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The Resurrection of Tarakudo

Chapter five: Getting to Know You.

Something told Jackie that the plane ride home wouldn't be nearly a peaceful as the trip over to Japan had been.

After laughing at them, Tarakudo had passed out again. Dr. Hannon assured them that it would probably continue for another day or so, and that he would still have to rest for a few more after that. Things went quietly for the rest of the hike, and the 4-hour drive to the airport.

"I want to know what he was talking about," Captain Black growled.

"Huh?" Jackie asked.

"Him, with that seal stuff. I want details," Black pointed to where the sleeping demon-child had been strapped into a seat on the jet.

"We will have to wait for him to wake up again," Jackie replied.

"Hey," Jade burst into the conversation, "Why can't we wake him up now? He can always sleep later."

"Because I'll bite your damned fingers off gaki. That's why."

Speak of the devil, and he awakens to annoy you.

"I guess we do not have to wait."

"Actually Mr. Chan, we should wait until after takeoff. The pilots are ready to go," said Hannon.

"Alright," Black threw up his hands, "I can wait until we're in the air. And you-" he pointed a finger at Tarakudo, "- Don't you dare faint again."

"I don't faint ningen."

"All passengers please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to taxi onto the runway."

As the plane rolled forward, something truly unexpected happened. Tarakudo yelped.

"What the..." Jade looked across the aisle at him. "Did you just..." Truth dawned on her, causing her to grin wickedly. "You've never been on a plane before."

"Yes I have," Tarakudo snapped, "With the Dark Hand, remember?"

"Yeah, but that was when you were all floaty. You didn't actually feel it, did you?"


"Hey Captain Black, I don't think we have to worry about whitey-locks here falling asleep before you can talk to him!"


"Alright 'kid', I want a full explanation. How do we deal with these seals?" Black stood over Tarakudo's seat.

"Why should I?" Tarakudo said, "What's in it for me? After all, you were simply planning on locking me away in your Section 13."

"What? You want me to just let you go? Not on your life."

Uncle snorted, "Why not? Demon is harmless now. Weak. No power."

"Why you!!" Tarakudo lunged against his restraints.

"Calm down!" Jackie cried. "Please! Perhaps we can come to some sort of a compromise. Firstly, I also believe that we should not put Tarakudo in Section 13's prison, he is only a child-"

"Bite me Chan!"

"- And should be allowed some freedom-"

"I retract my earlier statement."

"- So... I propose that we have someone 'adopt' him. As a caretaker."

"Okay, I take it back, bite me Chan!"

"If I could continue un-interrupted for a moment. It would be in your best interest as well Tarakudo, if you cooperate. Dokuonna and the other Oni will not be happy with you I think. You will not be able to protect yourself as you are now."

"And whose fault is that! Baka ningen who think they know everything," the former Oni king hunched in his seat.

"You know that I am right."

Tarakudo's expression could only be described as pouting. There was silence for a long moment, before he finally spoke.

"Bah. Fine, I'll tell you what you've gotten yourselves into. If only because it will be amusing top watch you try to delay the inevitable."

"And what IS the 'inevitable'?" Black asked.

"That, in this era where science is God and demons are only legend, the Oni will have the advantage, and destroy you all."

Shifting slightly in his restraints to get more comfortable, Tarakudo began to tell the origins of Shi-Ma-oh's demon seals.

"Don't interrupt me ningen, you need to listen and learn.

"Long ago, Shi-Ma-oh heard of a Buddhist monk who was developing a method of storing dangerous demons in a sub-realm where they could not harm others. This was to be used as a sort of a prison for demon criminals. In those days we were not uncommon, and even lived alongside humans. The Oni king was power hungry, and saw this to be of use to him. So he kidnapped the monk, and tortured him to the brink of insanity to learn the secret of his technique. With the poor bastard's help, he warped it, making it so that he could siphon off power from the sealed demons, making himself stronger.

"These seals are like torture. In the original use, the demon sealed away would be in a state of suspended animation. In Shi-Ma-oh's version, they are fully aware of their surroundings, able to see and hear, but not touch or interact with the world around them in any way. How do you think Dokuonna and Hidoi learned English? The seal itself is manifested in a material object, like a statue, or a weapon sometimes.

"Now comes our current situation. In order to keep these seals functioning, they require a lot of power. The seal item stores some, but not enough. The main source of power was Shi-Ma-oh himself. He took power from the sealed demons and used it to keep them sealed. This power needs something in the physical realm to act as a sort of a focus to store it and keep it flowing. At first, the focus was Shi-Ma-oh, and then it was me, then the mask. But when you resurrected me in this form, I couldn't contain it, so the energy escaped, and the flow was disrupted. There is no more energy to keep the seals powered. It will run out. Each time a seal runs out of power, the demon is released. They will not be happy. They may not be sane. And if Dokuonna really is out there, she'll recruit them into an army. With that army, she will complete her ultimate goal."

"What goal is that?" Jackie asked.

"The reason I sealed her away. She wants find the ancient refuge of the Chaos demons deep within the earth. There, she hopes to find a legendary power, which will allow her to rule the world."

"So," said Jade, "You wanted to rule the world too."

"Baka ningen." Tarakudo snarled, "I wanted to rule the ENTIRE world, and all of its peoples. Dokuonna wants a world of nothing but Oni. She will slaughter everything else."

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