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The Resurrection of Tarakudo

Chapter one: Peace and Quiet... NOT!

"AIYAAAA! Tohru! You are BAAD PUPIIIL!!!!"

Jackie heaved a sigh, "A week, just a week of peace. That is all I ask." He lowered his head onto the counter.

"Aw, c'mon Uncle Jackie. Six days is a pretty good record. It's only matter of time before a new baddie shows up," said Jade.

Jackie sighed again. "Do not jinx it for us Jade. Now come, let us see what is wrong."

"Think I should call Capt. Black?"


"What? Always be prepared, you know?"

Tohru and Uncle had been in the back doing research. They had gotten their hands on hundreds of books on Japanese mysticism and mythology hoping to find information about Tarakudo's Oni mask, afraid of what might happen if someone wore it. With all the power the red, black, and white piece of wood held, knowing what level of protection needed was vital.

"Uncle, Tohru, did you find something?" Jackie asked, as he and Jade tentatively poked their heads through the door.

"Did WE FIIIND something?" Uncle raved, "TOHRU found something he should have found MONTHS ago!!!"

Jackie looked over at Tohru, silently asking for an explanation.

The huge man shifted his weight and coughed a bit before finally speaking.

"Umm... we may have found Tarakudo's origins... and that his mask is very different from the other nine."

"AIYAA! Origin not important now Tohru! What happens now that mask has been USED is important."

"What is wrong Uncle? What happens now?" Jackie asked.

"Apparently," said Tohru, "Tarakudo was NOT the king of all Oni as he claimed. He merely sealed away all the Oni who would not serve him. And now that Tarakudo and all of his power has been sealed into the mask..."

"Let me guess," Jackie groaned, "All the Oni he sealed away become UN- sealed."

"It gets worse," said Uncle, "It is likely that these new Oni will come looking for mask in order to use its power."

"Yeah!! This means the J-team is back in action!" Jade cried, punching the air.

Jackie groaned and rubbed his forehead.

"Bad day..."

"So, you want me to put the entire base on alert in case these new Oni come looking for Tarakudo's mask?"

"Yes Captain Black," Jackie said over the phone. "Uncle and Tohru are working on putting the onion spell back up before it is too late."


Jackie slapped his forehead, remembering his earlier words to Jade about jinxing things.


Jackie ran out into the street to see a small crater in the cement sidewalk. Floating above the destruction was a tall, beautiful woman in flowing Japanese robes. She had black hair pulled into an intricate bun and green tinted skin. But most striking were the two horns on her head. Horns, Jackie remembered, had been the one thing all the Oni masks had in common.


"Um, excuse me?" Jackie asked hesitantly, "But I'm not sure that will be possible."

Dokuonna was in front of him before he could blink. She was a good four inches taller than him; he noted absently, "You, mortal, you dare speak to me?"

"Heheh, well, you see, I am kind of protecting the Tarakudo Oni mask from evil spirits..."

"Well then," Dokuonna replied, narrowing her eyes, "I guess I shall have to do away with you! SHI-NE!!" The Oni woman raised her sharp nails.

Jackie dodged the attack by millimeters, loosing several hairs in the process, and landing hard on the sidewalk. He glanced up to see that Dokuonna's nails had actually cut into the wall of the shop behind him.

Uncle was not going to be happy.

Dokuonna raised her hand the strike again.

"Jackie! Look out!"


The Oni was knocked back by a blast of chi. "Who...?" She started.

Uncle stood in the doorway of the shop, lizard at the ready. "Demon woman will leave this place NOW!" He commanded, letting off another shot that landed near Dokuonna's feet.

"This is only a temporary setback human!" The demoness hissed, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"We will be ready," Uncle snorted. "Jack-ee! Get up off of ground! We have work to do!"

"Coming Uncle," Jackie groaned.

"One mo-ore thing."



"That was for letting demon woman damage shop!"

"Bad day..."


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Author's Notes: I actually thought Tarakudo was spelt 'Terakudo', but spelling used in the fic is the one on the JCA website. Dokuonna is Japanese for 'poison woman' (I think.) "SHI-NE" is Japanese for "DIE!" Apparently 'demoness' isn't a word.

Next chapter, who is Dokuonna, and how do we stop her?