helsing still had Bell's pistol.

Bell jumped to the ground and slipped something out of her coat. She twirled it around in her fingers and saw the horrified look on Andrea's face. In Bell's hand, was a silver stake. Bell was suddenly knocked back. She screamed from shock.

"Bell!" Van Helsing shouted and tried to run to his daughter. Andrea blocked his way. Bell shook her head as she shakily stood.

"Hello Angel."

She looked up to see Dracula smiling at her (human form). Bell's heart sank.

"Oh crap."

Dracula turned into the monster he really was and knocked her back against the wall. Bell hit it hard as pieces of stone flew away from where she hit. She fell on the ground unmoving for a moment.

"Bell!" Van Helsing shouted as he tried to get away from Andrea to get to her.

Bell slowly stood with knees shaking under her weight. She still had the silver cross in her hand. She glanced at it and managed a weak smile. Bell heard a grunt and turned to look at her father and Andrea. Van Helsing had a huge gash on his forehead.

"This is for Velkan." Bell whispered. Bell flung the stake in the direction of her father. The stake hit Andrea squarely in the back, going through her heart. The bride screamed in pain as she shriveled up and collapsed as a pile of dust.

Bell heard a roar and was knocked back again. She could see three claw marks on her stomach through the three tears on her shirt. She was picked up and thrown into a pillar. She screamed in pain as she fell to the ground. Dracula picked her up and flew up near the ceiling. He threw the girl down. Bell hit the ground hard. She thought and saw no more.

"BELL!!" Van Helsing said rushing to his daughter's side. He cradled her in his arms.

"Wake up, please wake up. Don't give in, don't die." he whispered.

Dracula landed next to him in his human form.

"You are to late my friend. She is already dead." Dracula said smiling.

Van Helsing stood to face him as Dracula continued.

"She was the only person who could kill me for good. So, naturally, I had to kill her before she killed me."

"What do you mean?" Van Helsing asked.

"Your daughter hadā€¦special abilities that came from the unusual combination of her blood. As you know, she has human blood and angel blood. The only thing that gave her theā€¦abilities were the slightest trace of werewolf venom, which she acquired from you." Dracula explained.

"Let's finish what we started, Dracula. Just you and me." Van Helsing said with anger passing boiling point.

"Very well Gabriel."

With that, Dracula transformed into his bat form. Van Helsing was knocked back, but landed on his feet. Van Helsing took out the tojo blades and flicked them on. Dracula dived for him and Van Helsing jumped. As he did so, he swung the blades and cut Dracula several times. The vampire screamed in agony as Van Helsing landed on his feet. Dracula turned and knocked him back. Van Helsing flew into the wall and hit his head on it.

He cringed in pain, but stood up to fight nonetheless. Dracula attacked Van Helsing from behind. He was sent flying into the air and slid across the floor. Dracula picked him up by his shirt and scratched Van Helsing across the face. Dracula then threw him into a pillar. Van Helsing hit it hard with his head.

He fell to the ground fighting off the blackness that tried to consume him. Van Helsing weakly pushed himself up to sit. Dracula stood before him in his human form. He began to walk toward him and Van Helsing scrambled backwards. Dracula picked him up and pinned him against the wall.

"Good-bye Gabriel." Dracula said with fangs out.


Dracula turned. Van Helsing couldn't believe it. Bell stood there holding her coat over her shoulder. She looked exactly the same except her shirt and pants were now pure white.

Bell took off her hat.

"Why don't you pick on someone else for a change?" she said challengingly as she tossed her hat and coat to the side.

"Gladly." Dracula said smirking.

He dropped Van Helsing and the monster hunter fell to the floor.

Bell and Dracula faced off. Bell had a silver stake in her hand. She smiled and it began to glow white. Bell threw it at him and it went through his shoulder. Dracula screamed in pain as his skin around the stake began to burn.

"I don't have to miss next time." Bell said. Dracula pulled out the stake. He changed into his bat form and charged at her. Bell stood there calmly as her hands began to glow white. She raised her hands and threw white balls of light at Dracula. The balls hit him and he screamed. He swooped down as Bell dived out of the way.

She fired the light quickly, each one becoming more powerful. Bell jumped up and grabbed the vampire by the neck with her hands still glowing. Dracula roared in pain as he threw her off him. Bell landed on the ground with a thud.

She stood slowly ignoring the pain she felt. She closed her eyes as she rested her chin on her chest. The wind in the room picked up and it played with her hair. A white light began to appear in front of her heart. It grew brighter and brighter as the wind picked up. She raised her face to the ceiling and the sky beyond. Her eyes snapped open and they were glowing with white light.

Suddenly, white light poured into the room. It seeped out of the windows, breaking them as it passed through them. Soon, the whole castle was enveloped in the light. Bell felt a huge pain in her heart and fought back the tears forming in her eyes. She knew she would probably die, but she still hung on. She had to get rid of Dracula.

Dracula felt his skin burning off him. He let out a final wail of pain before he degenerated into dust. Bell screamed in pain from her power.

Van Helsing raised his arm over his eyes. Soon, he heard Dracula scream in pain as he died. Then there was another scream, one of pain as well. It was Bell.

"BELL!!" he shouted. The light vanished and Van Helsing lowered his arm. Bell stood in the center of the room looking exhausted. She was back to normal in her torn black clothes. She was breathing hard as well. Van Helsing stood still on complete shock. Bell closed her eyes and fell in a heap on the floor.

"Bell!" Van Helsing said rushing over to his daughter. He cradled the girl in his arms once again.

"C'mon Bell, hang in there." he whispered holding her hand. His grip became tighter and so did Bell's.

"Bell?" Van Helsing said. The girl moaned softly as her eyes fluttered open.

"Did I do that?" she asked quietly. Van Helsing nodded with tears in his eyes.

"It's alright Bell. I'm here. It's over." Van Helsing said.

"Is Dracula gone?" Bell asked.

"Yes, Dracula is gone. It's over now."

One month later

Anna kissed Bell on her forehead. They were in their home celebrating Anna's birthday. Bell fiddled with her cross necklace that Velkan had given her before he died. It was a habit she was developing.

Carl smiled as he brought out the cake from the kitchen. He set it down on the table as everyone gathered around Anna. Bell lit the four candles on the cake as they began to sing happy birthday.

The little monster hunter looked around at her small but important family. She knew that if they could face Dracula, they could do anything. Bell smiled at the thought as her mother blew out the candles.

The End

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